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15 Most Sold Albums in the World of All Time

Music has been a companion to humans since time immemorial. From the time of records to tapes to CDs, these albums have created quite a buzz around the world ever since they were released. The everlasting universality of these albums has resulted in them being sold and resold even years after their original release. This […]

15 Indian Actors in Hollywood Movies Who Have Killed It On Screen!

Recently, there has been news of our favourite actor Dhanush working in a Hollywood movie directed by Anthony and Joe Russo of the Avengers fame. There have been many well-known Indian Actors in Hollywood movies who have played pivotal and well-acclaimed roles. From Priyanka Chopra ruling the industry like a queen to Irrfan Khan attaining […]

15 Best Hollywood Movies on Robberies That’ll Steal Your Heart

Everybody loves a good heist movie. Hollywood has plenty of movies to offer in this genre. These movies are so intelligently written and so brilliantly executed that they’ll blow your mind. With a good dose of thrill and plenty of twists, these movies are worth the watch. Let’s have a look at some of the […]

13 Hollywood Movies on Serial Killers That Will Give You Nightmares

There is something eerily sinister about the psychology of these serial killers that ignites all of our curiosities. Over the years, numerous movies have been made on the topic, mostly based on real-life incidents. Here’s a list of some of the most famous and well-made Hollywood movies on serial killers that will give you nightmares. […]

15 Best Christmas Movies To Boost Your Holiday Spirits

There’s nothing like a good holiday movie to boost your spirits during Christmas. These perennial holiday classics have been loved by young and old alike. From animated flicks to black and white brilliance, there are a bunch of movies out there with a Christmas theme. It is difficult to imagine Christmas without a good and […]

12 Best Zombie Movies For Fans of the Living Dead

Who doesn’t love a good old apocalyptic zombie movie with all the horror and gore? The living dead coming after the protagonist and his group in hordes from every direction! That sets your heart beating louder, doesn’t it?  Enough with playing zombie games on your PC then, and rewatching The Walking Dead. We here, have […]

10 Hollywood Movies on Leadership To Awaken The Leader In You

We often turn to art to help us refine ourselves as individuals and become the best versions of ourselves. When it comes to qualities of leadership, movies often surprise us with wonderful lessons. Who is a leader? Why don’t we let these movies answer that question for us! Here’s a list of some of the […]

15 Best Hollywood Movies Based on True Stories For Your Watchlist

Movies that are based on true stories hit differently. To witness sheer brilliance and heroism on screen and find out that this happened in real life, that such a person lived and breathed in this world is an amazing feeling. Realistic or dramatized portrayals of real-life stories are appreciated by audiences of all kinds and […]

60 Best Hollywood Dialogues That Are Etched In Our Minds!

There are certain unforgettable lines in cinema that make such a deep impact on us that we remember them for the longest time without even trying. Sometimes, movies actually give pretty decent advice, to be fair. Don’t trust me? Here are 60 best Hollywood dialogues that are so poignant they will stay with you for […]

15 Hollywood Movies That Were Shot in India (At Least Partially)

One of the biggest gripes of being a desi fan of Hollywood is that we hardly see any representation. Most Hollywood movies can be stereotypical and caricaturish in their depiction of our people and our country, but thankfully that is a trend that seems to be slowly changing. However, nothing quite lights up our faces […]

20 Best Quotes from Christopher Nolan Movies That’ll Blow Your Mind

Let’s talk about some of the most mind-blowing movies produced over the last two decades- Interstellar, The Prestige, Tenet, Inception, Momento, Dunkirk, The Dark Knight! All of these amazing movies and many more have been written and directed by the British-American director, Christopher Nolan. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that the man is […]

20 Inspiring Dialogues from Famous Hollywood Flicks

There are movies that stay with us,  and there are movies we want to forget, but every once in a while we watch a movie that consumes us. With amazing scripts, skillful acting and fantastic direction, some movies resonate with what’s in our hearts. Such movies inspire us with their dialogues and give away legendary […]

20 Unforgettable Quotes And Dialogues From A Beautiful Mind

Based on the real-life story of Nobel-laureate John Nash who won the illustrious award for his work on Game theory, A Beautiful Mind follows the mathematician through a journey of self-discovery, illness and recovery. Starring Russell Crowe and Jenniffer Connelly in lead roles, the 2001 movie is based on the book of the same name […]

12 Best Dialogues From Cast Away That’ll Thoroughly Inspire You

Loosely based on the famous Defoe novel, Robinson Crusoe, Cast Away is one of the most popular and inspiring movies of the century. The story of a FedX employee stranded on a faraway island and his desperate attempts to survive the odds is still fresh in our minds. The brilliance of Tom Hanks is unmatched […]

15 Best Brad Pitt Movies That Need To Be On Your Watchlist

One of the big names in Hollywood, William Bradley Pitt or simply Brad Pitt is an actor who has broken barriers by taking up unconventional roles along with the general mainstream roles. The range of his work is unbelievably varied and diverse. At the beginning of his career, nobody could have imagined that this actor […]

15 Underrated Romantic Comedy Movies That Will Redefine Love For You

Hello, hopeless romantics! Are you looking for some underrated romantic comedy movies to soothe your heart this weekend? You have come to the right place. Romcoms exist for the sole purpose of making us feel better about ourselves and our own idea of love. While many may toss them aside as ‘chick flicks’, some romcoms […]

18 Best Chinese Movies That Need To Be on Your Watchlist

Welcome to the world of Chinese cinema. Unlike your initial thoughts, it’s so much more than just Kung Fu. Well, can’t blame you for that, everybody loves Kung Fu fighting (Carl Douglas’s masterpiece playing in the background). These movies have not just represented the various historical developments of the region but have also managed to […]

15 Unforgettable Quotes & Dialogues From The Shawshank Redemption

Released in the year 1994, The Shawshank Redemption is a drama film directed by Frank Darabont. The movie is based on the Stephen King novella Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption from 1984. The film stars Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins in principal roles and follows the journey of a banker named Andy who’s to serve […]

15 Best Dialogues From The Wolf Of Wall Street

“Hard work beats talent every time.” The movie Wolf of Wall Street is filled with such powerful and impactful dialogues. While some of these dialogues might come across as obscene to some people, others have appreciated the rawness and honesty of these lines. Over the years these dialogues have inspired the fans of this movie […]

40 Avengers Dialogues That’ll Hit You Right in The Feels

In recent history, there’s no bigger cinematic phenomenon than Marvel’s Avengers. The fact that Marvel built up to Endgame with not two or three but 21 proves just how crazy a journey this has been. To have a universe that is made up of wildly disparate storylines but they still somehow collaborate and merge into […]

15 Best Korean Movies That Every Movie Buff Must Watch!

Even before Parasite became the first movie in a foreign language to win Best Picture at the Academy Awards, Korean movies enjoyed a reputation for being wildly unique and chaotic. It can often seem like Hollywood is the only thing that defines global cinema, but if you take a look at our list of the […]

15 Best Hollywood Musicals You Must Watch If You Love Music!

When it comes to entertainment, nothing quite comes close to music and dance, which explains why musicals continue to be so popular to this day. For people who love music, musicals can be a wildly enthralling experience. While most Bollywood movies are indeed musicals by definition, Hollywood musicals hit slightly different, probably because they’re a […]

The 10 Best Movies of Christopher Nolan That You Must Not Miss!

Christopher Nolan is a British-American film director, writer, and producer who has earned much fame in the past two decades for being one of the best directors working in Hollywood. Known especially for his convoluted narratives and complicated storylines, Nolan’s films often puzzle the viewers, furthering discussions amongst movie fanatics who keep theorizing about his […]

The 10 Best Movies of Steven Spielberg That Are Simply Unmissable!

Steven Spielberg is an American film director, producer, and screenwriter. He is regarded as one of the most commercially successful film directors in the history of cinema. He has won various accolades, including two Academy Awards for Best Director. Spielberg is especially known for his science-fiction movies that make up some of the most successful […]

20 Best Hollywood LGBTQ Movies That Are Extremely Powerful!

To say that even in the 21st century, the LGBTQ community continues to be one of the most persecuted minorities, would be almost an understatement. It doesn’t begin the address the trauma and the humiliation that queer people suffer at the hands of family and society. However, things have begun to change. Slowly, but certainly. […]

20 Oscar Winning Movies That Deserve To Be Watched Right Away!

For almost a century, Academy Awards have served as the earmark for good cinema. Whatever the Academy recommends, the junta takes notice. And unlike other awards around the world that do not command the same kind of respect, Academy Awards have a reputation that is close to infallible. While the Academy Awards in the past […]

12 Best Hollywood Movies About Magic and Magicians

In these gloomy times with bad news hitting us every other day, we need to cling on to hope, and sometimes, magic. So today, let’s watch Hollywood movies about magic and magicians that were created to keep our magical dreams alive. Also read: 50 Must Watch Hollywood Movies Of All Time For A Movie Marathon […]

25 Interesting Facts About Hollywood Movies For The Fan In You

It’s great fun working in the movies – of course it is, why else would people dream of working in the film industry? Barring the few exceptions where situations aren’t ideal and people on the set do not get along, the production of a movie brings out one interesting story after another, and most of […]

20 Best Hollywood Comedy Movies To Tickle Your Sense of Humor

With the lockdown and work from home, the workplace has invaded our personal space, which can be a little intimidating. There’s no better way to blow off some steam than watching a good comedy movie at the end of a tiring day. Laughing is indeed a great exercise, and more so when you’re constantly stressed […]

20 Hollywood Murder Mysteries That Are Perfect For Movie Night!

Murder mysteries can be some of the most satisfying ways to spend your evening what with the suspense and the rush of it all. It is without doubt that over the years world cinema has produced some truly gratifying (and sometimes horrifying) murder mysteries, and today we bring you 20 Hollywood murder mysteries that are […]

15 Hollywood Superhero Movies You Should Definitely Watch

Whether you are a nerd or simply a lover of fantasy, action, and adventure, this list is for everyone! Numerous superhero movies in Hollywood have been loved and admired by the audience over the ages. These movies most of the time fall in the typical good versus evil conflict where good is always victorious. But […]

13 Lion King Quotes About Life, Leadership, and Family

Fun Fact: Did you know that The Lion King is based on the famous Shakespearean play, Hamlet? You probably wouldn’t have guessed that this Disney movie meant for kids was based on a play about the meaning of existence and the futility of life. However, The Lion King isn’t half as morbid as Hamlet, and […]

15 Quotes & Dialogues from Forrest Gump That Will Leave You with A Smile

Forrest Gump is one of the most heartwarming movies ever made. The sheer innocence of the plot and the brilliantly surreal acting of Tom Hanks have made the character immortal. The movie is a treat for children and adults alike. The guileless Gump recollects his past experiences growing up slow-witted amidst monumental historical events. His […]

15 Best Hollywood Sci-Fi Movies That Will Leave You Awestruck

Ever since we decided that there’s someone in space watching our every move and Mary Shelley decided to wake up a corpse with an electric shock, we have all been fans of science fiction. There’s no scarcity of some good science fiction movies in Hollywood. Be it about artificial intelligence, robot warfare, time travel, alien […]

14 Best dialogues From The Pursuit Of Happyness That’ll Inspire You!

One of the most inspirational movies of all time, The Pursuit of Happyness tells the story of a real-life motivational speaker and businessman, Chris Gardner. The movie follows the struggle and hardships Chris had to face while trying to give his son a happy childhood. The Pursuit of Happyness begins with Chris dealing with a […]

10 Best Hollywood Movies on Space to Tickle Your Sense of Wonder

One can find 100s of Hollywood movies on space out there. There are only a few which leave a deep impact on the audience. Some of these movies have plenty of scientific and technical goof-ups but still, they remain etched in our minds. While there are a few movies that are based on real events, […]

10 Hollywood Movies on Dogs That You Need to Watch Right Now

Would you believe me if I tell you that there are a few movies that have the power to make you extremely cheerful and utterly devastated at the same time? That’s a dog movie for you. Whether you are a dog person or a cat person (or neither), these movies will surely make you fall […]

10 Most Underrated Hollywood Movies of All Time

Most movies are ahead of their time. While others are carelessly ignored by the audience. Some of these misunderstood gems do not do a good business. That doesn’t have to be a judge of their brilliance though. It is only with time and patience that we realise that some movies deserve so much more than […]

10 Highest Grossing Hollywood Movies Till Date After Adjusting Inflation

Hollywood has long produced movies with record-breaking earnings. Owing to globalisation, the popularity of the English language, and the aggressive marketing of movies on various platforms makes them money-making machines. In 2019, Avengers: Endgame became the highest-grossing Hollywood movie of all time (inflation unadjusted), thanks to the ginormous global fan-following of the MCU and the […]

25 Most Inspirational Hollywood Movies To Lift Your Spirits!

Some days can be harder than others. Sometimes a rough patch can last for weeks. The stress from work or school can be sometimes too overwhelming to deal with. And when the situation calls for it, sometimes the best thing to do is to do nothing. So when you want to freeze and relax and […]

21 Upcoming Hollywood Movies We’re Excited to Watch in 2021

2020 wasn’t exactly the best year for the entertainment industry. With theatres closed for a good chunk of the year, a lot of releases were delayed, while some movies were released on various OTT platforms. However, now that normalcy is slowly seeping into our everyday lives and people are starting to visit theatres again, 2021 […]