13 Animal Couples That Will Melt Your Heart

Love knows no language and no boundaries!

If you thought that being cute, romantic and loving someone was the privilege of only humans, we might just prove you wrong.

Here are 13 cute images of animals loving, pampering, comforting and adoring their partners.

Kitty Love

Cat Couples

Yeah! Elephants are known to have a BIG heart.

Elephant Couples

Foxed By Their Hearts!

Fox couples

Men Will Be Men!

Gorilla Couples

Preyed by Love

Lion Couples

Merry Mice

Mice Cuddling

The Warmth In Your Arms

Monkey Couples

I Love You Like No Otter

Otters in Love

When you fall short of words…

Owls Kissing

That’s a Honeymoon Click!

Pandas in Love

Together till the end of time!


Distance doesn’t matter, love does!

Snail Couple

Sweet Whispers

Squirell Couples

If you look closely at these animal couples, you’ll see them hugging, flirting or kissing each other – just like people in love.
These adorable photos are beautiful evidence of romantic animal attractions!

Note: All the images belong to the respective photographers and contributors of this Bored Panda thread.



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