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15 Best Indie-Pop Songs That Will Send You On a Nostalgic Trip

Flashback to the 90s and early 2000s when Indian indie-pop was at its best! It was the time when artists such as Falguni Pathak, Lucky Ali, Adnan Sami, and bands such as Euphoria were producing some of their best works. Let’s have a look at some of the best indie-pop songs that will remind you […]

20 Funniest Bollywood Songs That’ll Make You Go ROFL

You can’t stop yourself from giggling when one of these songs starts playing somewhere. Most of these songs are capable of creating laugh riots. The entire scenario in which the song has been shot, the lyrics, the comic timing of the actors, several factors determine how funny a song is going to be. For example, […]

20 Addictive 90s Cartoons That Defined Our Childhoods!

Ah, the 90s. The time of magic. The time before the internet. The time before our time spans became shorter than our tempers. Looking back, one realises there’s much more to 90s nostalgia than just a millenial fever dream. The 90s was a unique time in history – humanity was at the very precipice of […]

25 Best Indian TV Shows From the 90s We Still Adore

For Millenials who grew up during the 90s, TV was really one of the few options to entertain themselves. With no internet, no smartphones, and barely any computers, 90s TV had a big job in its hands – to entertain an entire generation of growing children. And oh how it delivered! Some 90s shows were […]

15 Fun Indoor Family Games To Play At Home With Your Loved Ones

When I say that for most millennials, indoor family games were the best memories from their childhood, I’m not kidding one bit. While most kids today do not understand the concept of being bored, thanks to their parents shoving a phone in their face every time they throw a fit, our lot had it more […]

30 Best Iconic Indian TV Ads From the 90s for a Hit of Nostalgia

Get ready to go on an adventure trip down memory lane. Back to those sultry afternoons where we huddled around our television sets with our family and watched our favorite shows. A time when the advertisements were just as interesting and creative as the shows themselves. The catchy jingles, the memorable dialogues, the lovable characters, […]

15 Indian Games We All Loved Playing In Our Childhood

A lot of millennials and kids who grow up with in the era of video games and play-stations would hardly get what waiting the entire day for 2-hours of play in the nearby field or park with friends meant to generations before digital took over. The fun of a virtual world with elaborate graphics and […]

17 Things You’d Relate To Only If You Were A 90s Kid

The 90s was a glorious time to grow up for a kid, and there’s no denying that fact. Kids today might have smartphones and high-speed Internet, but life was a lot simpler and definitely more fun back in the day. Nothing in the world could compare to the unadulterated joy of waking up on a […]

9 Illustrations That Shows Our Journey With Dad

A father can be so many different things at once. He’s your friend, philosopher, guide, bodyguard, financial advisor, relationship counselor, and so much more! In the journey of life, they are the best co-passengers. Truly, they are our greatest strength. There are so many traits that are typical of a father and trust me, these […]

12 Insanely Innovative Methods Students Use to Cheat in Exams

You know what’s the worst thing ever? No Internet, of course! But exams are a close second. The stress, the anxiety and no mobile phone for three hours. YIKES! Sometimes, despite slaving away for hours memorizing those theorems and formulae (or because of being a total lazy bum who Netflix and chill-ed instead of studying), […]

14 Things That Happen Only in Indian Middle Class Homes

Growing up in a middle class home in India is an “interesting” experience. There are many things that middle class folks do which are pretty unique and frankly speaking, defy all logic to an outsider. Jugaad is the name of the game and frugality runs in our blood. Here are some quintessential desi middle class […]

8 Types Of Friends You Meet On Every Holi Celebration

Holi is the festival of joy, love, happiness and friends. Every Holi comes with a different vibe and leaves lasting colors of impressions (quite literally!). ScrollDroll in association with 9Apps presents some vivid souls that we encounter every Holi. What category do you fall into? 1. Because grease is not that easy to get rid off! 2. […]

16 Awesome things that every 90s kid can relate to

Growing up in the 90s was awesome (at least that’s how every 90s kid would feel). Those were the simpler times when life was a lot easier and we found joy in everyday things. Even today, when we revisit some of those memories, we are overcome by a wave of nostalgia. Here are a few […]

#DesiMomsBeLike: 10 Illustrations That Show The Quintessential Desi Mom

From using ‘Jhadus’ as their favorite weapon to freaking over the ‘ulta’ chappals, Desi Moms are melodramatic, emotional, sometimes trouble-some and yet full of great love and affection. Growing up with a desi mom is an altogether different experience. We bring you 10 heartwarming illustrations about the quintessential desi Mom… 1. Indian Moms and their […]

6 Hilarious Things Indian Teachers Say In The Classroom

From comparing our classroom to a ‘fish-market’ to saying ours was the ‘worst batch ever’, teachers across the country are known to say some of the most hilarious things ever! These pet phrases of our teachers were so typical that over a period of time, all of us got used to hearing them. Here are […]

#BondOfALifeTime: Brother-Sister Love Depicted With 8 Doodles

The bond between a brother and a sister is one of strongest that survives ages. From those childhood games and pranks to supporting each other come what may, brothers and sisters share several joyous and lovely moments as they grow up together. We bring you the beautiful memories you shared with your siblings that you […]

6 Posters That Perfectly Sum Up Our Childhood Friendships

They say that you can’t choose your family but your friends you do. Even today, we cherish every friend we ever had, especially from the time when we were growing up. Our childhood would be nothing without our friends. All the memories we look back at and smile are all thanks to the times we […]

9 Heartwarming Doodles That Show Us What Friendship Is

Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose.” – Tennessee Williams Friendship is a beautiful thing. Finding someone who become our brothers under the skin is always amazing. We find love, support, care and share so many happy memories to cherish throughout our lives with our […]

8 Types Of Friends All Of Us Have In Our Lives

What’s life without the warm hugs and comfort of our friends! They are our pillars of support, chosen brothers, secret keepers and the people we just cannot imagine our lives without. And we do have crazy friends! Friends, who entertain us and surprise us with their weird habits, lifestyles and addictions. Let’s have a look […]

10 Memories From Monsoon That Every Indian Can Relate To

Monsoon is probably every Indian’s favorite season! Who hasn’t grown up to love the earthy smell of rain, and then sneaking on to the terrace to get drenched in the season’s first shower (despite several warnings from your mom)? Even today, the sound of rain fills our hearts with a wave of nostalgia from the […]

8 Reasons Why Your Dad Will Always Be Your Hero

From teaching us how to ride our first bike when we were kids to celebrating all of our life’s victories, our dads have always been our constant source of strength and support. Dads will always hold a special place in our hearts and they can never be replaced by anyone. Here are 8 reasons why […]

These Posters Will Bring Back Your Sweet School Memories

Memories from your school days are the fondest. Rushing to make in time for the morning assembly. Sharing your lunch with your gang. Making fun of your teachers. Playing pranks and then getting caught. Waiting eagerly for the midday break so that you could go out and play with your friends. The list goes on […]

8 Heart-Warming Posters That Show A Mother’s Unconditional Love

“God couldn’t be everywhere, so he made mothers.” There’s no feeling, no  emotion in the world more beautiful than a mother’s unconditional love and care for her children. Of all the gifts that life has to offer, a loving mother is the greatest of them all. Presenting our series of heart-warming posters depicting how mothers make our lives […]

8 Beautiful Doodles That Show What Cupidity Is

Often, love is nothing but getting just a little stupid. Traveling for miles, waiting for days and thinking for hours just to see a smile on the face of your beloved. When the cupid strikes, our hearts and emotions knows no bounds. Let’s call all the stupidity we do in love, just cupidity – stupid […]

35 Posters That Will Make Every 90s Kid Scream, “Me Too!”

90s were a golden era and there is no denying that! You had some luxuries (like cable TV and Nintendo) but not the overbearing and omnipresent Internet. And If you are a 90s kid, you’d totally agree! Life was good. Times were simpler. And more importantly, simple joys were aplenty! Here are 35 posters that […]