An Overview of the Influence of Popular Netflix Series, The Crown 

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Kate Middleton and Princess Diana are renowned pop icons. The entire Royal Family also takes up an influential position as a pop symbol. The Crown is a Netflix series that outlines the biographical and historical outline of the Royal Family. It initially aired on 4th November 2016 and had four seasons. Throughout the seasons, the show has successfully highlighted these chronological events. This is just a tiny portion of the impact of this series on society. The Crown influenced how the British currently view the Royal Family.

Another aspect that the series impacted was how people dress. It is evident that there is a rise in streaming content. As such, it is only logical for the sector to attempt and develop more popular products. The goal of the industry is to come up with products that guide and impact the entire community. Flávia Mendonça believes that there is an applicable method that could facilitate success in this pursuit. Being a postgraduate student specializing in Sociology, Mendonça understands the extensive market research, studies, and data evaluation incorporated in the industry.

The Sociology of Culture expert highlighted that online streaming platforms could profile viewers easily. With this ability, such platforms can create products centered on their most successful feature. It becomes unnecessary to come up with something new, given that there are proven aspects that contribute to the success of a show. The end results become the production of numerous series that follows a similar storyline. However, these consequences go beyond a couple of TV shows.

The practice of viewing audiovisual content like soap operas, reality shows, and films has experienced an increase in demand. On similar grounds, such productions influence the community. It makes people incorporate their characters in the same way. Google search is a useful tool that helps weigh the impact of a TV show on its audience. Ultimately, an internet search is mostly brought on by curiosity and interest on the side of the audience.

These two factors are related, and as such, a curious audience increases the number of online searches. An infographic assessed the rise in particular keywords following the release of specific movies and TV shows. In the four seasons of The Crown, terms such as the United Kingdom’s Elizabeth have been searched on Google severally. The fourth season was launched in November 2020. Two weeks after the show was released, the searches for Princess Diana and Prince Charles increased by 1566% and 1125%, respectively.

Three days following the premiere of the series, there was a 1540% increase in the number of internet searches for Margaret Thatcher. Reports from this infographic revealed that 35% of the British viewers had a better understanding of the Royal Family. Thirty-four percent were more empathetic with Prince Charles. Generally, one thing that stood out is that trends can reinvent or emerge over time. Even in an innovative, dynamic, and fast-paced world, this is still a possibility. People will proceed to be influenced by these trends to a certain extent. This has evidently become the expected outcome of any successful narrative.

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