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Anwesha Tripathy

I'm a writer, poet, and I sometimes make art and sing for fun. I cook when I'm sad. I also like watching stuff and obsessing over details. I do not read as much as I'd wish I did.

15 Interesting Facts About Amazon You Had No Idea About!

Founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos in his garage, Amazon has now become synonymous to online shopping for millions of people around the world. Like any other new venture, Amazon too had humble beginnings – before the internet boom helped it skyrocket profits and revenue. Amazon now is one of the 5 biggest tech companies […]

25 Most Inspirational TV Quotes That’ll Perk You Right Up

We’re officially in the third year of covid and at this point, most of us aren’t even trying to pretend to be okay. It is a bit too tempting to give in to this incessant feeling of worthlessness and void. It is times like this when one could really use some external validation. Which is […]

10 Richest Companies in The World by Market Capitalization

The last couple of years have seen tremendous growth in the wealth of many companies around the world. The internet and tech boom has introduced a number of new players that are now valued in billions, and are only expected to get bigger with time. With great advancement in healthcare, and relatively fewer wars, the […]

14 Best Poems by Manoj Muntashir About Love, Life, and Dreams

Born as Manoj Shukla in the small town of Gauriganj, Manoj Muntashir has written some of the best known lyrics of our time. Having written popular songs like Galliyan, Kaun Tujhe, Teri Mitti, and Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga, Muntashir is also known for having written the script of Kaun Banega Crorepati. The lyrics and poems written by […]

These Were The 10 Most Googled People in India in 2021!

2021 was a bit of a rollercoaster. The year brought a devastating wave of covid, the country had a great run at the Tokyo Olympics, and there were enough celebrity weddings to keep us glued to Instagram. With so much happening in one single year, most of us have had a field day googling people […]

25 Famous Indian Americans Who Achieved the American Dream!

For hundreds of thousands of Indians, moving abroad is the ultimate ticket to upward mobility. Not only does it secure the future of their children, but also provides families with financial security. Of course, some of us are happy living in India, but it does make one especially proud to see our people doing well […]

41 Best Dialogues from TV Shows That Are Worth Remembering!

Over the years, television has blessed us with numerous shows that have left a mark on our hearts. Be it comedy, drama, or action, great writing has always been something that stays with the viewer for a long, long time. It is no surprise then that these 30 Best Dialogues from TV shows have been […]

26 News Reporting Fails That’ll Make You Laugh Your Lungs Out

As a kid, I was the weird nerd glued to the television watching news day and night. Back in the day, journalists actually believed in reporting news rather than shouting their opinions about it. But gone are the days, and we might as well say a last prayer for Indian journalism as well, because these […]

25 Cringeworthy Bollywood Photos from the 90s That’ll Make You Go LOL

While people in Bollywood are usually known for their spot-free, flawless images, goof-ups do happen from time-tio-time. Unfortunately, the actors of today do not have the luxury of making a faux-pas without the entire internet laughing at them. But up until a few decades ago, Bollywood could get away with a lot of hilarious gaffes […]

15 Sportsmen & Sportswomen Who Made Us Proud in 2021!

With the Tokyo Summer Olympics and Summer Paralympics, 2021 proved to be an especially eventful year for Indian sports. Not only did our athletes put their best foot forward, they even got us some medals in the process! We spent most of this year reeling from all the pride this year’s Olympics brought for India, […]

These Are The 15 Most Followed Indians on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social networking apps in the market right now. Unlike Facebook, the crowd on Instagram is still young, and thus, is preferred more by most users. Instagram offers users a platoform that is versatile but still efficient and clean. Moreover, Instagram is constantly rolling out new features, which keeps […]

15 Best TV Shows of 2021 That Kept Us Glued to Our Screens!

The last two years at home have given people plenty of opportunity to sit back and relax, and watch some good old TV. Thankfully, 2021 was especially great in that regard and had much to offer to the average viewer with amazing shows to offer in every possible genre one could imagine. Here are our […]

17 Famous People From Uttarakhand You Should Know About!

For the most part, Uttarakhand is known for its hilly picturesque views, its weather and its beauty, its tightly knit local communities with a rich culture, and most recently, landslides. But what Utarakhand doesn’t get enough credit for is producing some of the most famous Indian talents of all time. Here are 17 famous people […]

9 Major Tech CEOs of Indian Origin You Should Know About!

After Jack Dorsey stepped down as the CEO of Twitter, Parag Agrawal took over the role, and has since been the talk of the town. However, Parag is only the latest addition to a growing list of Indian techies who are now major players in the booming American technology market. Be it Sundar Pichai from […]

11 Upcoming Bollywood Movies Releasing in 2022 You Cannot Miss!

With relaxation in curbs all around the world, theatres have, to the film industry’s relief, stated to open again. While most of us have quite gotten used to comfortably watching new releases from our smart TVs and laptops, many continue to long for the authentic movie-going feel one can only get in an actual theatre. […]

25 Viral Indian Videos of 2021 That Took the Internet by Storm

The 2010s were all about social media and sharing every aspect of our lives. These days, every one has access to a smartphone and the internet, and we live in a world where it’s almost too easy to film ourselves. With more and more people glued to their phones, our digital and corporeal lives seemed […]

60 Best Hollywood Dialogues That Are Etched In Our Minds!

There are certain unforgettable lines in cinema that make such a deep impact on us that we remember them for the longest time without even trying. Sometimes, the movies actually give pretty decent advice, to be fair. Don’t trust me? Here are 60 best Hollywood dialogues that are so poignant they will stay with you […]

10 Fun Drinking Games You Must Try Out With Your Friends!

Alcohol is as old as time, or at least as old are we are. Even thousands of years ago, our ancestors drank to forget, or at least to have some fun. And while drinking is quite enjoyable by itself, nothing helps one blow off steam like a good night of fun drinking games with friends. […]

15 Hollywood Movies That Were Shot in India (At Least Partially)

One of the biggest gripes of being a desi fan of Hollywood is that we hardly see any representation. Most Hollywood movies can be stereotypical and caricaturish in their depiction of our people and our country, but thankfully that is a trend that seems to be slowly changing. However, nothing quite lights up our faces […]

8 Of The Richest Beggars in India With More Money Than You’d Guess!

When you think of unconventional careers, you probably think of Deejaying or, idk, paragliding. However, you’d be surprised to know that we’ve been overlooking something that promises a crazy ROI with close to zero efforts on your part. You obviously know where I’m going with this, because you’ve already read the title. But what you […]

10 Must Watch Canadian Shows That Deserve A Chance!

There’s more to English cinema and TV than Hollywood. Welp. Believe it or not, there are shows and good cinema made outside of America that are just as deserving of a chance. Also, it doesn’t hurt to expand one’s palate now, does it? Here are our top picks for the best Canadian shows that you […]

10 Indian Web Series on Student Life That We Can All Relate To!

For most of us, our childhood and young-adult years are the best part of our entire lives. With nobody to care for other than ourselves, things just seem much simpler, rosier, and uncomplicated. While some of our readers might be lucky enough to be still in schools or colleges, the rest of us can only […]

15 Best Dialogues of Amrish Puri To Remember Him By!

Find me a more iconic Bollywood baddie than Amrish Puri, I’ll wait. I know, nobody comes to mind, right? Through out the 80s and 90s, Amrish Puri was pretty much a staple in the average masala Hindi movie. While audiences remember him as the villainous but weirdly fashionable villain from Mr. India and the grumpy […]

15 Famous Indian Entrepreneurs And Their Inspiring Stories!

Starting a business is no mean feat. More so when you do not come from money. For most of 20th century, India was struggling financially: be it because of the British rule or the aftermath of a number of wars. But that did not deter these famous Indian entrepreneurs who fought to make their ideas […]

21 Beautiful Bollywood Sufi Songs That Sound Like Honey!

Bollywood music fans would agree: there’s hardly anything more soothing than the gentle beats of a Sufi song, with lyrics that resonate with our deepest selves. Bollywood’s love affair with Sufi music goes back decades, and over the years, this behemoth of the industry has produced some beautiful songs that have stood the test of […]

10 Bollywood Movies on Mental Health That’ll Teach You Empathy

Mental health is quite the hush-hush topic in Indian society, which will explain why it is so darn difficult to find a decent Bollywood movie dealing with these issues with the required sensitivity. Most movies usually end up making a mockery out of mental health, which in turn further ostracizes people who live with mental […]

12 Facts About Bhaskaracharya: An Extra-Ordinary Mathematician

Bhaskaracharya, also known as Bhaskara II, was born circa 1114 in Bijapur, Karnataka to a Brahmin family of scholars. He is considered to be the greatest mathematician from medieval India. As Indians, it is important for us to know the history of India and the story of her greatest children. Bhaskara was one such child […]

21 Interesting Facts About Brands There’s No Way You Knew About

We have all enjoyed the joys of using various top-notch brands in the world, but little do we know about their origins and behind the stage stories. Here, we have put together some of the most interesting facts about brands that you probably had never heard before. Also read: Amazing Hidden Messages Behind Famous Brand […]

10 Most Disturbing Documentaries That’ll Leave You Horrified!

Documentary fans would attest to this: true crime is far, far more horrifying than fictional horror stories can ever be. Mark Twain once said, “Truth is stranger than fiction.” And our dear friend Mark didn’t need to have access to all the gruesome Netflix documentaries that are at our service. No, Mark was just smart […]

15 Best Dialogues From Sardar Udham That Prove it’s a Masterpiece!

For the last couple of years, viewers are constantly bombarded with a plethora of nationalist/ patriotic movies. While that is not a bad thing, the gross commercialisation of nationalism can tick you off after some time. With Sardar Udham, makers went in the completely opposite direction – there were no item numbers, there was no […]

20 Addictive 90s Cartoons That Defined Our Childhoods!

Ah, the 90s. The time of magic. The time before the internet. The time before our time spans became shorter than our tempers. Looking back, one realises there’s much more to 90s nostalgia than just a millenial fever dream. The 90s was a unique time in history – humanity was at the very precipice of […]

15 Inventions and Discoveries of India That Revolutionised The World!

From Shampoo to gravity, India is home to numerous valuable discoveries that revolutionised the world we live in today. Over the years, our humble nation has made a significant amount of discoveries in the field of science and mathematics. But you’d be surprised to know that some of the now widely popular discoveries and inventions […]

20 Best Kabir Dohas That’ll Leave You Ever So Wiser!

We all remember Kabir Ke Dohey from our Hindi classes in middle school. Filled with timeless wisdom and kind advice for anyone who may ever need it, Kabir’s poems made up quite the handbook to life on earth. Kabir Das, the mystic poet who wrote these Dohas, lived during the 15th century in Varanasi. 600 years later, […]

15 Most Famous IITians Who Became The Captain of Their Own Ship!

As some of the most reputed educational institutions in the country, IITs are some of the most sought-after colleges for getting a BTech in India. With the BTech sector already oversaturated with lakhs of aspirants, it can become frustratingly difficult to get into an IIT, and unsurprisingly, not many make it. With so many sharp […]

The Mystery of Mount Kailash – The Home of Lord Shiva

Mount Kailash, also known as Gang Rinpoche in Tibet, is a mighty mountain soaring over 22,000 ft in height. It owns the title of being the world’s most venerated holy place, revered by all religions. The cosmologies and origin myths of the mountain often speak of it as the Axis Muṅdi, the birthplace of the […]

15 Amir Khusrau Couplets Everyone Must Read Once!

Born in 1253 in Delhi Sultanate, Amir Khusrau wasn Indo-Persian poet, singer, scholar and musician. He wrote in Persian as well as Hindavi (Hindustani) and is generally credited for writing Khaliq Bari, a vocabulary in verse, which contains Hindavi, Arabic and Persian terms. He is often called the Father of Urdu literature and the Father of […]

15 Jaun Elia Shayaris That’ll Simply Touch Your Heart!

Born in Amroha, Uttar Pradesh in British India, Jaun Elia is an Urdu poet who migrated to Pakistan after partition. Considered to be one of the most popular pre-partition Urdu poets in South Asia, he only published his first collection of poems at the age of 60, even though he began writing at the age […]

15 Kaifi Azmi Shayaris That’ll Definitely Move You!

Born in Mizwaan in Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh in British India, Kaifi Azmi was a renowned Urdu Poet who is largely believed to have brought Urdu literature to Indian cinema. He was married to film actress Shaukat Kaifi, and was the father of actress Shabana Azmi. Kaifi also actively participated in the Indian movement of independence, […]

15 Interesting facts about The English Language You Didn’t Know

If you thought pronouncing supercalifragilisticexpialidocious was the only amusing thing about English, we will make you think again. The English language might come across as a very easy-to-learn, fairly speaker-friendly languag,e but it has, in fact, witnessed some mind-boggling inventions and some rib-tickling misinterpretations. Here are a few such interesting facts about English that will […]

20 Famous People from Jammu, Kashmir & Ladakh

Kashmir’s relationship with India is rather complicated, underscored by years of violence and disconnect – so much so that one can’t help but mention it when talking about Kashmir, no matter what context. Nevertheless, Jammu & Kashmir has provided our country with not just scenic views tailor-made for a Yash Raj flick, but also some extremely talented […]

10 Famous Gurdwaras in Delhi Everyone Should Visit Once!

While Sikhism is one of the youngest religions in India, over time it has also proven to be one of the most resilient and reliable ones. The vibrant and easy-going culture is hard to not love, and the people who follow the religion have, time and again, proven to have the largest of hearts for [...]

7 Exceptionally Skilled Dog Breeds Used By The Indian Army

Poems have been written, movies have been made and even the ads have exploited the relationship between Man and his one true friend – the dog. As if they weren’t already terribly adorable, dogs have also made our lives easier in so many ways. Not only do they guard our homes, but they also provide […]