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6 Best Movies To Watch Stoned

Contents 6 of the best movies to watch while high Highly praised movies The mellow high from cannabis grown with very low THC seeds is perfect for relaxing and enjoying some quality T.V. time. Movies and marijuana go hand in hand but choosing what to watch while high is often a chore. Instead of wasting […]

15 Best Movies On Apple TV To Watch Right Now

With almost no licensed TV or film programming and a tiny number of originals, Apple TV+ is one of the oldest streaming services available. Apple is clearly opting for “quality over quantity,” with its funds scattered across genres and aimed at convincing its subscribers (many of whom were lured in by a package that came […]

12 Hollywood Movies Releasing in July 2022 To Look Out For

The second half of the year is almost around the corner. While it brings along several uncertainties, what also awaits us are – movies! Be it as an escape from reality or as a plunge into navigating and exploring that reality better, you can count on the medium of cinema to give you a sheer […]

10 Of The Most Popular Indian-American Actors

Globalisation has connected us to other countries in a way that we would’ve never imagined. In many ways, so have these popular Indian-American actors. Now, when we watch films that have a way of influencing the whole world, we know that they’re looking at good South-Asian representation! Also Read: 25 Famous Indian Americans Who Achieved […]

15 Best Hindi Dubbed Romantic Movies on Netflix

Few things in the world have the ability to put you in a good mood as movies do. And what better way to bask in the feeling of love than by kicking your feet up and watching a beautiful rom-com by your side? Some romantic films make you yearn for a love you’ve never known, […]

10 Best Hindi Dubbed Family Movies on Netflix To Watch Out

When searching for Hindi dubbed family movies on Netflix, there isn’t a specific filter that can assist you. When it comes to content, Netflix has one of the largest libraries in the world. Original web series, television shows, movies, documentaries, and much more are available. In many countries, it is also one of the most […]

20 Best Romantic Movies on Netflix To Watch With Your Partner

You and your partner are snuggled up on the couch, anticipating a steamy, entertaining movie night. You’ve made buttery popcorn, poured a glass of red wine, and put on your most comfortable pyjamas. All of the lovey-dovey vibes are present. The only thing missing is, of course, a romantic film to watch on your television. […]

10 Best Chinese Martial Art Movies Dubbed In Hindi You Will Enjoy

Because of its rich history of kung fu, wuxia, and samurai dramas, Asian cinema is synonymous with action. Asian martial arts have recently gained popularity in Hollywood because of films like The Matrix and John Wick. At the same time, there hasn’t been much in the way of new martial arts talent. Chinese martial art […]

20 Best French Movies Of All Time That You should Not Miss

If you are born and brought up in India, there is a big chance that you were introduced to mainstream Bollywood movies as a kid. There’s nothing wrong with that. I enjoyed (and still enjoy) these films. But, the problem with it is, there is a big chunk of cinema outside this country (even within […]

15 Best Hindi Dubbed Animation Movies of All Time

We grew up watching animated cartoons, TV shows, and movies, but the truth is that we still enjoy them now that we are older. We all have favorite animated characters and films, and the memories of them are still vivid in our minds. Today’s animated films are more precise and have better graphics, which improves […]

20 Best Korean Romantic Movies of All Time

There are moments when we want to be overly sentimental and revisit the emotions that we normally dismiss or push to the back of our minds. We are all a little sentimental on the inside, no matter how hard we deny it. A romantic film can bring back memories of an old lover or rekindle […]

20 Quotes From Disney Movies That Are Absolutely Amazing

Every Disney-obsessed child, past and present, is aware of how much magic each film packs into 90 minutes. And, even if you’re an adult now, even the faintest whisper of a Disney classic playing in the background can still pull at your heartstrings. Disney films taught us a lot about friendship, love, loss, bravery, and, […]

20 Best Family-Friendly Hollywood Movies I Am Sure You Will Adore

With the increase in our workload, the need for “me-time” is gradually growing. But sometimes, the “me” may also imply spending time with our family. The movies that are mentioned below are some of the films that have been my childhood favourite. And the way they became favourite was, that my parents, used to leave […]

Hollywood Movies Releasing in April 2022 To Watch Out

The following is a list of upcoming Hollywood films that will be released in India in 2022. Lower on the page, we also have the most recent Hollywood films that have already been released. These are the films to keep an eye on. Because it is dependent on censor certification and producers, this list is […]

The Most Awaited Hollywood TV Shows Of 2022 You Cannot Miss!

Few things come close to the satisfaction of being hooked to a show or series you absolutely love and living in it for days, isn’t it? It’s like this entire alternate world opens up for you, where you live, breathe and exist alongside that mean protagonist or that fictional barista you have a crush on. […]

The 10 Best James Bond Movies You Must Watch!

“Bond. James Bond.” An inimitable entity in popular culture, this character has captured the imaginations of many, and with good reason. The charismatic and suave British agent crafted by Ian Fleming has come to life right before our eyes with the entire series of films made on his escapades. Immensely popular for more than 60 […]

9 Hollywood Movies Releasing in March 2022 You Simply Can’t Miss!

It’s a good time for the movie industry. Halls and theatres are opening up, welcoming audiences after what seems like ages. While production wasn’t exactly halted during these months, what with OTT platforms there to save the day, nothing quite comes close to the experience of devouring a movie in a theatre, engulfed by the […]

15 Best Kung Fu Movies of All Time That Everybody Loves

Everybody loves Kung Fu fighting, don’t they! From the best of Jackie Chan to other classics of Chinese cinema, you will find some of the best Kung Fu movies on this list. Note that this list won’t include animated movies even though we all agree on the supremacy of Kung Fu Panda. Let’s have a […]

15 Best Hindi Dubbed Hollywood Action Movies Of All Time

The Hollywood film industry has been producing hit after hit, as evidenced by the multi-billion dollar box office records. We have compiled a list of the 15 best Hindi dubbed Hollywood action movies of all time, with new releases every week. These films have not only won at the box office, but have also left […]

15 Most Famous BTS Songs That You Don’t Need Permission To Dance To

BTS or the Bangtan Boys are undoubtedly the most famous K-pop band in the world. This 7-membered band has a crazy fan following of millions of people called the BTS army. They have addressed the United Nations General Assembly thrice, that’s the influence they have. They are the youngest recipients of the South Korean Order […]

15 Highest-Paid Actors in The World Who Get Paid in Millions

The bigger the project, the bigger the star! And every famous actor comes with a price. Every other day there is news of an actor signing a film for a whopping sum that is blinding for us commoners but pretty common for them. The A-listers such as Keanu Reeves, Tom Cruise, and Cameron Diaz surely […]

16 Popular Rock Bands of All Time That’ll Rock Your World

The genre of rock has had a long-standing influence on many people, Several bands have created a legacy for themselves in this genre, a legacy that remains unmatched. From history-defining songs to crazy fan following, let’s have a look at some of the most popular rock bands of all time! Also read: 15 Most Famous […]

15 Most Sold Albums in the World of All Time

Music has been a companion to humans since time immemorial. From the time of records to tapes to CDs, these albums have created quite a buzz around the world ever since they were released. The everlasting universality of these albums has resulted in them being sold and resold even years after their original release. This […]

40 Amazing Dialogues From Famous Hollywood Movies You Must Read

Movies are great for a lot of reasons, one of those being that they leave us with thoughts and messages for a lifetime. Certain characters, dialogues or scores can stay with you throughout, changing your entire outlook. In this article, we bring you some such dialogues that resonated with us. Check out these 40 amazing […]

15 Indian Actors in Hollywood Movies Who Have Killed It On Screen!

Recently, there has been news of our favourite actor Dhanush working in a Hollywood movie directed by Anthony and Joe Russo of the Avengers fame. There have been many well-known Indian Actors in Hollywood movies who have played pivotal and well-acclaimed roles. From Priyanka Chopra ruling the industry like a queen to Irrfan Khan attaining […]

15 Best Hollywood Movies on Robberies That’ll Steal Your Heart

Everybody loves a good heist movie. Hollywood has plenty of movies to offer in this genre. These movies are so intelligently written and so brilliantly executed that they’ll blow your mind. With a good dose of thrill and plenty of twists, these movies are worth the watch. Let’s have a look at some of the […]

13 Hollywood Movies on Serial Killers That Will Give You Nightmares

There is something eerily sinister about the psychology of these serial killers that ignites all of our curiosities. Over the years, numerous movies have been made on the topic, mostly based on real-life incidents. Here’s a list of some of the most famous and well-made Hollywood movies on serial killers that will give you nightmares. […]

15 Best Christmas Movies To Boost Your Holiday Spirits

There’s nothing like a good holiday movie to boost your spirits during Christmas. These perennial holiday classics have been loved by young and old alike. From animated flicks to black and white brilliance, there are a bunch of movies out there with a Christmas theme. It is difficult to imagine Christmas without a good and […]

25 Best Zombie Movies For Fans of the Living Dead

Who doesn’t love a good old apocalyptic zombie movie with all the horror and gore? The living dead coming after the protagonist and his group in hordes from every direction! That sets your heart beating louder, doesn’t it?  Enough with playing zombie games on your PC then, and rewatching The Walking Dead. We here, have […]

10 Hollywood Movies on Leadership To Awaken The Leader In You

We often turn to art to help us refine ourselves as individuals and become the best versions of ourselves. When it comes to qualities of leadership, movies often surprise us with wonderful lessons. Who is a leader? Why don’t we let these movies answer that question for us! Here’s a list of some of the […]

15 Best Hollywood Movies Based on True Stories For Your Watchlist

Movies that are based on true stories hit differently. To witness sheer brilliance and heroism on screen and find out that this happened in real life, that such a person lived and breathed in this world is an amazing feeling. Realistic or dramatized portrayals of real-life stories are appreciated by audiences of all kinds and […]