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10 Most popular Bollywood actresses in 2022

Go through this list of the top 10 popular Bollywood actresses in 2022 if you want to know who the most well-known actors in Bollywood are. As of 2022, Bollywood has the second-largest film industry in the world and has already given birth to a huge number of actors and actresses. Keep reading to go through […]

10 Best Punjabi Movies On Netflix For You To Stream Right Now

Punjabi movies are powerhouses of entertainment and combine elements of fun and introspection into timeless flicks that should be enjoyed by everyone in India. Netflix has been curating a growingly impressive collection of Punjabi movies. We have curated a list of the 10 best Punjabi movies on Netflix we think you might enjoy and act […]

16 Old Hindi Thriller Movies That Will Have You At The Edge Of Your Seat

Indian cinema has always been extremely vibrant and diverse, right from the beginning, even. Thrillers are always extremely interesting to us, and when it comes to retro thrillers, there is a different element to it, something that makes you stay glued to your seat. Indian thrillers, that too retro ones are exceptional. Here is a […]

11 Hilarious Comedy Movies By Priyadarshan To Laugh Your Worries Away

When it comes to the comedy genre of films in Bollywood, few directors come close to the legendary Priyadarshan. Predominantly a Malayali filmmaker, Priyadarshan has also gifted some gems to Bollywood in the form of films like Hera Pheri, Malamal Weekly, Hungama, and many more. However, his work is not restricted to the comedy genre, […]

8 Best Hindi Movies On Amazon Prime Released In 2022

We have almost entered the second half of what has been a seemingly more normal year than the last two, and there has been absolutely no dearth of good movies and series in the months that have passed. The OTT channels have achieved great feats in this regard, dishing out one hit movie or series […]

10 Best Action Anime Movies You Should Not Miss

Anime action movies are impeccable, and leave you feeling absolutely thrilled and amazed.  Over the years, we have had some incredible classics that have taken the world by storm and have created legions of fans. Here is a list of the  best action movies you can watch, curated by us for you : 1. One […]

10 Most Inspirational Anime You Must Watch Immediately

Anime are extremely fascinating, encompassing thrill, action, horror, romance, slice of life themes. However, it can be easily said that one of the most beautiful genres of anime is definitely the inspirational animes. They deal with heavy topics with extreme sensitivity and offer uplifting yet realistic advice. Here is a list of the 10 most […]

10 Most Popular Bollywood Actors in 2022

On social media, rumours about Bollywood celebrities are frequently discussed. Bollywood is currently the second-most popular film industry in the world, and its talented actors are largely to blame. Actors from Bollywood openly acknowledge their global appeal. The popular Bollywood actors in the list below have huge fanbases all over the world. Let’s look at […]

15 Best Old Hindi Comedy Movies That Will Tickle Your Funnybone

Indian comedy movies are on a tier of their own. Though Bollywood might have been stereotyped wordwide into a generator of epic romances, Indian cinema has housed some of the best comedy movies over decades, and has had its own distinct brand to it. Old Hindi comedy movies are gems of their own accord, and […]

12 Best Hindi Movies on Netflix That Released In 2022

Netflix has earned quite a reputation for producing and streaming some pretty great films from around the world, and this year has been no exception to that norm. Well, here we are to pick out some of the best Hindi movies streaming on Netflix that have been released in 2022, for you to watch. Get […]

6 Best Movies To Watch Stoned

Contents 6 of the best movies to watch while high Highly praised movies The mellow high from cannabis grown with very low THC seeds is perfect for relaxing and enjoying some quality T.V. time. Movies and marijuana go hand in hand but choosing what to watch while high is often a chore. Instead of wasting […]

10 Best High Drama Indian Web Series on Politics To Watch Online

Politics affect you whether or not you care about it, probably far more than it should. You constantly experience the effects of political decrees on your society. Others will make such judgments if you don’t, and they might not have your best interests in mind. They might even rob or kill you, at worst. One […]

10 Best Indian Web Series on Indian Army You Shouldn’t Miss

When we say the words “Indian Army,” we bow our heads in awe and admiration for their valour and bravery. They protect us as their family day and night, regardless of the weather, from the frigid Himalayas to the sweltering desert. Ignite the patriotism in you with this list of the best Indian Web Series […]

10 Best Indian Web Series on Business For Entrepreneurs to Watch

Learning about business gives you the academic know-how and abilities to pursue international employment prospects and aids in the development of a thorough knowledge of firms and specialised areas like finance and human resources. Globalization has become the new norm in the corporate world as a result of these changes. This is why we have […]

20 Best Old Hindi Karaoke Songs Perfect For Singing Along To!

Karaoke is probably the most popular and fun activity at any party – what could be more enjoyable than singing your heart out with your friends and loved ones? And, what could be a better genre to unite people across all age groups than the evergreen Bollywood songs? So, in this article, we have a […]

12 Famous Indian YouTubers Who Made Their Way to Movies

Hollywood has not had much success with films starring YouTubers. However, Logan Paul’s appearance in Baywatch was widely discussed and sparked incredible excitement among his fan base. However, there is a rise in YouTubers joining Bollywood as more business people become aware of the sizable fan bases that are drawn to ventures related to digital […]

20 Lively Old Hindi Dance Songs You Would Love Shimmying To!

If there is one thing Bollywood is known for, it is the music the industry produces. Why else would there be an entire genre of music named after a film industry? Bollywood songs are an amalgamation of several different music styles, ranging from classical and jazz to cabaret and folk music. This dynamic nature of […]

10 Best Hindi Movies on Cricket of All Time That Are Must Watch

Movies have been absolutely essential to the upbringing of every subcontinental child. Cricket on the other hand has been instrumental in binding families and communities with its uniting powers. What’s better than merging the two? Here’s looking at some of the best Hindi movies on cricket. 1. Lagaan This one’s a crown jewel so it […]

Best Hindi Movies Dubbed In Telugu For You To Watch

Language should never be a barrier when it comes to cinema, especially Indian. Every movie has its own meaning, and dubbing helps reduce the gap. There are countless movies in India that have been dubbed and subtitled in several languages so that they can reach diverse spectatorship all over the country. Bollywood and the Telugu […]

Best Hindi Movies Dubbed In Tamil You Should Watch Out Right Now

Hindi movies have been dubbed into every language, and it only makes sense that they would be dubbed for the huge chunk of Tamil spectatorship. The dubs help people to get through the language barrier and watch iconic movies, and this applies to movies from both movie industries: Hindi and Tamil. Here is a list […]

10 Best Malayalam Movies on Netflix You Should Stream Immediately

Malayalam movies are diverse and encompass several genres. These genres deserve to be explored by the mainstream audience. Their diversity and amazing inspection of multiple topics make the Malayalam film industry one of the most prolific industries in the entirety of India, and most definitely Asia. Netflix houses an amazing collection of Malayalam movies, compiling […]

6 Best Amazon Prime Hindi Web Series of 2022 That Are Worth Your Time

2022 has been a good year for the entertainment industry, not just in India, but worldwide. We got to witness lots of great work being done in independent as well as in commercial, big-budget productions. The Indian entertainment scene is also doing pretty well in that regard, especially on the OTT platforms. With the year […]

10 Most Iconic Jeetu Bhaiya Dialogues & Quotes From TVF Shows

Since the release of its first season in 2019, the TVF show Kota Factory gave us all one of the most loved and respected characters in the OTT world – Jeetu Bhaiya. The character is played by actor Jitendra Kumar, who is also known for his roles in films like Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhaan and […]

10 Best Upcoming South Indian Movies In July 2022 You Must Watch

Bollywood might be the most popular film industry in our country, but if you’re not checking out regional cinema, you’re seriously missing out. One of the regions of our country making films actively is the South Indian, that is the Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada industries. These industries have given us a number of gems […]

10 Best Indian Action Web Series You’ll Be Glued To Watch

Indian action web series are extremely fun to watch and in recent years we have had some extremely entertaining and critically acclaimed shows come out on different platforms. Here is a list of the 10 of the best Indian action web series curated by us for you. 1. Sacred Games Sacred Games, one of the […]

10 Best Romantic Comedy Korean Dramas Streaming On Netflix

Korean dramas ace the rom-com genre, and nail softness and care in relationships to the core. Here are 10 of the best romantic comedy Korean dramas on Netflix, which will fill you with warm fuzzy emotions and also draw a substantial number of laughs out of you. Read on to find out. 1. Love Alarm […]

15 Best Movies On Apple TV To Watch Right Now

With almost no licensed TV or film programming and a tiny number of originals, Apple TV+ is one of the oldest streaming services available. Apple is clearly opting for “quality over quantity,” with its funds scattered across genres and aimed at convincing its subscribers (many of whom were lured in by a package that came […]

12 Hollywood Movies Releasing in July 2022 To Look Out For

The second half of the year is almost around the corner. While it brings along several uncertainties, what also awaits us are – movies! Be it as an escape from reality or as a plunge into navigating and exploring that reality better, you can count on the medium of cinema to give you a sheer […]

15 Best Tamil Movies on Netflix For You to Enjoy

Tamil movies make up an indispensable part of Indian cinema. The Tamil film industry has built itself to be one of the most diverse, profound and vibrant film industries in India and the world, and carved itself a space wider than a niche. Netflix houses some of the best Tamil movies, and we bring to […]

15 Best Telugu Movies on Netflix That You Should Watch Right Now

Netflix has an interesting collection of Telegu movies that deserve to be explored to the fullest. Telegu cinema is one of the most vibrant industries in the Indian filmscape and it releases thousands of incredible movies every year. We present to you a carefully curated list of the 15 best Telugu movies available on Netflix. […]

12 Best Dialogues From ‘Aashram’ Web Series On MX Player

Aashram is a Hindi-language crime drama web series directed by Prakash Jha and produced by MX Player. This web series is based on Dharma Gurus and is directed by Prakash Jha. Bobby Deol plays the main lead. The “Aashram” series may be inspired by the story of Ram Rahim, the head of Dera Sacha Sauda. […]

15 Best Romantic Malayalam Movies That You Should Definitely Watch

Malayalam movies have always been beautiful, encompassing multitudes of emotions and embodying graceful filmmaking. Malayalam romantic movies, are, of course, the wearers of the crown. There are so many treasures of films that have not permeated the rest of the Indian market and it is a misfortune that that has happened because the audiences who […]

15 Best Punjabi Movies on Amazon Prime You Should Watch Immediately

Punjabi movies have always been entertaining and incredibly interesting. Ranging from social commentaries to narrative discourses to epic romances, these movies have an amazing range. Punjabi movies have won our hearts several times over the years with their gagworthy comedies and beautiful storytelling. Amazon Prime has a diverse range of Punjabi cinema. Here is a […]

15 Best Hindi Comedy Movies on Netflix For You to Stream

Comedies form an essential and indispensable part of cinema, no matter what industry it functions in. From just slapstick gags that are meant to draw out light chuckles from you to satirical pieces of work that do not let go of one opportunity to point out the societal flaws in conceited pinches, it is a […]

10 Best Indian Web Series Based On Real Life Events

Docudrama (also known as documentary drama) is a television and film genre that incorporates dramatic re-enactments of real-life events. Docudramas usually try to stick to known historical facts while allowing for some dramatic licence in minor elements, such as when the historical record is incomplete. There are such Indian web series based on real life […]

10 Best English Dubbed Anime On Netflix To Watch Right Now

Since the release of the first Anime film in India in 2019, the Anime craze has grown nonstop. Attack on Titan is still popular in 2021, as are other anime series. Because of that sick, repetitious, and monotonous Bollywood, the Indian audience now knows what’s better. As a result, Netflix has added a slew of […]

10 Best Upcoming Web Series in July 2022 We Are Excited For

No one can resist the urge to binge-watch. And, web series present the perfect opportunity to do so – that is one of the greatest things about the medium. Over the past few years, there has been a huge increase in the number of series being produced across all, especially OTT platforms. They have quickly […]

6 Best Hindi-dubbed Korean Dramas on Zee5 You Will Enjoy Watching

Korean content has seen immense popularity over the past few years. Ranging from Korean pop music bands like BTS, EXO, BLACKPINK, and more, to award-winning movies like Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite and Lee Isaac Chung’s Minari, and immensely popular series like Squid Game and All Of Us Are Dead, Korea has been churning out great content […]

15 Best Punjabi Comedy Movies of All Time

Punjabi cinema, which was previously thought to be doomed, has evolved into one of India’s most entertaining industries over time. Whatever genre these films belong to, they’re all full of excellent humour and timeless tales. Punjab’s past and unique culture entices visitors from all over the world, which is reflected in their films. If you’re […]

15 Best Indian Horror Web Series To Stream Right Now

Horror films, according to evolutionary psychologists, tap into our basic concerns of contamination and being devoured, which explains the popularity of ghost movies and shows. Horror films effectively provide a secure environment for us to mentally practise dealing with age-old threats. Surprisingly, the more negative emotions a person claims to feel while watching a horror film, […]

Top 10 Beautiful and Hottest Bollywood Actresses in 2022

Everyone will agree with us that Bollywood is the second most popular and largest film industry in the world after Hollywood. It has given birth to a slew of talented and hottest actors and actresses. They have made Bollywood more engaging and compelling around the world. The hottest ladies of Bollywood not only impressed us […]

Best Punjabi Songs of 2022 (So Far) That Are Absolute Bangers

Punjabi music has always been fabulous, hasn’t it? Every once in a while a Punjabi song will go viral on the mainstream and win everyone’s hearts and leave us craving for more. This music industry is vibrant, beautiful, and packed with fun and entertainment. There are so many songs that you can listen to and […]

15 Best English Dubbed Korean Dramas on Netflix You Should Watch

Korean dramas, which are known for their intriguing plots and powerful (though sometimes predictable) plot twists, may quickly shift from highly sweet to incredibly devastating to “WTF, what was that?” Variety is precisely what keeps viewers returning for more. The demand for them has only been increasing over the last few years. However, do you […]

Best Tamil Movies of 2022 (So Far) That You Should Watch

Tamil cinema popularly known as ‘Kollywood’ features the Tamil language movies. Tamil movies are widely loved and very popular among film lovers across the country. Tamil movies inarguably form a big chunk of the Indian film industry, churning out several acclaimed films which have seeped into the mainstream, especially in the last few years. 2022 […]