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Top Moments That Defined Cricket In 2020

While 2020 will be remembered as a tumultuous year that disrupted almost all aspects of our lives, some events will be hard to forget. Here we look at some of the moments that cricket fans will remember as they lookout for a better 2021. Record for women’s cricket The final between Australia and India on […]

The Fascinating Benefits Of Martial Arts

The list of martial arts is very long. Martial arts styles you must have heard of are Krav Maga, Taekwondo, Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Jujutsu, Karate, Judo, Aikido, and Sumo. Some of them are worldly popular and some are not, but it’s less known fact that the older surviving martial art originated in India. It’s […]

16 Motivational Quotes By Sporting Legends That’ll Inspire You

Sportsmen around the world serve an inspiration to millions of people who follow, learn and try to emulate their journey from scratch to glory. Some of the greatest sporting legends have had the most humble beginnings and lived a life of struggle before making it big in the international stage and becoming a house hold […]

10 World Cup Controversies That Left Everyone Shook

This year’s World Cup is ever surprising. Not so famous teams made it to the end and football behemoths got out in the middle of the tournament. But FIFA is one competition that has sparked controversies and shockers since its inception. Be it faking injuries or making injuries, players go to insane lengths to bag […]