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26 News Reporting Fails That’ll Make You Laugh Your Lungs Out

As a kid, I was the weird nerd glued to the television watching news day and night. Back in the day, journalists actually believed in reporting news rather than shouting their opinions about it. But gone are the days, and we might as well say a last prayer for Indian journalism as well, because these […]

8 Of The Richest Beggars in India With More Money Than You’d Guess!

When you think of unconventional careers, you probably think of Deejaying or, idk, paragliding. However, you’d be surprised to know that we’ve been overlooking something that promises a crazy ROI with close to zero efforts on your part. You obviously know where I’m going with this, because you’ve already read the title. But what you […]

11 Worst Pieces Of Cricket Commentary You Cannot Miss

Cricket Commentary is not a cakewalk! It’s a tough job trying to make every match, including the dead rubbers seem exciting. While there are people like Harsha Bhogle who have ruled the commentary box, legends and respected figures of the Cricketing fraternity have committed unforgivable errors during the commentary. We bring you some of the […]

21 Funny News Stories That Prove Anything Can Happen in India

India is internationally recognised as an extremely colourful country. However, even more colourful are its people. Because cultures across this country can be so different from each other, there is no dearth of hilarious incidents that can tickle a bone or two. With that, we bring you 21 bizarre and funny news stories from India […]

16 Times Parents Got Over Creative With Naming Their Children

It is generally accepted that children can bring a sense of satisfaction to one’s life. Children can heal people, they can make them better. However, some people straight up do not deserve children. At least that’s what what one feels when they look at these names given to children by over creative parents. Not only […]

20 Bizzare & Funny Bollywood Movie Names That’ll Leave You ROFLing!

It’s no secret that filmmaking takes a lot of time. Actors, writers, directors, and hundreds of crew members spend months and sometimes even years making a film. And on top of it, it’s really, really expensive. So imagine pouring your heart and soul into a movie, and then naming it so terribly that one can’t […]

20 of The Most Absurd Things That Happened in 2020

2020 proved to be the weirdest year most of us have ever had so far, and there’s really no undoing this. Time is now distinctly Pre-Covid and Post-Covid, and some of the most mundane things we could do before covid hit seem like a distant dream now. But even without the pandemic having us all […]

When Rolls Royce Cars picked Garbage on Indian Streets

Strange but true! There has been more than one instance of luxurious and expensive Rolls Royce Cars being used as Garbage Trucks in pre-independent India An icon of exclusivity and luxury, Rolls Royce cars have been always been an aspiration for even the elite since the company was founded in early 20th century. The cars […]

21 Funny Bhojpuri Movie Names That’ll Will Make You Go ROFL

You can them vulgar, sexist and every other negative adjective in the dictionary but they are absolutely hilarious. We bring you some of the funny Bhojpuri movie names that will make you go ROFL and WTF! Also read: 30 Bollywood Dumb Charades Movie Names That Would Be Really Hard To Guess 1. Pepsi Peeke Lagegu […]

15 Times Cats Proved That They Don’t Give A F*Ck About Your Selfie

One of the perks of having a pet is clicking cute selfies to share on instagram and making your friends go “aww”. But that isn’t always the case. Especially when these selfies involve your furry feline friends. Cats are known to be highly demanding and extremely moody. One moment they’d be purring in your arms […]

21 Weirdest “Fashion” Outfits We’ve Ever Seen

The world of fashion keeps surprising us year after year. Every season on fashion runways, we see styles that are literally out of this world, for both good and bad reasons. But once in a while we come across “styles” that literally make us wonder what the designer was smoking when he or she came up […]

17 Hilarious Kids’ Playground Design Fails

What are the thoughts that come to your head when you think of a kids’ playground? Fun rides, colorful surroundings and happy shiny faces all around. Well, that’s exactly what we also imagine kids’ playgrounds to be like. But not every playground is designed that way. As a matter of fact, some look like they […]

12 Biggest April Fools’ Pranks Ever!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d definitely know what and when April Fools’ day is. And if you do, you either dread it or look forward to it. But either way, you can’t get away from April Fools’ pranks. While most of us have indulged in innocent little mischief, some of us take […]

21 Funny Signboards That Can Be Found Only In India

How do you know you are in India? Well, besides the noise, insane amount of people everywhere and the funny smells, it is the WTF signboards that you’d come across on our streets that serve as a constant reminder of you being in India. Sometimes it is the mutilation of the queen’s language that results […]

21 Weirdest Red Carpet Celebrity Outfits

I don’t know about you but whenever I’m watching an award show (or any big-ticket event for that matter), the one thing I enjoy the most is celebrity appearances and their outfits on the red carpet. Celebs and their team of stylists spend weeks picking out the right look – from a fancy designer outfit […]

17 Fun Facts That Sound False But Are Absolutely True

We live in an incredible world full of unsolved mysteries and wondrous things. What’s even more incredible is how little we know about the world around us. While we are busy scrolling through adorable pictures and memes on the Internet, there is so much happening around us that we are totally clueless about. There are […]

25 Indians Who Should Be Jailed For The Murder Of English Language

India won its independence from the clutches of British back in 1947, but unfortunately, Indians’ colonial hangover has lasted forever. Being able to speak in English is still considered a big deal and many feel that being fluent in the Queen’s language is a sure shot ticket to success. But alas, languages can be tricky […]

21 Architects Who Should Be Fired Right Away!

While it may seem easy, building a house is a petty complex task. There are thousands of measurements involved and the tiniest of mistakes can lead to biggest blunders. That’s why people pay a hefty price to qualified architects to build their dream homes. But sometimes, architects can also mistakes. While some are hardly noticeable, […]

15 Funny Photoshop Fails That Show Bollywood Obsession At Another Level

There’s no denying the fact that we Indians are a nation obsessed with movies. We probably wouldn’t know who the current President of India is (at least I don’t) but we do know which Bollywood celeb is dating whom. And often this Bollywood obsession inspires hilarious and funny photoshop fails. While some of us leave […]

19 Hilarious Indian News Headlines That Will Make You LOL

Ok, so I’m not really a fan of Indian news channels or for that matter, even newspapers. It’s not like India has produced any Pulitizer Prize winning journos in the recent times (I wouldn’t know, I don’t really watch or read news). But there are those odd times when I do switch on one of […]