Best 7 free Youtube shorts and Youtube to mp3 downloaders

Youtube not only provides you entertainment but also an earning source with some creativity and effective content. However, youtube shorts are 60 sec or fewer videos that are becoming common nowadays.

Youtube shorts have changed the trends and made significant expansion on streaming platforms like youtube. You are thinking about is video short important? The answer is yes, it builds up the youtube page and subscribers. It works as a topping of icing on the cake.

Sometimes you want to listen to your favorite ones while working or walking or maybe while traveling on the train/bus were having no internet signals. Here is the solution to how it works.

Let’s start

7 best youtube shorts and youtube to mp3 downloaders

Following are the solution to the problem.

1- Shorts video downloader

It is a famous download that gives the free services of instant download. It offers many formats to convert the video and also download a video in excellent quality. Do you want a downloader that works for apple devices too? So, this downloader gives you assistance in downloading videos on iPhone, iPad, etc. On the other side, it can be worked for other operating systems too.

2- Heatfeed

It is a simple downloader that provides a friendly user interface. Shortsnoob claim that they downloaded video in its original quality either a person is downloading on mobile, tab, or PC. it’s very easy to download the video without any log-in ID. Just paste the copied link of the preferred video on the website and the video saved in the device.

3- Short loader

As the name of the downloader shows it directly save the video from youtube to the device by just adding the link on the website and hitting the save button. If the user wants to extract the audio from the video mp3 option gives you the solution. 


This downloader saves youtube videos and shorts in the required format like mp4. It can b accessed freely and on all devices. It has a simple interface but not too many features are available to entertain users.

5- 4K youtube to MP3

It provides free services and allows the user to save favorite audio in the preferred format with original quality. It not only works for youtube but can be valid for other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. some features are unpaid but the user has to pay for the latest features.

6- Free youtube to MP3 converter

It gives a lot of options with quality. Very easy steps to follow just add a link to the video in the given bar, after adding the URL hitting the save button within minutes you got the result.

7- ClipGrab

Users can easily access this converter by searching it on google. Copy the link from the youtube of your favorite video and past it on the downloader. Set the format you want. This downloader extracts the audio from the video and saves it without disturbing its original quality. 


These are 7 easy to save and mp3 converter that gives easy access to the youtube videos. You can download it in no time. The main advantage is it never changes the quality of the video. For more suggestions share your views below.

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