14 Best Baadshah Meme Templates Which Are As Cool As The Movie


One of the most memorable movies from the 90s, Baadshah was a flick we really really enjoyed. From the cool gadgets to the memorable dance sequences, Baadshah was a treat to watch. While all of us enjoyed the movie as school kids, Baadshah meme templates entertain us in this social media era.

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We bring you some of the best Baadshah meme templates on the internet

1. Student 1: Teacher, may I go to toilet?
Student 2: Teacher, may I go to toilet?
Teacher:  Jo pehle aayega wahi pehle jaayega

2. When I go to sleep at 4 am after binge watching a show
Sleep: Aap mere pass kyun aa gaye?

3. When I date a girl my friends asked me not to & she ends up cheating me
My friends: Aap toh hai hi bewakoof

4. When the delivery guy hands over the food you ordered to your roommate.
Room mate: Accha kiya tum isse yahaan le aaye

5. Reporter: Sir, why you make movies with only star kids?
Karan Johar: Hamari basti mein aksar aise hota hai

6. *Relatives forcing me to take the money*
10 Y/O me: Iske liye aapko meri maa se baat karni padegi

7. *When you cough 2 times*
Le corona virus: Lagta hai koi grahak aaya hai


8. Students: Yeh school/college wale chutti hi nahi dete
Le corona virus: Mein tumhe ek lambi chutti par bhej dunga

9. Anxiety to my sleep cycle and stress free life.
Maine unn dono ko khatam kar diya

10. 10 year old me after bursting crackers in hand
Marne se mein kabhi darta nahi

11. Nobody:
*Le Reality show contestant*: Meri maa ko maine paida hone se pehle kho diya tha

12. True caller: Someone has viewed your profile
*Me taking premium membership to check my viewers*
True caller: Operation Successful

13. Condom failures be like: Woh rakshak bhakshak ban jaayega

14. *Me downloads Aarogya setu app*
My phone: Yeh saaye ki tarah tumhare saath rahega

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Which of these Baadshah meme templates describes the story of your lives?

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