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20 Most Interesting Facts About Facebook You Didn’t Know

In the last few years, Facebook has become such an integral part of our lives. Facebook has achieved the coveted dominant position, making it the most popular and indispensable part of our social networking as well as our business. Since its inception in 2004, it has become a craze. If you’re not on Facebook these […]

10 Indian American Politicians Who Are Living ‘The American Dream’

People of Indian origin have established themselves in various professional spheres, and why should American politics be exempt. In the last few decades, Indian Americans have occupied positions of grave importance in the political sphere. Here are 10 Indian American politicians you should know about. Read on : Also Read: When Time Was Young: Indian […]

12 Interesting Facts About Disney You’d Not Want To Miss Out On Knowing

Disney has become a household name in our country, thanks to the spread of communication technology like televisions, which made sure that our childhood memories are occupied by Mickey and the rest of its classic characters. Disney is also a company that has made sure it doesn’t lose its foothold over the newer generations, by […]

11 Fascinating Facts About Netflix That Will Wow You

Netflix really needs no introduction, does it? In the few years in which OTT has taken over the entertainment scene, Netflix has been one of the leading players in the field. From launching hosts of original shows and movies to even making documentaries about its own content and making smart choices on social media to […]

22 Intriguing Facts About Coca-Cola You Definitely Didn’t Know

There is probably no drink more popular than Coca-Cola, or Coke, as we fondly know it. The drink has been around for centuries, in varied forms and flavours. Its popularity, though, hasn’t waned even a bit. The drink is literally all around us, and to be honest, no one is really complaining. How many of […]

10 Interesting Facts About SpaceX You Should Know!

SpaceX is a spacecraft engineering company founded and run by Elon Musk. The company has recently been in the news quite a lot because it just launched its 32nd spacecraft of the year. The craft has already been making headlines for having borne 46 Starlink satellites to be deployed in the low-Earth orbit. This feat […]

10 Interesting Facts About Walmart For The Curious Cat In You!

Walmart is easily one of the most popular and well-known chains of retail stores out there, right? One of the most hyped symbols of the American Dream, the retail chain has also been in India for a considerable amount of time. What makes the supermarket chain stand out is the affordability of items there while […]

14 Interesting Facts About Jeff Bezos That Will Amaze You

Imagine being so famous that you get an entire song written about you, that too, one that trends on social media. (Looking at all the “Bezos I” reels, yes!) Just kidding – that obviously isn’t the most remarkable achievement of the person this article is about. Jeff Bezos – the guy hardly needs an introduction. […]

25 Interesting Facts About YouTube You Might Not Know

YouTube has a massive following and is extremely popular around the world, but there’s probably a lot you don’t know about it. Today, YouTube has expanded to include tutorials, reviews, videos, music videos, skits, and other content. It has so much content that it is enough to satisfy anyone’s entertainment needs. Let’s broaden your understanding […]

15 Interesting Facts About Amazon You Had No Idea About!

Founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos in his garage, Amazon has now become synonymous to online shopping for millions of people around the world. Like any other new venture, Amazon too had humble beginnings – before the internet boom helped it skyrocket profits and revenue. Amazon now is one of the 5 biggest tech companies […]

15 Most Popular Websites in the World

What is the world’s best website? Many of us have wondered about it, and there are a variety of answers depending on who you ask. However, if we’re looking for the best website based on popularity, the answer is obvious. From search engines and social media to streaming sites and online marketplaces, we’ve compiled a […]

15 Interesting Facts About Elon Musk

Elon Musk is known for his outlandish claims and ideas. Musk, who is the founder of electric car company Tesla and space exploration company SpaceX, was born in South Africa and has some crazy ideas for the future. Among his ideas are the Hyperloop, a futuristic transportation system, a human colony on Mars aided by […]

15 Interesting Facts About APJ Abdul Kalam – The Missile Man of India

The ‘Indian Missile Man’ Dr APJ Abdul Kalam was a world-renowned scientist, researcher, academic, and politician. Dr A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, India’s 11th President, was a forerunner of the country’s civilian space program as well as its defence and military missile development efforts. From a young age, he fought tooth and nail to complete […]

18 Most Famous US Presidents of All Time

Historians agree that only a few men have occupied the office of President of the United States who can be ranked among the most influential. Some were put to the test by domestic crises, while others were put to the test by international conflict, but all left their mark on history. Let us take a […]

15 Unlikely Cricket Records That’ll Surprise Even The Die Hard Fans

Cricket is certainly the most splendid and the greatest game that mankind has invented. The dramas, the performances, the thrill, the skills, and the entertainment it offers are second to no other game. And what makes it more fascinating is how the unachievable is achieved only to be replaced. Every year stars and players trouble […]

20 Most Amazing and Largest Shopping Malls in India

Shopping malls have made shopping so much easier, but they have also become a place for socializing and relaxation. It’s the go-to spot for a group of friends who haven’t seen each other in a long time, families looking for a simple lunch or a fancy dinner, and lovers looking to unwind inside a coffee […]

10 Richest Companies in The World by Market Capitalization

The last couple of years have seen tremendous growth in the wealth of many companies around the world. The internet and tech boom has introduced a number of new players that are now valued in billions, and are only expected to get bigger with time. With great advancement in healthcare, and relatively fewer wars, the […]

15 Most Interesting Facts About Twitter You Should Know

Twitter is a fantastic platform for businesses and brands to expand their growth opportunities while also staying in touch with their customers. This microblogging site has taken off since its launch, giving social networking and online marketing a new direction. Here are 15 interesting facts about Twitter. After you’ve finished reading about these fascinating facts, […]

15 Most Interesting Facts About iPhones

The iPhone, the world’s first smartphone, was introduced by Steve Jobs, who changed the world. The iPhone became an instant hit as soon as it was released. Apple’s iPhone continues to grow in popularity year after year, despite numerous iterations and the introduction of newer handsets each year. We’ve compiled a list of 15 interesting […]

15 Most Popular Languages in the World

In this era of globalization where everything is either dubbed or subbed, one cannot simply be confined to a single language. Most people in the world are bilingual. Indians by default are multi-lingual, most of them having a good hold on English, Hindi, and a vernacular language. The number of polyglots in the world is […]

15 Interesting Facts About Yoga That Will Surprise You

India contributed to the world in endless ways. Be it groundbreaking discoveries that led to the existence of the number systems or invaluable inventions that gave birth to Wireless Communication. But one exceptional Indian finding that revolutionised health culture all over the world is Yoga. This more than 5000-year-old practice can vaguely be called a […]

15 Interesting Facts About Microsoft

Microsoft is currently one of the most valuable corporations in the world. It alternates between the first and second place with Apple on a regular basis, and its value has surpassed $1 trillion on a few occasions. Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system is currently the most popular desktop operating system. The company’s Xbox division is […]

20 Interesting Facts About Google

Everyone who uses the Internet, as well as a large number of people who have never heard of Google. Since June 2000, this has been the largest search engine on the planet. It has over one billion daily search requests, making it the most visited website on the Internet. In May 2011, it surpassed one […]

21 Interesting Facts About Brands There’s No Way You Knew About

We have all enjoyed the joys of using various top-notch brands in the world, but little do we know about their origins and behind the stage stories. Here, we have put together some of the most interesting facts about brands that you probably had never heard before. Also read: Amazing Hidden Messages Behind Famous Brand […]

15 Interesting facts about The English Language You Didn’t Know

If you thought pronouncing supercalifragilisticexpialidocious was the only amusing thing about English, we will make you think again. The English language might come across as a very easy-to-learn, fairly speaker-friendly languag,e but it has, in fact, witnessed some mind-boggling inventions and some rib-tickling misinterpretations. Here are a few such interesting facts about English that will […]

10 Companies That Were Built In A Garage

Apple – Apple started in 1976 when Steve Jobs’ partner Steve Wozniak designed the first Apple I Computer for $500. When they got their first order for 50 computers, Jobs and Wozniak got together in Jobs’ parents’ garage in Cupertino, California. Lotus – In 1948, Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman started Lotus Cars by building the first Lotus car in stables in […]

15 Incredible Natural Wonders in India

India is blessed with astounding natural beauty and tonnes of legends and myths. There is no dearth of natural wonders in the country. These enchanting wonders are awe-inspiring and truly magnificent. Also read: 20 Most Interesting Places In India You Should Definitely Visit Let’s have a look at some of the Incredible Natural Wonders. 1. […]

10 Interesting Facts About the Lord Jagannath Temple of Puri

One of the four revered holy abodes of pilgrimage for the Hindus, or the Chardhams as it is better known as, the Lord Jagannath Temple of Puri is one of the most serene places on earth. It is home to Lord Jagannath and his siblings Lord Balabhadra, and Goddess Subhadra. The magnitude of mystery that […]

20 Interesting facts about Apple Inc We Bet You Didn’t Know

As one of the largest companies in the world, Apple is the pioneer of modern technology. It is because of Apple that we have the convenience of having the world at our fingertips. Founded in 1976, Apple is 45 years old this year. With so much company experience under its belt, it is no wonder […]

This rare Himalayan fungus is sold for Rs. 50 lakh a kg!

Known for its magical medicinal benefits, Yarsagumba (Ophiocoedyceps Sinesis), also known as Keedajadi in Hindi & Garhwali is a type of fungus endemic to the Himalayan region. What makes this fungus so unique is that it is a entomopathogenic fungus – a fungus that grows on Insects. This fungus is known to have huge medicinal […]

10 Interesting Facts About Tata Group Everybody Should Know!

Founded by Jamshedji Tata in 1868, the Tata group is a global enterprise headquartered in India and consists of over 100 operating companies, with operations in more than 100 countries across six continents, exporting products and services to over 150 countries. Tata companies with significant scale include Tata Steel, Tata Motors, Tata Consultancy Services , […]

15 Interesting Facts About Biju Patnaik- The Pride Of Odisha

Bijayananda Patnaik, better known as Biju Patnaik or simply Biju Babu, is one of the most revered and popular figures in the history of Odisha. A pilot, a freedom fighter, a visionary, a revolutionary, a politician! Biju Babu was all of these and so much more. In the 8 decades that he spent on this […]

16 Rare Indian Fruits That Everyone Must Try Out Once!

As the seventh largest country in the world by area, India sprawls over a wide variety of terrain. Because of the vast differences as you go from place to place in the different corners of the country, the local produce also changes drastically. Because of its tropical climate, the lush greens in wild pockets of […]

11 Impressive Cricket Records Held By Indians

The English invented Cricket, the Aussies mastered it and the Indians rule it. Cricket is a religion in India and we have heroes who have fought crusades to bring us glory. When it comes to the record books, the Men In Blue have a knack for rewriting them. Some of the most acclaimed records in the […]

16 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds in That You Shouldn’t Mess With

Animals weren’t created for domestication. Over the years, through systematic effort, humans have brought about the domestication of animals for their own pleasure and profit. Obviously, an anthropocentric person (which inherently most of us are) would argue. Even though dogs are the favorite pets of almost every other person in this world, they can sometimes […]

10 Ultimate Indian Dog Breeds You Didn’t Know About

Dogs are man’s best friends. And yet, the selection process never ends for the most loyal four-legged creatures. The upsurge seen in the adoption of foreign breeds that are represented extensively by the media has meant that Indian dog breeds are neglected and thus often face the threat of extinction. Here are 10 Indian dog […]

The Story And Meaning Of The SBI Logo That Goes Back To 200 Years!

The State Bank of India is easily the most trusted brand when it comes to banking for the average Indian customer. SBI has been long associated with security and safety, and is favoured by Indians over other brands. More than most other brands, SBI offers a stability and surity to keep its customer’s wealth safe. […]

15 Most Interesting Facts About Kolkata, The City of Joy

Kolkata, the name probably leaves a sweet taste in the mouth of most people who have tasted the Roshogolla and the Mishti Doi that the city is so famous for. However, fortunately, there’s more to the city of joy than that. Now, since we are here, let’s board a yellow taxi and take a joyride […]

10 Greatest Warriors in Indian History You Should Know About!

The Indian soil has birthed many brave soldiers who have fought, sometimes to acquire new land to expand their empires and at other times to defend their own lands from foreign invasions. Most of these people were also efficient rulers and shrewd tacticians who resolved and curbed internal rebellions and helped their kingdom to flourish. […]

37 Intriguing Last Words Spoken By Famous People

There’s hope, ambition, purpose, virtues and evil when there’s Life. But it’s not the same when death comes knocking on the door with all the love, money, riches and fame is about to vanish in a few breaths. Often the last words of people are a reflection of the harsh realities and naked truths of […]

11 Songs From India That Are Popular Internationally

While International music stars and esp english songs have found a follower base across India, some of the Indian songs have also become huge international hits across the globe. While the number of such songs have increased with the advent of the internet and social media where things can potentially go ‘viral’, there have been […]

12 Most Popular Chinese Brands And Products In India

China has emerged as a global economic superpower in the past few decades. The Influence of the Chinese economic revolution is clearly visible in India with the presence of scores of Chinese brands and products in the Indian market. With a large population and bulk manufacturing facilities across the length and breadth of the nation, […]

10 Amazing Hidden Messages Behind Famous Brand Logos

If you ever have the chance to speak with a logo designer, you would know how tedious and time consuming the whole task could be. It isn’t an act of sudden creative outburst, but one that needs great thought, ideation, and understanding of the brand. And that’s exactly what a great logo will represent.  Here […]

20 Interesting Facts that prove that Bill Gates is just one of his kind!

Bill Gates is a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist and owner of Microsoft.  Initial childhood curiosity to explore computer and programming laid the foundations of the establishment of one of the best software companies in the world. A billionaire with a  good reputation, abundance of fame and wealth, a nice collection of Porsche cars, a private jet […]