Basics To Learn About Basketball, Football, And Cricket Odds Online

Betting via a bookmaker website is a transaction between a player and a bookie on the conditions of the latter. The company offers a line containing events, markets and quotes. Football, basketball, or cricket odds online are the most significant condition when players choose the outcome of an event for betting.

What Are The Odds In Betting

Football or cricket odds online in the European format are written as a number in decimal form (up to two or three decimal places). What are the odds in betting and how do bookmakers calculate it? The value of the odds is determined by two parameters:

  • The probability of the outcome of the event, according to the bookmaker;
  • The margin value (the bookie’s commission).

How Odds Work

Players need to understand how odds are formed, what are the reasons for the movement (changes) of quotations.

Basketball or cricket odds online have two functions:

  • In general, they reflect the bookmaker’s probability of the outcome of an event. In addition it should be noted that the bookmakers’ task isn’t to put an objective probability of an event in the odds, and managing the quotes to achieve an even distribution of cash flows for all outcomes of the confrontation. To make a profit, bookmakers have only to take a commission from those who turned out to be the winners.
  • In the case of a successful prediction, the winnings are calculated with their help. To calculate the payout on the bet, the bet amount is multiplied by the odds. For example, a user bet $1000 on the victory of a Spanish athlete. If the prediction turns out to be correct, the net profit will be: 1000×1,51 – 1000 = 1510 – 1000 = $510.

Reasons For Changing Odds

Why do bookies adjust the line? There are two key reasons:

  • Additional information received by the bookie about the match, which can affect the result (illness of a leading player, team conflicts, coach resignation, decrease in motivation due to changes in tournament standings).
  • The unequal distribution of financial flows is the main reason for the odds movement.

After setting the initial odds, players start to “move” the line with their bets.

Another thing you have to remember about betting odds is that there are concepts of “crowd money” and “smart money”. In the first case, the imbalance of cash flows is of a spontaneous unorganized nature (for example, when betting on the favorite of the match). In the second case, these are the bets of major players and professionals.

To reduce the risks, bookmakers react to such a flow of events by lowering quotes on the loaded outcome and raising the opposite one.

The Higher The Betting Odds, The Better?

The level of quotes is inversely proportional to the probability of the outcome of the event. That is, the higher the odds of the selected market, the less likely it is that the event will occur. The issues of selecting the optimal value of a soccer bet have been discussed by us here.

A profitable bet implies not an automatic decision (the more, the better), but the selection of valuable basketball or cricket odds online on which the bookie has inflated the quotes compared to the actual probability of the event. Only such a game can bring the bettor winnings at a distance.

The Smaller The Odds, The More Likely The Winnings?

This question can be answered in the affirmative. By betting with low odds, such as Barcelona or Bayern against the underdogs, you are likely to win. The problem is that you need to place 10 bets of the same amount at 1.1 odds to double your initial stake. And one failure will bring your efforts to naught.


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