10 Adult and Hottest Hindi Web Series on Alt Balaji | 2023

The number of web series available online is endless, which can leave you unsure of what to watch at any given time. Who enjoys devoting a significant portion of their day to deciding which show to watch based on plot lines and reviews? Neither do we! Here is a list of the top 10 hottest Hindi web series on Alt Balaji that you should definitely watch to help you create a wish list of exciting and engrossing shows to binge-watch.

1. Dev DD

Dev DD is a web series based on the popular Bollywood film Devdas, which is a modernized version of the original. The show is directed by Ken Ghosh and stars Asheema Vardaan and Akhil Kapur in the lead roles. With the lead character depicted as a carefree woman who is not interested in marriage, the storyline focuses on issues that are not openly discussed in Indian society, such as sexism and feminism, among others. There are 11 episodes with an average run time of 20 minutes and an IMDB rating of 6.5.

2. Ragini MMS Returns

The ALTBalaji web series is based on the film Ragini MMS Returns and follows a similar plot line, but with new twists and chilling thrills. It gives you an elaborate and slow-paced version of the horror with the same protagonist, Ragini, who appears in the show. Because of its catchy beats, the show’s OST, ‘Hello Ji,’ sung by Kanika Kapoor, went viral on the internet. Sunny Leone, an actress, and model, also appeared in the music video.

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3. Crime and Confessions

Crimes and Confessions is a psychological thriller that depicts people’s dark and twisted sides. AltBalaji is slowly but steadily carving its place in the genre. The Married Woman, His Story, and Mai Hero Boll Raha Hu were among the shows it had previously released. Cartel, another show about power games, is now available on the OTT platform.

4. X.X.X. Uncensored

ALTBalaji’s hottest series is yet another erotic-themed web series with some fun infused in it, which is available on the OTT platform. The XXX Season has 2 seasons, with a total of 11 episodes. The series stars Flora Saini, Shantanu Maheshwari, Aadar Malik, Sanket Bhosale, Pratima Kazmi, Rithvik Dhanjani, and Ribbhu Mehra, and is directed by Ken Ghosh and Pankhuri Rodrigues.

5. Gandi Baat

Gandii Baat is an erotic anthology web series based on rural stories with a twist set in the city. The series has four seasons, each with 4-5 episodes, and Sachin Mohite directed all four. The release of such an adult web series in India caused an uproar, with leading actors like Anant Joshi, Neetha Shetty, Yamini Singh, Aditya Singh Rajput, Garima Jain, and Mridula Mahajan in the show. However, the show’s erotic theme also shines a light on some topics that are taboo in society.  It is one of the most popular and hottest Hindi web series on Alt Balaji.

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6. Bekaaboo

Which binge-watching fan doesn’t enjoy a good thriller with a zealous female lead? That’s exactly what Bekaaboo is! The web series, based on Novoneel Chakraborty’s book ‘Black Suits You,’ takes you on a chilly ride centered around an obsessed fan. The show is an erotic thriller with an IMDB rating of 8.2 and stars Priya Banerjee, Rajeev Siddhartha, and Madhu Sneha. Watch this web series and get ready for some unexpected twists!

7. Virgin Bhasskar

Have you ever wondered what goes through the minds of adult book authors? Because Virgin Bhasskar is exactly that, but he lacks real-world experience. Anant Joshi, who played Gandii Baat, and Rutpanna Aishwarya star in the web series. Virgin Bhasskar follows a quirky adult novelist named Bhasskar who lives in Banaras and has a devoted following. His sexuality has enabled him to create a goldmine of adult content, but he now wishes to lose his virginity. The show is directed by Sangieta Rao and is a comedy-drama that you should watch!

8. Who’s your daddy?

The comedy-drama series Who’s Your Daddy stars Rahul Dev and Harsh Beniwal in the lead roles. The comic scenes of Harsh Beniwal’s character, Soggy, keep the audience entertained throughout the series. Soggy’s DVD business of renting adult films to women drives the plot, which leads to interesting developments in his adult life.

9. Baby come naa

Paritosh Painter created the 2018 Hindi web comedy series Baby Come Naa for Ekta Kapoor’s video-on-demand platform ALTBalaji. Shreyas Talpade plays the protagonist in the series. With the help of his best friend and who want to be rapper Yo-Yo, Aditya is having two affairs with Sophie and Sarah, each claiming to be his wife. When other characters connected to each of them come to visit them, his ‘arrangement’ turns into an insanely funny carnival of chaos.

10. Love, scandal and Doctors

The film Love, Scandal, and Doctors tells the story of five medical interns who become involved in a scandal. They are the main suspects in a homicide. Is it even possible for these students to commit such a crime, or are they simply being framed?

Alt Balaji is currently the most popular OTT platform, hosting a wide range of genre web series. If you’re tired of watching the same old soap operas, the top 10 hottest Hindi web series on Alt Balaji will surely refresh your mind.

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