Are online casinos without a blocking file recommendable?

Although Germany has been reluctant for quite a while to be a bit more open-minded about the casino world, the German government has been ordered by the EU Court to do just that! Thus it had to bring its own gambling license on the way, which makes proper regulation possible after the authority madness of Germany. This displeases some casino customers since 2021, but also certainly tens of casinos, because the bureaucratic effort has increased enormously. The so-called OASIS blocking file is what makes many casino customers despair and increases the search for alternative casinos on the web. But hold your horses, first it helps to take a closer look at the problems and the alternatives (online casino ohne sperre) in order to make your own judgment.

The blocking file will soon apply to all German casinos

The new gambling treaty of the states: only a maximum of 1000 euros per month across the board in all casinos with a German gambling license can deposit, this is just one rule that is included in the infamous blocking file. On the side, the German government also requires the 5-second rule, so autoplays have become completely useless.

Table and card games as well as live casinos now also no longer have a chance, although exactly those have enjoyed the greatest popularity. Now, many casino customers have had enough, because even though the government is pushing addiction prevention and prevention from financial loss in favor of the customers, they are looking for alternatives. It seems just very control-addicted what the federal government has brought there on the way and so as one would want to take the casino customers consciously their casino fun.

In casinos without a blocking file, however, there is still a lot of activity 

Many casino customers wonder if they can trust the casinos without a blocking file and the answer is, yes! As long as the reputable gambling license, such as from Curacao is given, there is also no disadvantage for the customer to be seen here. A casino without a blocking file on COO can be found quite quickly, so the selection can also be used quickly.

The advantage is of course obvious in casinos without a blocking file, so that just this control mania, which many feel negatively, is omitted. Who does not want a limit pain threshold of state at 1000 euros across all casino providers on the web, who does not like to be included in any file, and who likes to use the autoplay function, but also traffics in table games, must probably look for a casino that does not have to act according to this blocking file. For this, only foreign casino providers come into question.

Casinos without blocking file – when a registration seems less sensible

Who is interested in the casinos without blocking file, which must also be able to reflect honestly. For this, it is important to review his past in dealing with gambling a little. If addiction-related behaviors as well as aggravated handling of money are a point of criticism, then those customers really have no business on casino sites where the blocking file does not apply.

Not even for their own reasons of security, because it is precisely for those customers that the important regulations of the federal government have been brought into being. Here, a casino customer must be honest with himself in any case, to be able to weigh where the casino journey should really go.

Casinos without a blocking file always carry the risk of losing control

To anticipate one thing, not every regulation on the part of the federal government is comprehensible when it comes to dealing with casino providers. But in most cases, the well-being of casino customers is the main concern here, who should not be driven to financial ruin and whose economic situation should not get into trouble because they have been lured by the colorful slots, autoplay, and high winnings.

Without a blocking file, there is always the danger that people will be guided by losses, want to/must achieve higher profits, and thus throw their personal limits overboard in order to compensate for losses. At the same time, the topic of AutoPlay and the resulting rapid losses with high stakes is a thorn in the side of the federal government, so this was also simply not allowed to be part of the new gambling rules.

Rules can also have advantages

So some rules are perhaps not quite bad and if you recognize yourself here in a negative way, then only casinos that have a blocking file should be used!

It may be argued whether casinos are a bit stricter than they have to be according to 

German regulations, but actually the government only means well at least some of the time.

Nevertheless, it inevitably disturbs the flow of play, which should by no means be disregarded here. However, if you are looking for alternatives without a blocking file, you will of course find them in the foreign casinos as well, so the classic Las Vegas gaming fun is far from lost.

Nevertheless, those players should really reflect well on themselves who in the past could observe a slightly addictive behavior in themselves when gambling in online casinos or had the feeling that they could only handle the set limits with difficulty.

Because then it would be helpful to actually also be regulated by the state by preferring casinos with a blocking file, while Highroller & Co naturally prefer to indulge in the foreign casino world, where they can play as they please.

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