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10 Best Romantic Comedy Korean Dramas Streaming On Netflix

Korean dramas ace the rom-com genre, and nail softness and care in relationships to the core. Here are 10 of the best romantic comedy Korean dramas on Netflix, which will fill you with warm fuzzy emotions and also draw a substantial number of laughs out of you. Read on to find out. 1. Love Alarm […]

10 Best Upcoming Web Series in July 2022 We Are Excited For

No one can resist the urge to binge-watch. And, web series present the perfect opportunity to do so – that is one of the greatest things about the medium. Over the past few years, there has been a huge increase in the number of series being produced across all, especially OTT platforms. They have quickly […]

6 Best Hindi-dubbed Korean Dramas on Zee5 You Will Enjoy Watching

Korean content has seen immense popularity over the past few years. Ranging from Korean pop music bands like BTS, EXO, BLACKPINK, and more, to award-winning movies like Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite and Lee Isaac Chung’s Minari, and immensely popular series like Squid Game and All Of Us Are Dead, Korea has been churning out great content […]

15 Best English Dubbed Korean Dramas on Netflix You Should Watch

Korean dramas, which are known for their intriguing plots and powerful (though sometimes predictable) plot twists, may quickly shift from highly sweet to incredibly devastating to “WTF, what was that?” Variety is precisely what keeps viewers returning for more. The demand for them has only been increasing over the last few years. However, do you […]

10 Best English Dubbed Korean Movies On Netflix

In 2022, Korean film fans have a lot to look forward to. New Korean films ranging from sweet rom-com to daring spy thrillers to heart-wrenching dramas are making their way to our screens as streaming services like Netflix continue to invest in South Korean content and projects with stacked casts gain distribution in the United […]

10 Funniest Stand-Up Comedy Specials On Netflix

After a long and busy day of work, here’s what you can do to unwind – grab your favourite food and switch on Netflix. Now, you don’t have to wait for your food to get cold while you decide what to watch, because, we have collated a list of the funniest stand-up comedy specials on […]

10 Best New Korean Dramas of 2022 (So Far)

Due to the pandemic and recent boom in the OTT world, digital content is not bound by any language and culture. People from all over the world are watching different types of content and relating with them. The rise of K-Dramas and their immense popularity is just an example of that. The craze for Korean […]

10 Boldest and Hottest Web Series on Netflix Only For Adults

Netflix has always tried to be bold with their shows, and have broken many glass ceilings by creating conversations around taboo topics and destigmatizing a lot of issues by making honest, open comedies. Here is a list of the boldest and hottest web series on Netflix curated by us: Also Read: 10 Best Adult and […]

10 Best Korean Dramas on Amazon Prime You’ll Enjoy Watching

Korean Dramas are all the craze right now. If you have an Amazon Prime subscription and are either looking to become, or are already a fan of the K-drama genre, here’s a list of the 10 best Korean Dramas on Amazon Prime right now! So, don’t wait, and check these out! Happy Watching! Also Read: […]

15 Hindi Dubbed Korean Dramas On MX Player We Loved!

Korean dramas have been immensely popular over the last few years, and with good reason. The refreshing storylines and characters, especially the male characters, have won our hearts. While the language barrier is not really an impediment when watching something you love, at times you do wish you didn’t have to skim through the subtitles […]

15 Hindi-Dubbed Korean Dramas on Netflix To Binge Watch

The growing popularity of Korean drama series has opened up a whole new market in India. The craze is so widespread that you don’t even need English subtitles to watch these shows. Popular Korean dramas have been dubbed in Hindi and are now available on Netflix. With so many Korean dramas to choose from, we’ve […]

30 Best Hindi Dubbed Web Series You Can Binge Watch

Foreign TV series and shows drew a specific section of Indian consumers who preferred the seasonal notion of the series over the saas-bahu plays presented in India. This crowd, on the other hand, happened to be English-speaking. Although international television programmes were popular in India, the language barrier limited viewership development to some extent. We […]

20 Best Hindi-Dubbed Horror Movies on Netflix To Stream

With so many titles available on Netflix, choosing a good movie to watch until your girlfriend falls asleep on the couch can take a few minutes or even hours. It is undeniably difficult to navigate through the massive Netflix catalogue, which is divided into nearly twenty categories. As a result, we went through the library […]

15 Most Popular Korean Dramas on Netflix To Binge Right Now

Korean dramas have always had a cult following, and now they have started taking the world by storm. We have compiled 15 of the most popular k-dramas on Netflix that are a combination of intelligent storylines, cinematography, and genius acting, and are extremely impressive overall. Read on to find out! 1. All of Us Are […]

10 Highest IMDb Rated Korean Dramas You Must Watch

Korean dramas range from rom-coms to thrillers, slapstick comedies to bizarre fantastical shows and manage to entrance us all with their originality. Here we compile the 10 highest IMDb Korean dramas into a list curated just for you, so that you can get on board with all the classics and keep up with them. Also […]

10 Best Thriller Korean Dramas On Netflix That Are Too Good To Miss

Korean dramas have always been diverse, but when it comes to thrillers, they are simply unmatched. They combine the best elements of thrill and mystery and incredible storyline and acting and churn out the most binge-worthy shows. Here we have curated the 10 best thriller Korean Dramas on Netflix you should stream right now if […]

25 Most Inspirational TV Quotes That’ll Perk You Right Up

We’re officially in the third year of covid and at this point, most of us aren’t even trying to pretend to be okay. It is a bit too tempting to give in to this incessant feeling of worthlessness and void. It is times like this when one could really use some external validation. Which is […]

15 Most Famous Romantic K-Dramas You Should Check Out

Romance is something that draws us all in. No matter how averse to the idea we may appear to be, everyone craves that vulnerability and emotion deep within. What else would explain the staggering popularity of romantic dramas? Now, with the Korean Wave taking over, K-dramas have entered the scene of romantic movies and dramas […]

20 Best Quotes From Euphoria That Hit You Hard

The show with multiple Emmy nominations to its name – Euphoria the series has been the talk of the town ever since its second season was released. While the ever-stunning Zendaya is one of the reasons behind the show’s popularity, one also has to admit that it is entertaining through and through, bringing together drama, […]

10 Best Hindi Dubbed Chinese Dramas Everyone Should Watch

China is the world’s leading producer of television dramas. Chinese television dramas, also known as Mainland Chinese television dramas or C-dramas and C-drama are frequently longer. Even if you’re already a Chinese drama addict, you might find something new on this list. Here are the top 10 best Hindi dubbed Chinese dramas of all time. […]

41 Best Dialogues from TV Shows That Are Worth Remembering!

Over the years, television has blessed us with numerous shows that have left a mark on our hearts. Be it comedy, drama, or action, great writing has always been something that stays with the viewer for a long, long time. It is no surprise then that these 30 Best Dialogues from TV shows have been […]

15 Best TV Shows of 2021 That Kept Us Glued to Our Screens!

The last two years at home have given people plenty of opportunity to sit back and relax, and watch some good old TV. Thankfully, 2021 was especially great in that regard and had much to offer to the average viewer with amazing shows to offer in every possible genre one could imagine. Here are our […]

20 Television Mini-Series You Can Complete This Weekend

Now that you have more time on your hands, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the amount of content available on streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ Hotstar. We recommend that you watch an excellent mini-series online on some days instead of binge-watching because binge-watching has a significant impact on your sleeping patterns. […]

10 Must Watch Canadian Shows That Deserve A Chance!

There’s more to English cinema and TV than Hollywood. Welp. Believe it or not, there are shows and good cinema made outside of America that are just as deserving of a chance. Also, it doesn’t hurt to expand one’s palate now, does it? Here are our top picks for the best Canadian shows that you […]

20 Best Squid Game Quotes From The Viral Netflix Show

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have probably heard of Netflix’s Squid Game that has more or less taken the internet by storm. Released in mid-September this year, the original Netflix series is a South Korean survival drama – think hunger games on LSD, if you will. The show garnered overwhelmingly positive responses […]

25 Dialogues From Narcos That Make It A Gripping Tale of Power

Narcos is a Netflix series that chronicles the rise of the cocaine industry in Colombia during the 80s and discusses real-life drug-lords and the police’s attempts to thwart them. The show in its first two seasons primarily focuses on Pablo Escobar, who became a billionaire from trading drugs. The series has received generally favourable reviews […]

20 Best Quotes from Vikings That’ll Prompt You to Binge the Show ASAP

Vikings is a highly adventurous and interesting historical series that focuses on the Norse tribes popularly known as the Vikings, and their exploits across Europe through the 8th to the 11th century. The show was originally aired on the Canadian network named History Channel and is currently available on Netflix to binge on and ran […]

10 Best Dialogues & Quotes from Money Heist Season 5

One of the most loved television series of recent time, Money Heist is back with its fifth Season. The stakes get higher as Professor and his crew take on the might of the police, civil defences, miltary and government in an epic heist. Power packed sequences, great performances and fast paced action along with amazing […]

15 Best Historical Series of All Time That Are Worth Binging

To know your future you need to understand your past. History has always been a subject of intrigue. Over the years, multiple brilliant historical television series have been produced. These shows might not score 100% in terms of historical accuracy. Sure, they have taken certain creative liberties. But these shows are as close to real […]

15 Hilarious Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quotes That’s Tickle Your Ribs

So, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has come to an end after 8 wonderful seasons. I’m not crying, you’re crying! It’s cool cool cool cool cool cool cool. Cool. One of the most popular and loved sitcoms of recent times, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has a steady fan base. That is largely because of the beloved characters and the on-point […]

15 Best Dialogues From Peaky Blinders That Are Simply Awesome

Based on a real story, this British period drama follows the story of the Shelby crime family and their exploits in the 1920s. Cillian Murphy gives an excellent performance as Thomas Shelby, a fierce and sharp criminal. The show is well known for its intricate attention to detail. What makes this show binge-worthy is the […]

20 Best Dialogues From Lucifer That Even God Approves Of!

This highly popular American TV series is based on the DC Universe’s take on the Devil in which Lucifer abandons Hell in order to come down to earth and run a nightclub here! Milton wouldn’t have liked this idea very much. But for all that it is worth, the show that ran for almost 6 […]