13 Best Albert Einstein Quotes About Life, Education, Humanity & More

Albert Einstein, genius of science and one of the most intelligent people in history. He has made history with his achievements. His most famous achievement is the equation formula E = mc2 .Einstein’s intellectual achievements and originality have made the word “Einstein” synonymous with “genius”. Here are a few quotes by the Nobel Prize winner

1. Mistakes are what makes a man learn


2. Live negatively or live positively


3. Everyone has different abilities


4. Do it yourself. Do it right! 

5. Even he had his limits

6. Education remains

7. Imagination is what creates geniuses

8. Keep Riding…

9. Creativity Defined! 

10. You write your destiny yourself 

11. We should not let other people define our happiness

12. Ignore & Be Intelligent  

13. If we understand something enough, we could be able to explain it

14. Education Defined!

These quotes make us understand the historic genius a little more and how he achieved his success without fear of imagination.