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17 Most Famous Roasters On Indian YouTube To Have You Chuckling

Who doesn’t love a good roast? The one who’s getting roasted, obviously. But that apart, roasts and mockeries have become an integral part of the Indian comedy scene. The AIB roast video was set it off, and it slowly caught up as a trend with people (light-heartedly) bashing other people, events, content… you name it […]

15 Hilarious Indian Prank Channels on YouTube To Get You Giggling

Who doesn’t enjoy a good old prank? Practical jokes have been in vogue for generations, and prank videos have lately become hugely popular among youngsters. Why not? People come up with the wackiest ideas to catch others off-guard in public. From fake proposals to fake brawls, the Indian YouTube prank scene has seen it all. […]

This Is What Nurses Said When These Popular People Were Born

When a baby is born, it is usually the nurse’s job to bring them to the doting father and family who are eagerly waiting. If you don’t know what we are talking about, just watch any Bollywood movie and you’d get a clue. But have you ever wondered what the nurse would have said when […]

15 Most Hilarious Signboards Put Up By BRO

You wouldn’t expect Border Roads Organization (BRO) to have a great sense of humor but you’d be surprised to know that folks at BRO have a certain “special” penchant when it comes to writing the copies for their signboards. Here we list down 15 of the most (sometimes unintentionally) hilarious signboards put up by BRO. […]

20 Savage Replies Which Won the Internet!

Internet is no longer the friendly place it used to be. As newer technology comes up that provides people with more and more anonimity, it has become impossible to escape judgement, criticism and sometimes just plain old meanness. Internet trolling has become as big a part of the internet as content itself, which is why […]

What Happened When Indian Celebs Met Santa

Christmas is probably the happiest time of the year. The Christmas tree, twinkling lights everywhere and treats, who doesn’t love them? But who we love the most during Christmas is Santa who comes bearing Christmas Hampers for us. We all have fond memories of growing up listening to how Santa went from home to home, […]

31 Hilarious Auto and Truck Shayaris We Have Come Across So Far

Sometimes you find things in places you least expect them to be. I mean, you wouldn’t expect to find life-changing philosophy on the back of a truck, but in India, you can! From romantic couplets to pretty solid life advice, the behinds of the trucks have seen them all. Here is a list of hilarious […]

From Rashi to Annanya: Here Are The 20 Most Viral Indian Videos of 2020

We keep saying this, and it seems like we’ll never stop saying this, but 2020 was a really weird year, guys. The pandemic caused unforeseen situations, with twists and turns even George R R Martin couldn’t have imagined. And thanks to the internet, the events of this year will forever remain in our collective memories. […]

15 Worst Hindi Bollywood Dialogues Of Recent Times

From ‘Kitney Aadmi They’ to ‘Chhote Chhote Sehron Mein’, Bollywood has a number of iconic dialogues and powerful lines that have become a part of the vocabulary and pop culture. However, a few Bollywood movies go overboard with their scripts and dialogues. Dialogues and lines that mean nothing but try to sound like the most […]

21 Hilarious Autocorrect Fails That Will Make You LOL

Autocorrect is truly a necessary evil. Most of us spend so much time doing so many things on our smartphones that we really can’t deal with typing out each damn word. And some of us are just bad at spelling and thanks to autocorrect’s magic, we are saved from the embarrassment of not knowing how […]

21 Tweets About Rahul Gandhi That Are Funny AF

Some people are born leaders and others are born into families of leaders. We all know which category our dear Rahul Gandhi falls in. Despite all good intentions, pretty much every word that comes out of RaGa’s mouth becomes fuel for endless jokes among Twitterati. And with the 2019 elections right around the corner, RaGa […]

10 Times Uber And Ola Drivers Gave Us Serious Humor Goals

I love taxi hailing apps like Uber and Ola. For someone who doesn’t like driving, doesn’t own a car and parties hard (thrice a week, at least), I can’t imagine life without these guys. As a matter of fact, thanks to them I don’t even remember the last time I bickered with an auto driver […]

If Superheroes had Indian Moms

Moms are God’s gift to mankind. But Indian moms are a lot more special. They are the fountains of eternal love and affection. But they are also savage AF. Just try losing one of their Tupperware dubbas and you’ll find out for yourself. But have you ever wondered what it’d be like if your favorite […]

If Politicians Starred In Movies

Before we even begin with this one we must clarify that we intend no disrespect to any politician or political party. Please don’t sue us. Thanks! Now that we’ve got that out of the way, it’s hard to take Indian politicians and their antics seriously. Characters in their own unique way, sometimes it seems as […]

If Cartoon Characters were Desi!

I don’t know about you but our favorite thing to do growing up was waking up on a weekend and binge watching on cartoons over bowls and bowls of soupy Maggi noodles! They entertained us, inspired us and had us glued to our TV sets. But then, one thing that always bothered us was the […]

If Our Favorite Celebrities Went Back to School

School years are the best years of our lives and there is no denying that. But what makes them so awesome isn’t just the freedom from the responsibilities of adulthood but also the classmates who made things all the more entertaining. Every class we ever were in was full of “characters” who with their intentional […]

This New Spoof of the Classic DDLJ Scene is a Laughter Riot

The epic story of Raj and Simran’s love has captured the hearts of millions around the world irrespective of their creed and religion and region. Dil Wale Dulhania Le Jayenge has been at the center stage for over 22 years and counting, the final scene of the movie has been the theme of countless spoofs, […]

When Celebs Became Cricket Commentators

Cricket is lovely partly because of the game and partly because of the amazing commentary, Harsha Bhogle, the star commentator has a gala time, supposedly, when we imagined how it would be with celebs in the commentary box. Alia and her IQ.  The Adarsh Babuji The nation wants to know why he was invited!  Jersey […]

15 Things That Every Dilliwala Understands

Dilli is a place which happens to be the butt of all conversations in the nation. Rape, Delhi. Protest, Delhi. Politics, Delhi. Dirty, Delhi. But just like every place on this whole wide world, Delhi too has a world in it which is beyond all prejudices. It is called a city with a heart. And […]

If Santa Was Indian, This is How He’d Probably Be!

Santa Claus, the name is enough to make one happy. Because of his warm nature, Mr Claus is loved by everyone (except the Grinch!). This jolly man works one night a year and is forever adored by children for bringing them presents. But have you ever wondered what Santa would be like if he was […]

If these Indian celebrities were Diwali Crackers

The festival of lights and crackers is around the corner. There are so many things like lights, food, sweets, clothes, decoration and Crackers that make Diwali such a wonderful festival. Remember those days when you use to hop crackers shop with your dad and pleading him to get you more of your favourite crackers.  Have you […]

If Animals Treated Us Like We Treat Them

It’s a known fact that of all the species of animals that walk the earth, humans are the most destructive. We pretty much run the world and use everything on it the way we like. But what if there existed a parallel universe where the roles were reversed and the animals treated us the way […]

18 Epic Replies On Quora You Shouldn’t Miss

The most popular Q&A platform on the web, Quora is a store-house of personal experiences, detailed insights about little known things and witty answers to the weirdest of questions. We have handpicked a few of the most witty replies on Quora you shouldn’t miss reading. 1. The one still in ‘Love’ 2. The Solution is […]

12 Funny Statements From Rahul Gandhi That Left Us In Splits

Rahul Gandhi, although leads the Indian National Congress but doesn’t hold back when it comes to making communication blunders. His remarks during rallies and conferences and funny statements from Rahul Gandhi have taken the news mongers and social media trolls by storm. And the list of such faux pas by Rahul Gandhi is too long. […]

When Game of Thrones Met Brands

What would have happened if modern day brands existed in the world of Game Of Thrones? Well, it would have made way for some great ads! We combined a few characters and scenes from Game Of Thrones with the advertising messages of popular brands to create a few ads. 1. If Jamie and Cersei became the […]

That’s how you become an ‘Adarsh Girlfriend’!

Love isn’t perfect. Neither is your girlfriend. OK, we are kidding! Ladies, we love you the way you are. But, a man can only dream, right? So what would an ‘Adarsh Girlfriend’ be like? After ‘Adarsh Boyfriend‘, here comes our stereotypical depictions of an ‘Adarsh Girlfriend’ in association with Vee. A little disclaimer, this is all […]

Here’s a cheat sheet to becoming an “Adarsh Boyfriend”

Love is blind. But then sometimes you can’t help but look at your boyfriend and wonder. After all, guys can be annoying. Ask any girl, and she’d list at least 50 things she hates about her boyfriend and wished she could change. So what’d make women happy? Boys, wonder no more. ScrollDroll in association with […]

7 Minimal Posters To Depict Relationship Vs Relationshit

There’s the loving and comfortable relationships and the irritating and demanding relationshits! While we all crave for a heartwarming relationship full of joy, love and care from our partner, sometimes what we get is just arguments, clashes and disappointment, or simply a relationshit. We bring you the difference between a relationship and relationshit in 7 […]