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15 Best Fort Treks in Maharashtra Which Are Absolutely Amazing!

Trekking is a great outdoor activity for those who enjoy trying new things. Maharashtra is known for its numerous forts, each of which has a fascinating history. Trekking to them will satisfy your desire for adventure while also allowing you to learn more about the fort’s architecture, history, and current state. Furthermore, these forts frequently […]

The Mystery of Mount Kailash – The Home of Lord Shiva

Mount Kailash, also known as Gang Rinpoche in Tibet, is a mighty mountain soaring over 22,000 ft in height. It owns the title of being the world’s most venerated holy place, revered by all religions. The cosmologies and origin myths of the mountain often speak of it as the Axis Muṅdi, the birthplace of the […]

15 Most Hilarious Signboards Put Up By BRO

You wouldn’t expect Border Roads Organization (BRO) to have a great sense of humor but you’d be surprised to know that folks at BRO have a certain “special” penchant when it comes to writing the copies for their signboards. Here we list down 15 of the most (sometimes unintentionally) hilarious signboards put up by BRO. […]

This rare Himalayan fungus is sold for Rs. 50 lakh a kg!

Known for its magical medicinal benefits, Yarsagumba (Ophiocoedyceps Sinesis), also known as Keedajadi in Hindi & Garhwali is a type of fungus endemic to the Himalayan region. What makes this fungus so unique is that it is a entomopathogenic fungus – a fungus that grows on Insects. This fungus is known to have huge medicinal […]

16 Interesting Facts About Mount Everest That’ll Boggle Your Mind

When it comes to mountaineering, there’s nothing quite as challenging as the Everest – the tallest peak in the world. For many mountaineers and climbers, climbing the Everest is the dream. Of course, not every one gets to fulfill this dream – it takes a special kind of spirit to climb the Everest. Here are 16 interesting […]

20 Best Mountain Quotes That’ll Inspire All Adventurers

Every year thousands of hikers, trekkers, adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts  venture out in the Mountains to breathe fresh air, watch the blue skies and discover their souls. The greenery, altitude, magnificence and peace of Mountains is unparalleled to the greatest luxuries and the most expensive things in the world. Waking up to the beautiful sunrises […]

16 Travel Quotes That’ll Inspire You To Explore Even More

Travel is not a hobby. It is a way of life. And if you are a true wanderlust, even the smallest of things can inspire you. That’s why, we have compiled a list of most inspiring travel quotes that will beckon you to pack your bags and hit the road. 1) Because adventures and stories […]

12 Quotes That Will Set Every Biker’s Heart Racing

Biking is not just a passion, it is a way of life. For us bikers, our motorcycles aren’t just a mode of transport but an integral part of our lives, almost like our families. We talk to the wind and listen to the road when we ride. No other pleasure in the world can compare […]

These Women Bikers Are Heading Out For Long Trips & Breaking Stereotypes

Some stare in disbelief, some give them a ‘thumbs up’ and some men reflect upon their own insecurities while these women thunder past the enthralling landscapes dressed in leather jackets, heavy boots and biking gear, exclusive to men until some time ago. As the youth of the country has awakened to a new passion – biking […]

10 Interesting Facts About Royal Enfield You Probably Didn’t Know

“Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul.” – Unknown. One of the oldest motorcycle manufacturers in the world, Royal Enfield has been able to strike a chord with people from all age groups, walks of life and from across the globe. Since the launch of its first motorcycle, way back in 1901, […]