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15 Incredible Natural Wonders in India

India is blessed with astounding natural beauty and tonnes of legends and myths. There is no dearth of natural wonders in the country. These enchanting wonders are awe-inspiring and truly magnificent. Also read: 20 Most Interesting Places In India You Should Definitely Visit Let’s have a look at some of the Incredible Natural Wonders. 1. […]

10 Most Inspirational Mother Teresa Quotes on Love, Life & Happiness

One of the most prominent figures of the 20th century, Mother Teresa is a symbol of love, care and compassion for the whole world. Her exemplary service for the destitute, message of spreading love and Mother Teresa quotes has been an inspiration for millions across the globe. Born in 1910 at Skopje (North Macedonia), Mother […]

14 Interesting Facts about North East India

Most of the Indian populace is unaware of the people and their practices in North East India. We bring to you some of the most interesting and lesser known facts about North East India with the hope of spreading awareness and love. 1) Football- the most widely played sport Three in every ten professional Indian […]

14 Napoleon Quotes On War, Virtue, Courage & Death

Born to a modest family, Napoleon Bonaparte died as one of the greatest historical figures of the 20th century. How did he make this happen, you must be wondering. He infected people with his sheer passion to fight for a new France. His revolutionary ideas, ways of working and Napoleon quotes throw light into the […]

14 Best Chanakya Quotes That’ll Teach You His ‘Neeti’

An ancient guru, economist, jurist, political advisor and teacher, Chanakya was one of greatest Indians in history. He helped Chandragupta rise to power and establish the Mauryan Dynasty – one of the greatest empires in the ancient world in terms of its power, culture, area and the influence it had in the spread of Buddhism […]

12 Interesting & Little Known Facts About Indian Politicians

The people most judged in the world’s largest democracy, India, are politicians. They are often understood to be uneducated, corrupt, and everything bad. But what we forget is that politicians are sometimes much more than politicians and have a life beyond politics. Some of them had amazing lives before entering politics which is not known […]

19 Interesting & Little Known Cricket Facts

Invented ages ago, Cricket rose to global prominence during the 19th Century. With an estimated fanbase of 2.5 billion, the game of bat and ball is the second most popular sport in the world. Do you belong to this huge fanbase? Chances are, you do! Now, come check your trivia with these interesting and little […]

17 Fun Facts That Sound False But Are Absolutely True

We live in an incredible world full of unsolved mysteries and wondrous things. What’s even more incredible is how little we know about the world around us. While we are busy scrolling through adorable pictures and memes on the Internet, there is so much happening around us that we are totally clueless about. There are […]

20 Facts About Goa You Probably Didn’t Know

Good things come in small packages, which is true especially if you talk about Goa. The name is synonymous with pristine beaches, trance parties, cheap alcohol and seafood. Treading into its culture a little further we can see Portuguese traditions of its past that still peak from the contemporary Indian ones, be it in its […]

13 Ridiculous and Sexist Laws That Are Practiced Even Today

Weird laws have always existed all around the globe. But here are some laws that are not only weird but also so sexist they’ll leave you aghast! Somewhere… even your hair isn’t your own! 1. The 1990 religious Fatwa prohibits ‘women’s driving of automobiles’ as ‘a source of undeniable vices’. 2. A 2013 Indian Act confirmed […]

18 Interesting Facts about Atal Bihari Vajpayee

A respectable figure and one of the greatest politicians of India. Also known as the “Bhishma Pitamah” of Indian politics, Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s personality was able to win over not only all the countrymen but also his oppositions. He was a gem of a politician who always put his country first. Check out some amazing […]

20 Interesting Facts About Mizoram

Mizoram literally means Land of the Hill People. Nestled along the mountains that run through the state, Mizoram is known for its pristine hills and caves. Culturally, this region is liberated from cast and gender bars. Let us have a look at some interesting facts about Mizoram 1. Becoming a part of India 2. Home […]

20 Interesting Facts About Sikkim

Sikkim is synonymous with sheer magic and wonder. It is serene and at the same time cleanest and safest place to be. Diverse flora and fauna, bounties of nature, the snow-capped mountains and at the same time fast-paced development of the state leave people in awe. Let us look at some of the lesser-known facts […]

20 Interesting facts about Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is India’s third largest state. Its glorious past is still evident from the minarets and shrines that dominate most parts of the coastal state. The natural beauty and Islamic architecture throughout the state capture the attention of every wandering soul. Let us find out some of the interesting facts about Andhra Pradesh. 1. […]

20 Interesting Facts About Jharkhand

Jharkhand was created out of Bihar in 2000. The state is rich in natural resources and accounts for almost up to 40% of the total mineral wealth of our nation. It has a dense population cover and is home to various ethnic tribal groups. Let us look at some of the facts about Jharkhand below: […]

13 Interesting facts about Punjab

The Present day Punjab was created out of Punjab Province of British India that was divided between India and Pakistan. Homeland of the Sikh community of India, it is one of the most dynamic, homely and hospitable states. It’s a land of lush, green hilly areas and fields full of crops throughout the year represent […]

20 Interesting Facts About The Marvelous Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir is by far the most beautiful, scenic and pristine place on earth, scarred by the disputes over its ownership. Despite this, the beautiful landscape of the Kashmir valley, serenity around Leh and iconic Dal lake and religious shrines in Jammu satiate every traveler’s soul. Let us look at some of the interesting […]

15 Interesting Facts About The Charming Chhattisgarh

The state of Chhattisgarh was carved out of Madhya Pradesh in the year 2000.  The immensely dense forests and a huge tribal population impact the state with a rustic tinge, which is apparent in its tribal dance forms, songs and natural beauty and bounty. We’ve scraped together some interesting facts about this magnificent state. Let’s […]

19 Exciting Facts About Haryana

Haryana was carved out of Punjab in 1966 on linguistic basis. It borders the national capital from north and north-west direction. It is one of the states in India, where more than half of the population is engaged in agriculture and farming. Let us have a look at some of the exciting facts about the […]

20 Facts About The Brilliant Bihar

Bihar needs no introduction. We all know Bihar very well. We have seen them in our next door neighbors who are fond of litti chokha and Chathh puja, and the pan spitting side actors of the Bollywood films and walked past them, rolling our eyes. But, then there is much more to Bihar than what meets […]

19 Facts About The Glorious Gujarat

Lying on the west coast of India is the state of Gujarat located between Rajasthan and Maharashtra. It is the land of Lord Krishna and Dwarka. In contemporary times, it is among one of the most developed states in India and boasts of robust infrastructure, economic and financial growth. Let us find out some of […]

17 Interesting Facts About Amazing Assam

Assam is India’s gateway to the east. It is the perfect destination to break from hectic, mundane and chaotic city life. The rich cultural heritage, exotic wildlife, aromatic tea gardens and temples of ancient times enchant the senses and dawn upon us a tranquil that rejuvenates the body, mind and the soul. Let us look […]

20 Facts About The Breathtaking Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is one of the most beautiful states in India. However, the scenic beauty is just an attractive facade to the intriguing mythological past of the region. It is a land where mythological tales come alive, be it the footprint at Har-ki- Pauri ghats in Haridwar or the tales of the Laxman Jhoola. Abuzz with […]

19 Interesting Facts About The Spectacular Rajasthan

Opulent, grand, vibrant and warm shades of Rajasthan are defined in the word itself, which means the place where the kings reside (Raja-sthan). It is the land of mighty Kings and valiant warriors, Mirabai, Thar Desert, Ranthambore National Park, forts, palaces and intricately woven folklore and fairy tales. The warmth of the red turbans and […]

Incredible Facts About Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu, lies on the southernmost tip of India. The state is home to some of the oldest living traditions, arts and culture, glimpses of which can be traced in contemporary dance, music and literature. On one hand, it is home to rapidly modernizing Chennai and on the other, it has some of the most […]

19 Interesting Facts About The Majestic Maharashtra

Maharashtra is the financial, commercial and entertainment hub of India. Located in the western region of India, it has a spectacular combination of pristine beaches and tranquil remains of crumbling, lonely forts and cave temples. In fact, as we go on to explore Maharashtra, we find ourselves delving deeper into its rich cultural heritage. But, […]

14 Interesting Facts About Uttar Pradesh

The mystical cradle, called Uttar Pradesh, is one that leaves a long-lasting impression on anyone that basks in the breathtaking sunsets at the ghats of Varanasi after waking up long before dawn to attend the puja at Chitrakoot. The serenity of the cool water with the intense power of piety at Sangam is beyond the […]

23 Amazing Facts About Human Body That’s Tough To Believe

The human body is mysterious. There are countless things a human body can do which even we do not know. The human body is one seriously complex and mysterious mechanism that sometimes confuses even the most qualified specialists. Here, we have a few facts about the human body which you night or might not have known […]

13 Fight Club Quotes That’ll Give You Insightful-Chills

Fight Club, for most of us, has been a movie that completely changed our outlook on life. Tyler Durden became our spirit animal and inspired us to find the real insights to our inner-self, something that has been dazed by the false perceptions of the world. A man split between himself and his alter ego […]

11 Quotes About India By Famous Personalities

Culture and knowledge are two of the essential pillars that India stand on. For ages, our country has mesmerized the world with its discoveries in and contributions to numerous fields of study. India has forever been a place of interest for many. Lots of great personages, all over the world, spoke grand things about our […]

25 Amazing Facts About India That Will Surprise You

“We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made.” – Albert Einstein. There are endless contributions made to the world by India which helped achieve countless milestones. There are many things about our nation which we might not have heard of […]

14 Adorable Facts About Animals That Will Melt Your Heart

Animals. Often thought to be nothing like humans. Except for the pets we have, we never realise the umpteen number of emotions an animal can hold. From times immemorial, people have expressed their profound love for animals irrespective of the species. But animals are so much more than paws and tails. We have some of the […]

Some Interesting facts about Kamal Haasan, we bet you never knew!

Kamal Hasaan, a prominent name of the Tamil cinema, has proved his mettle in the in Hindi film industry as well. He has starred in films like Sadma, Saagar, Ek Duje Ke Vaaste, Pushpak and Hey Ram among many others block busters. Hasan debuted in the film industry as a child actor. Having dedicated more […]

10 Incredible & Interesting Facts About Emma Watson

We all know the actress who played the character in Harry Potter who was every little girl’s inspiration. She made a name for herself by playing Hermoine and has grown up to be a remarkable actress and women rights ambassador. Here are a few interesting facts about Emma Watson 1.Harry Potter series wouldn’t be the […]

20 Fascinating Facts About West Bengal

West Bengal is marked by distinctive geographical features, mouth-watering delicacies and cheap means of transport. The scenic beauty of tea gardens of Darjeeling would leave you just as spellbound as the mangroves of the Sundarbans Forest. The city culture is different, traveling in the city feels almost like time travel. Amid rush, people find the […]

20 Fascinating Facts About Odisha

Nestled in the lap of Eastern Ghats and fed by the tides of the Bay of Bengal, Odisha is a beautiful state with pristine beaches, majestic mountains, dazzling rivers, enchanting waterfalls and a vivid flora & fauna. We bring you 20 Fascinating facts about the beautiful state of Odisha. 1. Bhubaneswar – The Temple City […]

12 SRK Quotes That Will Give You Humour Goals

A holiday from work, a drink in hand, nothing to mull over and an SRK movie on television. This pretty much defines the idea of perfect solace for a millennial. Yes, Mr. Shahrukh Khan, the face of Indian film industry. That’s what he does, binds you in a spell of his magical acting abilities. The […]

14 Interesting Facts About The IITs You Probably Did Not Know

IITs, a dream for many, are one of most prestigious institutions of India. With extensive education, insane competition and top notch techies, these engineering institutes have established a great reputation throughout the world. What’s the buzz behind these institutions? What makes them so great? And why, at times, does a typical Indian kid is forced […]

The Story Of Maharana Pratap’s Life & Valour In 17 Posters

India is home to numerous valiant kings who ruled their ancient kingdoms. To date, their life stories inspire us and talk of heroism and acumen. One such magnificent king was the Rajput of Mewar, Maharana Pratap Singh. Often cited as one of the bravest men of India, Maharana Pratap displayed sheer audacity while protecting his […]

People from Odisha Who Are Making It Big In Bollywood

Famous for its tribal culture and its numerous temples, Odisha, formerly known as Orissa, isn’t just home to fantastic wildlife sanctuaries and mind blowing natural panaroma. Odisha has given to the country number of people who have not only become an integral part of the Bollywood industry but have also represented India on the international […]

15 Interesting Facts About Albert Einstein

The architect of modern physics, Albert Einstein is not only known for his theory of Relativity and the Photo-Electric Effect, but also for his interesting attitude towards life.  Exceptionally soft-spoken and creative, Albert Einstein was known of to be one of the most intelligent people on the planet with an estimated IQ between 160 and 190. He […]

18 Interesting Facts About ‘Friends’ Every Fan Should Know

10 seasons, 236 episodes and nearly 11 years, this American sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S ruled each and every heart. We enjoyed and loved watching Funny Chandler, Crazy Phoebe, Nerdy Ross, Loveable Joey, Responsible Monica and complicated Rachel together for over 10 years. You have to admit that everything about this show was so epic that you still […]

17 Fascinating Facts About Japan You Probably Didn’t Know

The land of rising sun, Japan is known for its unique culture, technological prowess and interesting people. From the fastest trains to square shaped melons, here’s a list of 17 fascinating facts about Japan that seem unbelievable to the people of other countries.  1. If wishes were horses, we would have had them! 2. BTW, India’s […]