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The Story of Prithviraj Chauhan – the last Rajput ruler of Delhi

Prithviraj III (1149-1192 CE), also known as Prithviraj Chauhan, was a Hindu king who ruled the kingdoms of Ajmer and Delhi in northern India during the second half of the 12th century. Source: Wikimedia Commons Before Hemu, Prithviraj Chauhan was the last independent Hindu king to sit on the throne of Delhi. He was a […]

12 Facts About Bhaskaracharya: An Extra-Ordinary Mathematician

Bhaskaracharya, also known as Bhaskara II, was born circa 1114 in Bijapur, Karnataka to a Brahmin family of scholars. He is considered to be the greatest mathematician from medieval India. As Indians, it is important for us to know the history of India and the story of her greatest children. Bhaskara was one such child […]

Major Shaitan Singh: The Hero of Rezang La During ’62 Indo-China War

The Sino-Indian war of 1962 was a tragic defeat to India; despite constant tension on the border it shared with China, India never believed that the Chinese would attack – which ended up costing us dearly. When the Chinese did attack, India was taken off guard, unprepared and outnumbered – resulting in a rather embarassing defeat. In […]

15 Interesting Facts About Biju Patnaik- The Pride Of Odisha

Bijayananda Patnaik, better known as Biju Patnaik or simply Biju Babu, is one of the most revered and popular figures in the history of Odisha. A pilot, a freedom fighter, a visionary, a revolutionary, a politician! Biju Babu was all of these and so much more. In the 8 decades that he spent on this […]

Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan: The Black Tornado Hero From 26/11 Attacks

One of the darkest era defining moments came on a brisk night of November in 2008, when ten unidentified armed men entered Mumbai, and began open firing at several places. Soon, they had control over several culturally significant monuments in India – including the Taj Mahal Hotel, Nariman Point, and Hotel Oberoi Trident. It took […]

Pingali Venkayya: The Man Who Designed The Indian National Flag

With time, we take a lot of things for granted, forgetting that things that we are used to now were a novelty only a few years ago. Most of us have grown up seeing the Indian national flag being hoisted on various national holidays, but have you ever wondered what the history behind our flag […]

11 Facts About Varahamihira – The Ancient Indian Astronomer

India has a rich history, with many artists and mathematicians being parts of the Kings’ courts across the sub-continent. One such distinguished man was Varahamihira, an astronomer from Ujjain. Varahamihira was born in Malwa (now Madhya Pradesh) in 505 AD and was educated at Kapitthaka. He then went on to write several texts that have […]

The Story of Rifleman Jaswant Singh Rawat: The Hero Of Nauranang

Since it achieved independence from the British empire in 1947, India has seen its ups and downs. There have been wars – several of them, in fact, but none come close to the devastating defeat of the Sino-Indian war if 1962. With the democracy at a nascent stage and the economy already struggling, the war […]

The Story of Brigadier Mohammad Usman – The Lion Of Naushera

During our childhoods, we were made to believe that India as a country welcomed people from all faiths to live harmoniously together – that people speaking different tongues, draped in different clothing, fond of different cuisines – could all stay together. However, the India we know today is vastly unfamiliar – one begins to doubt […]

The Man Behind Ek Tha Tiger: Ravindra Kaushik and The Story of Real Tiger

In 2012, the Salman starrer movie Ek Tha Tiger impressed audiences with its action sequences and music. The movie is now remembered as a classic Salman Khan movie, and the actor is often fondly referred to as “Tiger” sometimes. However, there’s an actual Tiger who existed long before Salman’s movie came out; a Black Tiger, in fact. […]

The Story of Nangeli and The 19th Century Travancore Breast Tax

It is no secret that India has a tumultuous past (and present) when it comes to caste hierarchy. Time and again, violent protests have erupted throughout India because of the opressive humiliation lower castes have had to go through at the hands of the upper castes. One such incident relates to the the Breast Tax […]

The Story of Chipko Andolan: A True Feminist Movement!

Trees are our best friends. They do so much for us humans, and ask for nothing in return. But sometimes, they need a hug. At least they did in 1960s and 70s, when the government started allowing foreign companies to fell trees in the lush forests of Uttar Pradesh (Present day Uttarakhand) at an unprecedented […]

10 Little Known Freedom Fighters Of India Who Died For The Nation

From revolting against British to gaining freedom for their land, revolutionaries overthrew one of the world’s biggest rules & blessed India with Independence.  With 72 years of liberty, the country has grown to great heights. Now, that everyone is swell with national pride it seems appropriate to look back at those who gave up their […]

The Mathematician From Patna Who Challenged Einstein

Indians are known around the world for their math skills for ages. Aryabhata, Srinivasa Ramanujan, Brahmagupta are few of the most popular Indian mathematicians. They have made invaluable contributions to the field of mathematics over the years. Shockingly, Vashishtha Narayan Singh, an Indian mathematician of the similar calibre doesn’t receive the recognition he deserves. Who […]

The Military General Who Asked Pakistan Not To Release His Son

One rivalry that shows no sign of harmony is that between India and Pakistan. The two neighbours have had a rocky past, with many highs and lows. After the partition, these two nations have engaged in many wars which resulted in nothing but destruction. Guns blared, tanks fired and lives lost, all for what? Just […]

Real Story of the 1971 Longewala battle that Inspired ‘Border’

Guns firing, tanks blowing up, and soldiers crying out in pain is a classic depiction of chaotic army battles. Alongside physical pain, soldiers experience massive tension and psychological torture at the battlefield. If army men couple their brave hearts with a sturdy mindset, then the odds of victory land in their favor. One such exemplary […]

The Steel Man Who Diffused 256 Bombs

Love for the nation runs in the bloodstream of Indians and over the years, our country has produced many war heroes. One of these legends was Narendra Singh Chaudhary, a.k.a. ‘the Steel Man’. If you haven’t heard of him then you must. Narendra was an Indian Army expert bomb diffuser who dismantled over 250 bombs! […]

The Legendary But Forgotten Story Of Roop Kanwar

Indians follow their customs and traditions dearly. At times, Indian practices can be uncanny but are followed vehemently because the custom says so. A similar but distressing practice was of Sati, where the widow would take her life, by sacrificing herself in the cremation fire of her husband. Thankfully, this heinous custom was banned in […]