6 Posters That Would Teach You To Become the ‘Adarsh Employee’ Every Boss Seeks

Working in a competitive corporate environment is not everyone’s cup of tea. The inconvenient truth, however, is that the world is run by several people working in boring offices staring at their computer screens. So, whay does it take to ace becoming an employee par excellence in an office?

Well, here’s a cheat sheet of what the ideal employee or “Adarsh Employee” would look like.

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We bring you the “Adarsh Employee” every Boss would crave for in this poster series in collaboration with “InUth”

1. The Adarsh Employee looks forward to coming to office on Monday Mornings 


2. The Adarsh Employee awaits praises from the Boss while the Boss gets praise from everyone else

3. The Adarsh Employee can work even with 103-degree Fever! 


4. The Adarsh Employee reaches office before the Boss and leaves after him 


5. The Adarsh Employee loves the sense of humour of his Boss


6. The Adarsh Employee can give the office gossip as well as become the punching bas at will 

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Hope you loved these depictions of the Adarsh Employee! You can look at all our original work here.

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