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21 Funny News Stories That Prove Anything Can Happen in India

India is internationally recognised as an extremely colourful country. However, even more colourful are its people. Because cultures across this country can be so different from each other, there is no dearth of hilarious incidents that can tickle a bone or two. With that, we bring you 21 bizarre and funny news stories from India […]

32 Best Indian TV Ads of All Time – A Display of Sheer Creativity

It’s a common practice to change the channel when the advertisements start playing. But there are some ads that compel us to stay on and watch. These impactful advertisements are so well made that they stay with us for a long time. But the question is: what makes a good and memorable advertisement? Creativity, of […]

15 Best Stand Up Comedians From India You Should Follow

The advent of social media and online pop culture has brought about a radical change in the Indian comedy circles as well. The past decade saw the rise of stand up comedians from India with several comedy laugh clubs opening across the country and stand up acts going viral on social media. From YouTube trends […]

16 Times Parents Got Over Creative With Naming Their Children

It is generally accepted that children can bring a sense of satisfaction to one’s life. Children can heal people, they can make them better. However, some people straight up do not deserve children. At least that’s what what one feels when they look at these names given to children by over creative parents. Not only […]

25 Best Indian TV Shows From the 90s We Still Adore

For millenials who grew up during the 90s, TV was really one of the few options to entertain themselves. With no internet, no smartphones, and barely any computers, 90s TV had a big job in its hands – to entertain an entire generation of growing children. And oh how it delivered! Some 90s shows were […]

20 Atmanirbhar Memes Inspired By PM Modi’s Speech On Self-Reliance

A few days ago, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation speaking about how the nation needs to be ‘Atmanirbhar’ or self-reliant to revive the country’s economy. Like always, the netizens were hooked on to this speech to get some meme material. And Modi ji never diasppoints! Atmanirbhar memes started trending on social media within […]

10 Times Uber And Ola Drivers Gave Us Serious Humor Goals

I love taxi hailing apps like Uber and Ola. For someone who doesn’t like driving, doesn’t own a car and parties hard (thrice a week, at least), I can’t imagine life without these guys. As a matter of fact, thanks to them I don’t even remember the last time I bickered with an auto driver […]

21 Funny Tweets That Sum Up The Life In Delhi

If you’re from the capital city or ever visited it, you’d notice certain things that are so typical of Delhi that they’ve become standard Dilli things. From dropping names of influential people (also known as “connections”) in every conversation to the beginning and ending every sentence with a gaali, Dilli wallahs are truly a kind […]

If Superheroes had Indian Moms

Moms are God’s gift to mankind. But Indian moms are a lot more special. They are the fountains of eternal love and affection. But they are also savage AF. Just try losing one of their Tupperware dubbas and you’ll find out for yourself. But have you ever wondered what it’d be like if your favorite […]

If Politicians Starred In Movies

Before we even begin with this one we must clarify that we intend no disrespect to any politician or political party. Please don’t sue us. Thanks! Now that we’ve got that out of the way, it’s hard to take Indian politicians and their antics seriously. Characters in their own unique way, sometimes it seems as […]

20 Posters That Show Digital Technology In The Times Of Indian Mythology

The times of Ramayana, Mahabharata and Indian Mythology were full of amazing things right from powerful astras and stone bridges to glorious characters and fierce battles. Though there have been talks of the existence of internet during the times by Mahabharata most notably by the Tripura CM recently, the fact is that internet, digital technology […]