25 Best Lines From Hindi Poems Which Are Absolutely Beautiful

Literature has always been one of the most secure places to take refuge in – one where we don’t even have to tax our bodies physically. Words, when strung together in the right way have a unique capability to transport us to worlds we knew not of until our encounter with the ideas that took us there. Poetry is all the more the playground where the mind can wander according to its own whims and fancies – a form so beautiful that gives us all the creative space we need to arrive at a satisfactory interpretation. And it is a fact of no surprise that many of our Indian languages are extremely rich in this respect. Hindi is one among them, and a language with a treasure trove as rich as Hindi surely deserves a special mention. So, here we are, with some of the most beautiful lines from Hindi poems.


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1. A profound commentary on the human similarities we share. 

2. The mystifying process of putting thoughts into words. 

3. Such a deep reflection. 

4. The power of the people. 

5. The universal longing for that one warm touch! 

6. The tale of unmatched bravery that will inspire us forever. 

7. That tune from afar, that haunts us so… 

8. A historical yet contemporary account. 

9. Time does fly, whether or not you like it. 

10. There’s more to life than what’s stopping you from realising this. 

11. A call for revolution. 

12. The sad reality of life for some. 

13. The call of every parent. 

14. Urging change. 

15. A beautiful picture created using the magic of words. 

16. What being a woman means. 

17. The nuance and rhythm in these lines is unparalleled. 

18. To all the free souls out there. 

19. The oft-used metaphor of a puppet comes alive, quite literally. 

20. The power of memories. 

21. What is the point of being alive without a hint of passion? 

22. Golden lines. 

23. Confront the dangers awaiting you instead of creating them elsewhere. 

24. The motto of not giving up. 

25. The power of identity. 

We hope you enjoyed reading these lines from Hindi poems! Let us know about any of your favourite lines we might have missed out on in the comment section below!

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