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12 Interesting & Little Known Facts About Indian Politicians

The people most judged in the world’s largest democracy, India, are politicians. They are often understood to be uneducated, corrupt, and everything bad. But what we forget is that politicians are sometimes much more than politicians and have a life beyond politics. Some of them had amazing lives before entering politics which is not known […]

12 Biggest Scams In The History of India

Scams, dishonest schemes or frauds, are a few of the many complications of corruption. They not only rob the nation of its money but also drive it towards the path of deteriorated political and social health. Whether it be a worldwide humiliation during Commonwealth Games or national furor during 2G scam, the fraudulent behavior of a […]

11 Political Statements That Shouldn’t Have Been Made

Political statements are often called attention seeking, but statements by the political ‘heroes’ are now hitting an all-time low. Below the belt remarks have become commonplace. It is however commendable how the Indian media and population all condemn the statements and make sure the leaders know their place. So we’ve scraped together for you, 11 […]

What If Indian Political Leaders Were Minions

Indian politicians can be great leaders, orators, or anything else for that matter, but cute. What if they could be cute and adorable though? Well, for starters, whenever their faces would flash on our television screens, we’d smile instead of frowning. That’s why, we thought we’d give them an adorable makeover, and what’s more lovable […]

13 Politicians And Their Previous Professions You Didn’t Know Of

India is surfeited with a variety of politicians. From uneducated to Oxford graduates, leaders of India come from diverse professions and cultures. Engineering, economics and science are some of the fields of study that Indian politicians have hailed from. These knowledgeable lawmakers are backed by hefty professional education but gave up their careers to pursue […]