Here’s a cheat sheet to becoming an “Adarsh Boyfriend”

Love is blind. But then sometimes you can’t help but look at your boyfriend and wonder. After all, guys can be annoying. Ask any girl, and she’d list at least 50 things she hates about her boyfriend and wished she could change. So what’d make women happy? Boys wonder no more. ScrollDroll in association with Vee presents the stereotypical representations of what is expected from a perfect boyfriend aka the “Adarsh Boyfriend”.


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A little disclaimer. This is all in good humor. But some of these stereotypes (in the right measure) would definitely make your girlfriend happy!

Because every girl loves hearing that their boyfriend loves her. More often, better.

Adarsh Boyfriend (1)

This one makes total sense. Who’d like to date a two-timer?

Adarsh Boyfriend (2)

One month anniversary. Quarter anniversary. First kiss anniversary. First movie date anniversary. You get the drift.

Adarsh Boyfriend (3)

Now, who doesn’t like a present every other day?

Adarsh Boyfriend (4)

This one we can get behind. Secrets are fun. Plus, they come in handy when you want revenge.

Adarsh Boyfriend (5)

If he carries your bags while you shop, nothing like it!

Adarsh Boyfriend (6)

Because there is no such thing as a “guy-only” trip when you have a girlfriend.

Adarsh Boyfriend (7)

It’s never too late to apologize. But the earlier you do it, the better it is boys.

Adarsh Boyfriend (8)

Drop everything! Your girlfriend is calling.

Adarsh Boyfriend (9)

So are you an #AdarshBoyfriend or are you someone looking for one? Either way, make good use of this handy guide… Kyuṅki, koi doubt nahi rehna chahiye!

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