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Indian Women Breaking The Norms

Women doing this, women doing that. It’s a phrase we get to hear quite often these days. From owning giant companies to excelling in sports, why can’t women understand that all such vocations are more suitable for men. Why do they think that being courageous and following their dreams are more important than getting married […]

12 Homophobic Remarks From Indian Leaders That Are Simply Gross

In case you didn’t know, the month of June is also recognised worldwide as the official Pride Month. What’s Pride Month, you ask? In a nutshell, it is the month of celebration, protest, and political activism in the LGBTQ community. And while countries around the world celebrate equality and rainbow flags are to be seen […]

7 Things Muslims do in India but Can’t in Other Countries

Islam, a religion that backs its every belief with a reason and lays out detailed guidelines to live a peaceful life. It’s one of those rare religions that has not changed its teachings with time and has remained as it is (to the most part) since its inception. Now, how Islam is practiced in countries […]

13 Quotes on Unity in Diversity That Define The Essence of India

India is an unusual combination of an array of cultures, religions, tribes, and consequently, people. Indians speak a multitude of languages, eat a wide variety of food unseen probably in any other country, and as a result, the whole “Indian” experience in general is a bit of a hotchpotch of so many cultures that one […]

How To Find Where An Indian Coin Has Been Minted?

Coins. We use them everyday. We see them so often we often fail to recognise anything that stands out or is different in each one. We would like to draw your attention towards that different symbol that’s there in every coin. Every coin has a symbol right below the numbers 1, 2, 5, and 10. These […]

What Do The Numbers On Indian Railway Coaches Mean?

Just like the many things we see but don’t understand, the numbers and codes on the railway coaches are one of them. Take a look at what they mean. The first two alphabets in the beginning represent the Railway Zone.  NC being North Central SEC being South East Central SW being South Western NW being North Western […]

How to find an LPG Cylinder’s Test Date?

There are so many things around us that we see, and maybe even wondered what they meant. One of them being random codes smeared all around us. We, here, picked up LPG gas cylinders for a better understanding of the codes stamped on them. The code is a three digit one. With the first being […]

#GonnaTellMyKids – What the Future Generations Might Never Get to See!

The rapid degradation of the environmental condition shows our inability to preserve and protect nature. It is evident that any consistent effort can only slow down the destruction but not reverse it. Every facet of our way of living, be it transportation or even our dietary choices have an adverse impact on the environment. While […]

The Earth & Nature are Sacred. Protect It!

We have received boundless and endless nourishment from the bounty of nature over hundreds of years. We have exploited the environment of the rich resources that it had gracefully and selflessly offered to us to near-depletion. In the name of development and progress, we have ignored the fact that the only survivable place in this […]

Lynching: An Evil Killing India’s Democracy & People

A “new normal” that’s plagued India is lynching. From Uttar Pradesh to Tamil Nadu, this unlawfulness has sunk its claws deep in our country. Rarely a state’s there, which is safe from this atrocity. For a nation that’s civilised (to the most part), why should even a single such case be tolerated? Although, this heinous […]

Quora User Perfectly Explains Why PM Narendra Modi Uses A German Car

While Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s #MakeInIndia initiative has attracted huge investment in the country, a few people have questioned his personal commitment to the mission citing the presence of BMW 7 Series cars in his convoy. When this question surfaced on Quora, a user came up with the perfect reply, backed by logic and facts […]

7 Highly Sexist Remarks Made Against Indian Men Recently

While sexist remarks against women have been the unfortunate order of the day, the new trend is to stereotype men and brand every single man as a potential sexual offender. Men are being classified as potential rapists and patriarchal notions of masculinity are being stereotyped and remarks have been openly made against men in the recent […]

12 Myths about Homosexuality Debunked With Logic

About a century or half ago, homosexuality (or for that matter anything to do with sexuality) was probably Indian society’s worst kept secret. And since there wasn’t any Internet, there was no way for one to learn more about the subject. Unless they did it the old fashioned way – read books, which clearly not […]

8 Posters That Show Hypocrisy In Our Society

Whether it is worshiping Goddesses while denying education to girls, calling all children equal when denying their daughters from property rights or sharing Facebook posts condemning child labor while getting their houses cleaned by underage cleaners, hypocrisy is so ingrained in our society that it seems unavoidable. After the first series on Hypocrisy, we’re back in […]

13 Ironies that Exist in India

We are a country with billionaires and those struggling to afford two square meals a day. We are a country who gave the world ‘Kamasutra’ and still shy away from speaking about ‘sex.’ We are a country of diversity, vividness and full of IRONIES! We bring you our series of posters that portray the different […]

10 Hard Hitting Posters That Reveal The Hypocrisy In Our Society

People, their customs and beliefs, constitute a society. With strong opinions, concrete thoughts and eloquence, Indian societies drive the nation. However, a common but shameful occurrence that our society is now plagued with is hypocrisy. At times, we tend to contradict ourselves in order to project intellectualism. So, ScrollDroll in association with The Logical Indian […]

10 Google Auto-Complete Results Show We Are Racists!

We bring you real screenshots of a few Google auto-complete results that depict the deeply rooted racism and stereotypes in India. We Indians, are enraged by racist attacks at our countrymen but there’s a lot to be in done in our own backyard. We stereotype and abuse people of other states, language and culture. It […]

9 Minimal Posters That Show That Every Woman Is Strong

Right from her birth to the day she breathes her last, the life of every woman is an on-going battle with the society who first questions her existence and later turns her into an object of desire. A woman plays several roles in her life, adapts to each, lives each and fights at every stage […]

6 Posters That Show How Getting Inked Can Bring A Change

Do you often find yourself criticizing your surroundings? Do you often find yourself not getting basic comforts because it all depends on your government? Well, we know the solution, and so do you. Go vote! Your vote can bring a change in the government, society, country and the world. So, we bring you 6 illustrated posters to […]