10 Amrish Puri Meme Templates That Will Make You Go LOL!

Amrish Puri is undoubtedly the most iconic Bollywood villian of recent times. His performances in several movies over the decades have been etched in the minds of Bollywood fans and audiences. Viral Amrish Purimeme templates featuring the scenes of his movies have also been popular amongst the memers, netizens and social media users .

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We bring you some of the funniest and viral Amrish Puri meme templates you will absolutely love!

1. When they release the second season of the web series you eagerly waiting for.

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2. Nobody but the boss calling his employees to work on weekends

3. Shopkeeper when you come out of the trial room

4. When you say ‘pagal hai kya?’ to her and she replies with ‘tu hi hoga’ instead of ‘haan, tumhare liye’

5.  When my best friend plans to get married to his 3 month old GF

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6. When you are listening to songs on Spotify and they ask you to buy the premium subscription

7. When you receive the notes from the topper

8. When you took a sick leave to party with friends and gets a call from your boss

9. 1. When my friend uploads my bad pic
2. When my friend uploads my good pic

10. nobody:
video editors:

Which of these viral Amrish Puri meme templates is your favorite? Do let us know in the comments below.

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