Be a Superhero. Stay at Home!

Stay home, stay safe! That has become the mantra of the world now.

The world came to a sudden halt this spring due to the deadly Corona Virus pandemic. The ensuing lockdown forced many people to carry on with their day-to-day activities within the safety of their four walls. It has only been a few days since all of us have been locked up in our homes unable to go out. And no one can be sure when this would end. All we can do now is stay safe and sound within our houses and be as productive as possible while still maintaining our sanity. So many people have come up with several innovative and creative ways to spend time at home. Be it about exploring new hobbies or just doing household chores, we can all do something or the other. We at Scroll Droll tried to explore what Superheroes would be like during a lockdown. Let’s have a look at some of the activities that superheroes would do when they are stuck at home.

1. Wolverine’s Experiments with Food

No one can chop vegetables as Wolverine does. You can also try out your culinary skills during this time.

2. Hulk as a Couch Person

It would be difficult to find a Hulk-sized couch. But remember those days when you longed to just sit on a couch and relax? This is the perfect time!

3. Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan feat. Iron Man

Iron Man would be happy to clean up his house during the lockdown. Diwali or not, clean up your houses, you have plenty of time.

4. Thor Helps With Chores

You won’t be able to pick up Thor’s hammer but you can definitely pick up your old toolbox. Fix things up, wash some utensils, change those curtains. There are so many things that you can get done during this time.

5. Spiderman Binging on his Quarantine Watch-list

Spiderman would love to binge some of his favourite shows while reclining on a web-hammock. This is your time to watch those shows and movies that you did not find time for before the lockdown.

6. Superman likes to Workout at Home

Superman would find several ways to keep himself fit even at home. This is the best time to work on your body. Pursue the fitness goals that you have long been avoiding. Your home is your gym now.

Times are tough. Sometimes even superheroes need to simply chill and relax, to save the world. This is your chance to fight the deadly Corona Virus by simply staying at home and becoming a superhero. Stay home, stay safe.

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