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10 Highest Scoring Matches of IPL 2022

If you’re an IPL fan, high-scoring matches are no anomaly to you, especially this season. These matches are an excuse to just sit back and enjoy stellar cricket from two teams with world-class players. So here’s looking back at the 10 highest scoring matches of IPL 2022. 10. PBKS v. RCB Score – 209/9 Date […]

10 Best Bowling Performances in IPL 2022

Bowling has been absolutely integral to this year’s IPL in particular. Entire matches have hinged on the performance of the bowlers and their ability to trick the batsmen. This list of the best bowling performances in IPL 2022 is a fond look back at the magic that these men with the ball wove this season. […]

10 Best Batting Performances in IPL 2022

While the game of cricket can’t just be seen as a game of two halves of batting and bowling, the former does form an essential part of the sport. The short form of the game has a knack for explosive batting because the stakes of the games are so high. All this reaches a fever […]

10 Best All Rounders of IPL 2022

The shortest format of the game of cricket requires a great deal of multitasking on the part of every participating entity, be it the players, the management, or the organizers and umpires. All-rounders play an especially important role because they provide that crucial extra bowling option in times of need and add to the depth […]

10 Most Famous Chess Players Of India We All Are Proud Of

Chess is thought to have originated in ancient India’s Chaturanga. The All India Chess Federation is India’s chess governing body. Chess has grown in popularity in India over the last few decades, thanks in large part to Viswanathan Anand, a chess Grandmaster and former 5-time World Champion. Along with Viswanathan, we have a list of […]

List of 10 Most Expensive Players in IPL 2022

The Indian Premier League is one of the most opulent sporting events in the world, with millions being spent on prep and management. So it’s no surprise that franchise owners dish out the big bucks to secure the best world-class players for their teams. The economic backtracking of the world doesn’t seem to have affected […]

20 Quotes By Cristiano Ronaldo That Will Motivate You

A footballer that is truly an artist on the field, Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most intelligent players to take the ball. Driven by the forces to grow and learn, he competes with himself to be one of the greatest footballers to exist. A natural talent that was amplified by his persistent hard work […]

20 Quotes By Lionel Messi That Will Leave You Inspired

An inspiration that goes beyond the boundaries of age, Lionel Messi’s story provides hope to the hearts of those with goals. A grounded individual who uses his hard earned privilege to make life a little easier for many, especially children. With a constant drive to grow in his field to go down in history to […]

15 Best Batsmen In The World At Present

 The COVID-19 pandemic broke the harmony of the entire world, and also of cricket. However, before and after the pandemic, many cricketers have delighted us with their skills on the field. This list is dedicated to the best batsmen at present, who have compelled us to watch replays of their games and entertain ourselves. The […]

21 Greatest Cricketers of All Time To Have Played The Game

Cricket. Cricket is an emotion. For lovers of the game it is almost as important as their morning coffee. It energizes them, refreshes them. Here we discuss 15 of the greatest cricketers of all time according to us. Also read: 10 Most Underrated Cricketers Of Recent Times 21. Anil Kumble For Anil Kumble, his hard […]

15 Most Popular Sports Stars in the World Of Recent Times

There have been iconic athletes for as long as professional sports have existed. Babe Ruth, Muhammed Ali, David Beckham, and Billie Jean King are just a few of the historical figures whose most famous moments have been immortalized in countless news stories, documentaries, and even movies. However, while those stars have been popular over the […]

10 Best Indian Kabaddi Players Of All Time

Although Kabaddi is not one of the most well-known sports in the world, it is very popular in the Indian Subcontinent and South Asia. Two teams of seven players compete, with one offensive player, the “raider,” attempting to tag out as many defensive players as possible without being tackled and in a single breath. The […]

15 Sportsmen & Sportswomen Who Made Us Proud in 2021!

With the Tokyo Summer Olympics and Summer Paralympics, 2021 proved to be an especially eventful year for Indian sports. Not only did our athletes put their best foot forward, they even got us some medals in the process! We spent most of this year reeling from all the pride this year’s Olympics brought for India, […]

End Of An Era For India As Kohli steps Down From India Role

Virat Kohli has stepped down as the captain of the India T20 team and, unfortunately for the legend of the national team, it was not a fairytale ending as his side failed to make the semi-final of the World Cup in Dubai and Oman. Image Source: Virat Kohli Instagram Kohli will still lead India in […]

11 Inspirational Quotes from Milkha Singh – The Flying Sikh

The man bestowed with the title of ‘The Flying Sikh’, Milkha Singh is one of the most iconic sportsmen of India. As a kid, Milkha Singh witnessed his parents and family members being butchered in the violence during the partition and had to come to India as a refugee. However, Milkha Singh rose to prominence, […]

20 Best Quotes On MS Dhoni – The Captain Cool Of Indian Cricket

From a ticket collector to one the finest Captains of World Cricket, Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s spectacular journey over the past two decades has been truly remarkable. Quotes on MS Dhoni by cricket pundits and legends of the game speak volumes about the Captain Cool’s contribution to Indian Cricket. From lightning fast stumpings and impossible catches […]

10 Most Underrated Cricketers Of Recent Times

Cricket today is the second most popular spectator sport across the world after Football. What was once a game that was played amongst an elite class in England, today is a game popular in streets, parks and grounds across the globe. From watching live matches on our smartphones and following our favorite heroes on Social […]

21 Quotes On Rohit Sharma -The Hitman of Indian Cricket

One of the most prolific batsmen of the recent times, Rohit Sharma is a name to reckon with in World Cricket today. His shots are unbelievable, timing impeccable and scoring runs seems easy when Rohit is on the crease. Some of the famous quotes on Rohit Sharma speak volumes of his extraordinary talent and batting […]

15 Inspirational Cricket Quotes From The Legends Of The Game

It takes relentless hard work, years of undivided attention, and a lot of perseverance chasing the dream to one day appear in your country’s colors. What separates the legends from thousands of extremely talented youngsters sweating it out every single day on the field, is their attitude towards the game. Here are a few best […]

Sandeep Singh: The Hockey Legend Who Inspired Diljit’s Soorma

Call him a go-getter or a dauntless player, Sandeep Singh unarguably made one of the strongest comebacks in the history of hockey. After suffering a tragic incident in 2006, he, not only returned to the sport within a short span of 2 years but also shined brighter than anyone else. His inspiring story also spawned […]

13 Cricketers Who Faced A Tragic End To Their Career

How would you feel if you’ve to give up your career or passion one day? Surely, it won’t the best feeling; maybe, you’ll feel like your world has gone upside down. Imagining it is one thing but going through such ordeal, must be a whole different deal. Even the world of cricket isn’t spared by […]

The Incredible Sprinter- Hima Das

Hailing from Assam but sparkling world-wide, Hima Das won the nation over by clenching a gold in a 400m sprint at the World Under 20 Athletics Championship. The audacious 17-year-old bolted in the last moments of the race and finished first. Clocking at 51.46, she dashed past Romania’s Andrea Miklós (52.07s) and US’s Taylor Manson […]

10 Quotes From Football Legends That Will Spark Your Motivation

With billions of fans all around the world, football is way more than just a sport. It’s a universal community that brings nations together. Given the nature of this stiffly competitive game, players undergo laborious practice to give their best shot. With their hard work and passion, they inspire you to keep going and never […]

10 Football Legends Who Never Played In The World Cup

Arguably, the biggest stage for a footballer to showcase his talent is FIFA. With this year’s World Cup nearing end, we just can’t keep calm! Often we debate, who is the best, who has scored the most and who has earned the highest caps? Usually, we come up with 2-3 names such as Ronaldo, Messi […]

10 Interesting Facts About The Best Indian Footballer- Sunil Chhetri

His A dynamic striker and shrewd captain, Sunil Chhetri has shined bright with his exceptional play in international football. As Indians’ love for cricket overshadows other sports, Chhetri even released a video urging Indians to attend football matches. People honoured his appeal by filling up the stadium. It earned Chhetri a lot of media coverage, […]

11 Inspiring Footballers Who Braved All Struggles

With FIFA buzzing all over the world, it’s safe to say that we love and live football. This 90-minute sport has lots of action-packed for everyone. It must be a dream of every soccer enthusiast to play in World Cup one day, but only a few breathe it to life. Ever wondered how much hard […]

11 Lesser Known Facts About Harbhajan Singh that set him apart

Extraordinary and driven, Harbhajan Singh has charmed the world with his impeccable spin bowling. With hundreds of wickets in his name, Bhajji projects a lively character and manages to win hearts worldwide. Throughout his career, he has experienced significant media coverage and has been a part of many inflammatory controversies. But, there are a few […]

10 Quotes On The Legendary Cricketer – Sanath Jayasuriya

With flawless strokes and powerful shots, Sanath Jayasuriya set a high standard of batting in cricket.  He led Sri Lanka to many wins with his fearless play and shrewd captaincy. He didn’t shy away from bowling either, rather swiftly ripped apart greatest of batsmen with just a spin throw. With conviction and consistent effectiveness, Jayasuriya […]

24 Quotes On Rahul Dravid That’ll Make You Swell With Pride!

The Favourite No. 3 batsman for India. The Wall, Mr. Dependable, a heart-throb for some, get the hint? Yes, It’s Rahul Dravid we’re talking about. The man who was a shield for the Indian team in all the years he played, a master of his craft who was better known for his humility on and […]

10 Impressive Facts About Dhyan Chand -The Hockey Legend

Hockey, like many other sports, may be shadowed by the buzz that cricket creates in our country. However, a very significant Indian figure that goes by the alias The Wizard is Dhyan Chand, who passionately pursued hockey. He was tremendous at the sport and his play became the talk of the world. So, we bring […]

15 Powerful Quotes About Lionel Messi That Show He Is The Best

Probably the best footballer playing today and one of the greatest players of all time, Lionel Messi is a name loved and worshiped by millions across the globe today. The Argentine professional footballer has an unparalleled feat winning six Ballon d’Or awards and six European Golden Shoes – both records! With over 700 senior career […]

12 Sporting Heroes Whom The Country Failed

All athletes are passionate, hardworking and competitive. They go through extensive training, avoid distractions and lead a completely different lifestyle. But in India, sportsmen are differentiated on the basis of their sport. Athletes opting less popular sports get ignored by government and sporting bodies. Regardless of giving their all to the game and winning international […]

8 Stories About The Victorious Virat Kohli

With laser focus, sheer determination and hunger for victory, Virat Kohli stand a class apart amongst the cricketers around the world. Responsible for many prominent victories for Indian Cricket team, he is often compared to The God of Cricket—Sachin Tendulkar. With every passing inning, Kohli is outdoing his own benchmarks and excelling in every way […]

20 Witty Quotes From The King Of Comebacks-MS Dhoni

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, a name that the nation chanted when the Indian cricket team lifted the world cup in 2011. MS Dhoni has been repeatedly lauded by the greatest for his strategies, captaincy and fantastic performance under pressure. We all know how Dhoni wings it on the pitch but only a few of us know […]

14 Instances of Sourav Ganguly’s Dadagiri All of Us Throughly Enjoyed

It’s not just about the thousands of runs, gutsy off-drives or daring performances under pressure… Sourav Ganguly’s contribution to Indian Cricket goes way beyond the playing field. Right from the selection meetings and on-ground matches to interviews and the commentary box, the Prince of Kolkata has certainly etched his name in the hearts of Indians with his […]

19 Interesting Facts About Sachin Tendulkar You Probably Didn’t Know

One of the greatest batsmen of all time and the God of Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar has entertained fans across the globe with his timeless elegance, beautiful strokes and relentless dedication to the game. An unparalleled career that witnessed several glorious records being created and broken by the Little Master serve as an inspiration to millions […]

28 Best Quotes About Sachin Tendulkar That Prove He’s The God Of Cricket

With an illustrious career that lasted over decades, Sachin Tendulkar emerged as a cricket legend who kept breaking records and achieving feats like nobody else in the history of the game. His master class, humble nature, and dedication towards the game left millions of spectators across the globe in awe. He tamed the fiercest bowlers […]

10 Quotes About Virat Kohli That Prove He’s Already A Legend

Every die hard fan of cricket remembers when Sachin retired. His records were believed to be invincible and India thought it would be a while before we see another batsman of such calibre. Then comes a young lad from Delhi, Virat Kohli, who earlier captained India’s U-19 team to a World Cup victory scoring a century […]

16 Quotes About Sourav Ganguly That Show He Is the DADA of Cricket

When the history of Indian Cricket is written, one name will certainly appear in golden letters – Sourav Chandidas Ganguly. Indian cricket can easily be dissected into two phases – B.G (Before Ganguly) and A.G (After Ganguly). Sourav Ganguly was not only known for his gusty drives on the off-side and lofted sixes but also for his […]

13 Quotes About VVS Laxman That Show He Is Truly Very Very Special

Green pitches, seaming conditions, swinging leather and half the team back in the pavilion. Who do you turn to? A batsman Very Very Special! For over a decade, VVS Laxman played numerous innings rescuing batting collapses, taming fast bowlers and building match-winning partnerships in Test matches for India. The quotes about VVS Laxman reflects how […]

13 Best Quotes On AB De VillIers – Mr. 360 Of Cricket

With the advent of shorter formats, smaller grounds and batsman friendly wickets, modern day cricket has more attacking batsman than any other point in the history of the game. But one man who stands a class apart in this era of attacking batsman is Abraham Benjamin de Villiers or AB de Villiers as we popularly […]

16 Best Quotes On Virender Sehwag – the Nawab Of Najafgarh

One of the most attacking batsmen the world cricket has ever seen, Virender Sehwag will always be remembered for his extraordinary ability to demolish the strongest bowling attacks, hitting boundaries under tremendous pressure and playing fearlessly against the fiercest of opponents. The quotes on Virender Sehwag by legendary Cricketers speak volumes about the stoke play […]

11 Times Virender Sehwag Proved There Will be No One Like Him

“No matter how good and experienced you are, he can kill your attitude” – Brett Lee on Virender Sehwag. Virender Sehwag is not just known for the 16,000+ International runs and the 38 hundreds he scored, but for the way he scored them. Be it starting the innings with fireworks, hitting boundaries even under pressure […]

15 Indian Athletes Who Battled Their Way To Success

In a country obsessed with Cricket, athletes have time and again brought glory to the nation. Practicing, competing and conquering away from all limelight, a few athletes unfolded into legends and won laurels with their hardwork, determination, and grit. So, we bring you the stories of 15 such Indian athletes who battled their way to success. 1. […]

8 Cricketers With Humble Backgrounds Who Made It Big

In a country, where cricket is the most predominant religion, every single child playing gully cricket dreams to don Blue Jersey and make it big. However, only a few posses the mettle, attitude and passion to live their dreams. Only a few are able to take the international stage, represent India and become a household […]