20 Super Funny Akshay Kumar Meme Templates To Make Your Day

Unless you are living under a stone, you would have certainly come across Akshay Kumar meme templates on the Internet. From ‘Hera Pheri’ and ‘Welcome’ to the recent ‘Kesari’, Akshay Kumar’s dialogues and performances has insipired numerous memes on the Internet.

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We bring you some of the most hillarious Akshay Kumar meme templates below:

1. When your friend replies to girls in the comments section but not you

2. She: All men are dogs
Also she: baby, mera recharge kara do na

3. It’s all fun and games till the time they ask, aage ka kya socha hai?

4. When you see a couple kissing in a public place

5. Friend (before exam): Yaar, main toh bilkul padh ke nahi aaya

6. When you shut down the laptop and notification appear: ‘some tasks are still running’

7. Whenever I wake up at 6 AM.

My Parents:

8. When Cheteshwar Pujara hits six
other batsmen:

9. nobody:
People who recently joined the network marketing firm:

10. nobody:
monthly EMIS:

11. That friend who tries to convince us to join a network marketing company

12. After opening my maths book

13. Producer to Kapil Sharma’s show judges.

14. Friend: yeh questions imp hai , highlight kar le

15. Other countries: she is so pretty

16. When the teacher praises backbenchers.
Backbenchers to frontbenchers:

17. Friend’s mom: aaja beta khana kha le
me: ji aunty
friend’s mom: lauki ki sabji banayi hai

18. When actress turns off their comment section because of trolling:

19. When one more time RCB failed to qualify in the playoffs:
RCB fans:

20. Me who just switched on the speaker to listen to songs

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Some of these Akshay Kumar meme templates describes the story of our lives. Do let us know in the comments below!

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