Indian Women Breaking The Norms

Women doing this, women doing that. It’s a phrase we get to hear quite often these days. From owning giant companies to excelling in sports, why can’t women understand that all such vocations are more suitable for men. Why do they think that being courageous and following their dreams are more important than getting married and taking care of the household.

Let’s have a look at some such Indian women who broke societal norms and think that they can rule the world.

1. So what she holds a record for maximum spacewalks, does she have a rich husband?
Sunita Williams

2.  What’s so great about calculating the cube root of 61,629,875 without a calculator, in a jiffy?Shakuntala Devi, the Human Computer

3. So what she is the Chairperson and CEO of PepsiCo, can she make round rotis?
Indra Krishnamurthy Nooyi

4. “No use of being World’s No.1 Badminton player, she should be Bahu No.1”
Saina Nehwal

5. What’s with wearing boxing gloves and winning Gold medals for the nation, shouldn’t she be wearing bangles and sitting at home?
The “Magnificent” Mary Kom

6. Not a big deal that she spread love wherever she went and won the Nobel Prize for peace
Mother Teresa

7. Shouldn’t it be all about the looks for a TV host and a campaigner of stop Acid Attacks?
Laxmi, Acid attack survivor

8. How does it matter that she is the First woman to join the Indian Police Service? Why does she not dress up like a woman?
Kiran Bedi

9. She should’ve just looked after her family instead of the nation by becoming the only female Prime Minister of India!
Indira Gandhi

10. Big deal she sold her goats at the age of 104 to build toilets, bet lots of Indian men could do it.
Kunwar Bai

Next time you say anything like this, or even think it, remember what you’ve done with your life and how you’ve contributed to the society. These women emerge as leaders cause they’re exceptional at what they do. It’s the courage and determination of such women which made/make them think they can rule the world. And rightly so!

We’re proud to share the country with these marvelous ladies.