10 Best Batting Performances in IPL 2022

While the game of cricket can’t just be seen as a game of two halves of batting and bowling, the former does form an essential part of the sport. The short form of the game has a knack for explosive batting because the stakes of the games are so high. All this reaches a fever pitch in tournaments like the IPL where the competition is so fierce. So here’s a look at the best batting performances in IPL 2022

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1. Jos Buttler

Team – Rajasthan Royals

What more can be said about the second-highest run-scorer in the history of the IPL that encompasses his rich talent and technique. His work through the season speaks volumes for itself. His total for the season was an extraordinary 863 with the highest in a game being a 116 against the Delhi Capitals at a trike rate of 178.46. He’s been instrumental in the success of the Rajasthan Royals this season with his four centuries, four half-centuries, and the constant character and class he displayed on the field through the season. With a season strike rate of 149.05, it’s difficult to top performance like this and hence Buttler quite easily takes the first spot on the list.

2. KL Rahul

Team – Lucknow Super Giants

The new captain of the new team in a new franchise, KL Rahul had a great deal piled on his shoulders at the start of this season of the IPL, and oh what able shoulders they’ve proved to be. Rahul was only the second batsman this season to make a century after Buttler. His able leadership of his team in good times and in bad shows what a level-headed and pragmatic player he has grown to become. His total of 616 runs warrants him the title of one of the best batting performances in IPL 2022, but the numbers don’t even scratch the surface. His skill in strategizing for his team and playing with a calm, collected mindset in unforeseen situations makes him all the dearer to his fans. He’s not only a become a dependable player, but also a stable option for continued leadership of a team.

3. Quinton de Kock

Team – Lucknow Super Giants

The ever-dependable keeper-batsman for the Mumbai Indians found a new place to thrive with the newly created Lucknow Super Giants. Along with his captain KL Rahul, de Kock developed a fantastic set of innings, winning matches for his team throughout the season. His total of 508 runs and an average of 38.28 came on the back of a phenomenal spell against KKR where he made 140 unbeaten. It’s truly tragic that the LSG didn’t make it into the finals as many had hoped but that in no way takes away from the determination that players like de Kock put behind their constant scoring for the team. His able presence behind the stumps also reassured the team immensely. De Kock’s ability to blend in with any side and leave a fruitful impact on the journey of his team earns him a spot on this list of the best batting performances in IPL 2022

4. Hardik Pandya

Team – Gujarat Titans

This young all-rounder has a great deal to celebrate right now. Along with being the winning captain of this season, he’s also bowled an IPL career-best bowling spell in the finals and has been one of the best batting performances in IPL 2022. His magnificent 87* against eventual finalists Rajasthan Royals left the latter in a tizzy. The first-timers beat the veterans by 37 runs, and the skipper took home the player of the match award. His total of 487 runs in the tournament has been vital in bringing his team into the finals and giving them a fair shot at winning. His performance in this match as well as most others justifies the praise being heaped on him after the season.

5. Shubhman Gill

Team – Gujarat Titans

What a time this young player has had! When KKR didn’t retain Shubhman Gill for the 15th season of the IPL, fans were surprised and disappointed. However, the young opener didn’t let his fans down and delivered several brilliant knocks with his new team. His most astounding was a 96 against the Punjab Kings where he looked quite unstoppable. His 483 runs this season came at a superb strike-rate of 132.32, clearly showing us just how eager Gill was to bring the big runs for his team. He has become a fan favourite over the last couple of years and one look at his knock against Punjab will be enough to show you why he is so well-loved.

6. David Miller

Team – Gujarat Titans

This team picked well. Yet another fantastic batting stint by a batsman from the Gujarat Titans should come as no surprise to anyone. The South African left-hander scored a brilliant 94* against defending champions Chennai Super Kings. CSK’s valiant attempt at setting a score high enough for the new trailblazing team didn’t quite stand, and GT chased their total of 169 fairly easily with Miller’s superb knock. His season total of 481 runs helps explain just how the Gujarat Titans remained unbeaten for so long. When you have players like him it becomes quite difficult to set a target that’s high enough or chase one that he and his team have set.

7. Faf du Plessis

Team – Royal Challengers Bangalore

Yet another skipper leading from the front, Faf du Plessis showed what true class with a bat looks like, even in the shortest, most grueling form of the game. His calm demeanor and immense experience made it easy for him to take over as captain from Virat Kohli, who is deeply adored by the fans of the franchise. His 468 runs were instrumental in taking the team to the second qualifier of the season. His individual highest of 96 came against Lucknow, a decisive match for the boys in red and gold. Innings like this remind fans just how far consistency and hard work can take a player. It’s also a clear sign of what one needs to be considered one of the best batting performances in IPL 2022

8. Shikhar Dhawan

Team – Punjab Kings

The Indian opening batsman has been in and out of form for a few months now. However, the comeback he made over the past few matches of the IPL makes him more than deserving of being on the list of the best batting performances in IPL 2022. He scored a total of 468 runs with the highest individual score of 86* against defending champions Chennai Super Kings. It’s exhilarating to see such a crucial part of the Indian side regain form and play so well for his franchise. His average of 38.33 added to the performance of the team and pulled them out of tricky situations many times.

9. Sanju Samson

Team – Rajasthan Royals

The skipper of the runners-up team made a mark on the season with his quick-minded leadership as well as his skill with the bat. His awesome 55 against Sunrisers Hyderabad gave his team the boost it needed at the beginning of a new season. He has led from the front through the season and it has borne him the fruits as RR saw themselves in the finals after the very first season of the IPL. His total of 458 runs this season at a strike rate of 146.79 shows just how much work he put in into his own performance to be a leader by example for the young team looking up to him.

10. Deepak Hooda

Team – Lucknow Super Giants

The dependable man with the bat – that’s a name, multiple batsmen from the newly made Lucknow squad can be called. That’s also why so many of them made it to this list of the best batting performances in IPL 2022. Deepak Hooda very much finds a place for himself on this list with his 451 runs through the season. Hooda’s work with the bat along with Rahul and de Kock were definitive to the success of the Lucknow team and did wonders for the player himself. His average was an impressive 32.21 and it speaks volumes for his skill and timing with the bat. His individual highest score was a 59 against the formidable Rajasthan Royals. His work with the bat has been crucial in bringing the team to the playoffs and for their overall success as a first-time team.

Images courtesy: iplt20

The batsmen this season seemed to have been bent on outdoing themselves in their scores and their big hits. The best batting performances in IPL 2022 have contributed to the sport in ways few others have and it is all the better for true lovers of cricket.

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