39 Most Badass Bollywood Dialogues of All Time


If there’s anything Bollywood has in plenty, it’s larger than life protagonists who are always ready to fight the good fight while looking absolutely perfect. Growing up watching these stars say the sassiest things without as much as breaking a sweat was exhilarating and it has made our expectations from life way too high. While you think about the perfect comebacks you could have used while having your last argument, we have this list of the most badass bollywood dialogues you can use for inspiration.

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1. Balls of steel. 

2. The new India. 

3. Trying to save your beloved’s honour even as you’re being beaten to death.

4. Rishtey mein toh hum tumhare baap lagte hain…

5. Dignity above all else. 

6. His word is enough. 

7. Big B teaching us being a badass for 9 minutes straight.

8. Is there a more iconic anti-hero in Bollywood? 

9. Do not go by this guy’s words. 

10. Being wounded has nothing to do with his sass.

11. There’s regular badass, then there’s this.

12. There’s no payment good enough for loyalty.

13. You gain nothing from being scared. 

14. What an absolute badass!

15. Imagine being so confident about the ineptitude of your country’s legal system.

16. When you’re an absconding criminal but you’re used to a certain lifestyle.

17. You feel extra badass when you’re in your mohalla and you’ve got backup. 

18. When a dialogue is so iconic it’s literally just one word.

19. Pick your fights with equals. 


20. A pretty detailed washing regimen.

21. Daya being asked to do what he does best.

22. Ye haath nahi hathoda hai.

23. Pandey ji redefining human anatomy one hole at a time.

24. Winning a war that we did not begin.

25. Don brimming with self-love before self-love was cool.

26. How’s the josh?

27. Ab dangal hoga!

28. A pep-talk for warriors.

29. When it comes to his skills, he doesn’t want your doubt. 

30. Being a self-made person is a different kind of trip.

31. Do not let anyone else tell you who you are.

32. Love is all about the lover, hardly about the beloved.

33. Sabka badla lega Faizal!

34. Keh ke lenge.

35. When your country calls you, you answer.

36. People talk.

37. Where kingdoms shiver, lovers stand tall.

38. The state of affairs is funny.

39. Eating your enemies for breakfast!

Did you like our list of these most badass bollywood dialogues? Did we forget any of your favourite ones? Comment below to let us know!


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