10 Best AP Dhillon Songs That Will Make You Groove


Even if you’ve been living under a rock, chances are you know who AP Dhillon is. You might even have come across one of his hits on social media, in parties or over random speakers on the road. His songs are everywhere, and with the release of the most well-known Brown Munde, his popularity has catapulted like crazy. His songs have topped the charts not only in India, but also in Canada and the UK. The rapper, singer and producer of Indian origin has made a mark for himself within a brief period of time with his groovy pieces. Here are some of the best AP Dhillon songs to get you up and going.


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1. Brown Munde

This has to be Dhillon’s most popular piece. Who hasn’t listened to this one, on reels and stories if not anywhere else? The song has more than 400 million views on YouTube, and the artists behind it other than Dhillon are Gurinder Gill and Shinda Kahlon.

2. Insane

With lyrics that are literally insane, this song deserves at least one listen. It has crossed 88 million views on YouTube already, and features the Dhillon-Gill-Kahlon trio once again.

3. Desires

Another one from the album by Gill, Kahlon and Dhillon, is a romantic piece that was an instant hit. Sung by Dhillon and Gill, the song has more than 20 million views right now.

4. Ma Belle

Ma Belle is another romantic hit by Dhillon, featuring Amari. With 38 million views, it is the perfect song to dedicate to your loved one!

5. Excuses

There aren’t any excuses to not listen to this one. With 148 million views, this song is composed beautifully by Intense, and comes to life with Dhillon and Gill’s signature styles.


6. Majhail

This song was produced in collaboration with Manni Sandhu, and has garnered 65 million views on the Internet. It is an absolute must for your party playlist, with its catchy beats and upbeat music.

7. Toxic

Penned by Rajan Lahoria, Toxic is an intense romantic piece by Dhillon. The song is absolutely entrancing, evident from the 42 million views it has managed to get on YouTube.

8. Tere Te

This groovy, romantic piece is another one from the trio’s album Hidden Gems. Tere Te has 6 million views on YouTube, and definitely deserves a spot on your playlist.

9. Faraar

37 million views are justified for this absolute banger of a song. Treat your eyes to this catchy number by, once again, Dhillon, Kahlon and Gill.

10. Saada Pyaar

This heartbreak song is bound to hit you hard. Composed by Money Musik, this absolute hit has 38 million views on YouTube.

Go ahead, enjoy yourself while listening to the 10 best AP Dhillon songs, and let us know how you liked them!

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