35 All Time Best Bollywood Comedy Movies You Should Watch

No matter the context of a comedy film, its content is bound to make you laugh. A naive love story (comedy) would be just as humorous as a dark satire. Prepared with intellect and humour in the right proportions, some of these best Bollywood comedy movies cater to all types of audiences. Here, look at some of the best Bollywood comedy movies to beat the Covid-19 blues!

1. 3 idiots

3 idiots is based on the life of college friends Rancho, Farhan and Raju. It builds upon the academic and familial pressure on the trio to succeed. It is a film that will make you feel happy. You can find little bursts of comic scenes every now and then, beautifully woven into the narrative by the filmmaker.

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2. All The Best

To be precise, All The Best, is a comedy of errors. Veer wants to become a famous artist but is struggling to make ends meet.  He lies about being married to get some cash inflow from his wealthy step-brother. However, one lie draws him into a whirlpool of lies and risks his expose.

3. Andaz Apna Apna

Amar and Prem are the young and dynamic duo. They want to make it big in life. They are contesting against one another to marry Raveena, a millionaire’s daughter.  Watch this classic comedy to be a part of their journey to love, riches and happiness.

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4. Chameli Ki Shaadi

Chameli Ki Shaadi is a satire on the caste system of our country. Charandas and Chameli are madly in love and want to marry each-other. Their families strongly object, owing to the difference in their caste.  However, with a strong support system outside their families, the lovers elope.

5. Chashme Buddoor

Siddharth and Neha are in love: truly, madly and deeply. But, the news is not well received by Siddharth’s friends who try to break them apart. Would their love fall prey to their evil schemes? Watch the comedy classic to know more!

6. Ishq

Harbans and Ranjit, the two elitists, want to get their children married to each other. But, their children have a plan of their own.  The film is a rollercoaster of comedy that will leave you in splits as you see the parents and their kids outdo each other.

7. Hungama

Radheyshyam Tiwari along with his wife decides to move to his bungalow in Mumbai. Anjali pretends to be  Radheysham Tiwari’s daughter to secure a job and Nandu’s wife to get accommodation. Lots of confusion and lots more laughter, this movie shouldn’t be missed!


8. Hulchul

Anjali and Jai come from feuding families and don’t see eye to eye. They pretend to be in love to seek revenge from each other. Things become horribly difficult for them once they realise they’ve actually fallen in love.

9. Hera Pheri

A classic comedy, Hera Pheri is not romantic at all and yet brilliant in parts( the subplots, side characters, and the classic one-liners) and holistically. You must watch it as it is one of the best comedy films that you’ll ever come across in Bollywood.

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10. Haseena Maan Jaayegi

Amirchand wants his sons Sonu and Monu to be serious in life. In order to teach them this lesson, he warns them to mend their ways or leave his house.  However, the duo lives up to their mischievous reputation and creates more trouble for Amirchand.

11. Golmaal – Fun Unlimited

Golmaal – Fun Unlimited introduces us to best friends and partners in mischief: Lucky, Gopal, Madhav, and Laxman. They prank others for money; but more often than not find themselves in midst of trouble. And we can’t help but laugh at the mess they create!

12. Golmaal

Ramprasad works for Bhavnani, an idealistic man. He gets a job by pretending to be the ideal candidate that Bhavnani was looking for. However, he gets exposed when his boss sees him at a football match. Watch the film and see how Ramprasad keeps his job.

13. Dulhe Raja

When a rich businessman troubles a cunning small eatery owner, trouble ensues. But the fun here is that the troublemaker aka the rich businessman ends up getting troubled. To add to his misery,  his only daughter marries the eatery owner.

14. Dhol

Four friends want to get rich by marrying a rich girl. They are searching for such a girl for themselves when they bump into Ritu. And in hopes of marrying here get tangled in a dangerous situation.

15. Dhamaal

Dhamaal is a film that tickles your funny bone every time you watch it. Four friends are on a mission to find a hidden treasure in Goa. They are chased by a corrupt cop, who keeps a tab on their every move making their quest even harder.

16. Chupke Chupke

Sulekha’s husband Professor Tripathi finds out that she admires Jijaji’s intellect and is inspired by him. Out of spite, he tries to prove to her that he is no less by pranking her Jijaji. Chupke Chupke is a thoroughly entertaining and timeless comedy that Bollywood has ever produced.

17. Chup Chup Ke

Jeetu commits suicide but is saved by a fisherman. The fisherman sells him to a moneylender as a  person with hearing and speech impairment. And so, Jeetu plays along as a deaf and speech impaired. But is it easy for Jeetu? Watch the film and get to know the fate of Jeetu.

18. Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi

Brijmohan resents women as he thinks the woman he loved the most left him for another man. He wouldn’t even let the shadow of a woman fall upon the garage run by him. But, little does he know that his younger brothers are falling in love. Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi is one of the best Bollywood comedy movies ever and the one that you should definitely watch!

19. Chachi 420

Janki and Jaiprakash are a divorced couple. Jaiprakash loses the custody of his beloved daughter to Janki and is barred from visiting her. He re-invents himself as a nanny, ‘Shrimati Lakshmi Godbole’ just to be with her. This  solves his problem but also creates a lot many for Lakshmi.

20. Bombay To Goa

Bombay to Goa is a journey you wish you’d taken!  Hilarious to the core, this film is about Mala, who witnesses a murder, and her co-passengers on a bus bound for Goa.

21. Bheja Fry

Ranjit, a music producer, likes to invite people over to dinner parties to ridicule them.  On one such occasion, he invites Bharat to his dinner party. But, Bharat has a reputation of his own: he creates a mess wherever he goes. And their meeting ensures that trouble is ensured in Ranjit’s life.

22. Bawarchi

The Sharma’s don’t like each other much and are divided over petty issues. With such negativity looming around, they have difficulty retaining any cook for more than a month.  As a result, they are constantly searching for a cook. And during one such search, Raghu enters their life and things don’t remain the same.

23. Angoor 

Two sets of separated twins live in the same city. But, the stranger is the fact that they share the same name. So, we have two Ashok and two Bahadur, coming face to face years later. Creating a lot of confusion for themselves and others.

24. Welcome

What happens when you date the most notorious don’s sister? You run for your life. But, Rajeev didn’t flinch. Instead, he made them civil by pranking them. A lot! And that’s what makes Welcome one of the epic comic films of Bollywood.

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25. Vicky Donor

A lot of people struggle for a lot of things in life: love, money and career. But, Vicky doesn’t! He is a happy-go-lucky guy who makes a living by donating his sperm. His only dilemma is: how would his girlfriend and mother react to this?

26. Tere Bin Laden

A budding filmmaker, Sharma, decides to make a film with Osama Bin Laden’s look alike. While the shooting is on they receive the news that the real Osama is dead. With Osama dead, Sharma must find a way to repay the producers’ money and fulfill his dreams of becoming a film director.

27. Satte Pe Satta

It is about seven brothers who live an uncivilized life on a farm. Ravi, the eldest falls for a nurse called Indu and marries her. She is the first woman in the household and brings about changes in their uncouth ways of living. And subsequently, the other six fall in love, too.

28. Pyaar Ka Punchnama

Pyaar Ka Punchnama relates to the angst that men face in modern-day relationships. Trouble ensues when Nishant, Rajat, and Vikrant feel that their girlfriends have taken control of their lives.

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29. Phas Gaye Re Obama

Om, an NRI, wants to get rid of his debt by selling his ancestral property in India. But local goons think of him as super rich and kidnap him. Thereby, ruining his plans completely.

30. Padosan

As we see Bhola trying to impress his neighbour Bindu, we can’t help but love and laugh at the naive and childlike innocence of Bhola.  The evergreen comedy would leave you laughing, out loud. Padosan is one of the classics of Bollywood starring several legendary names and one of the best Bollywood comedy movies of all time.

31. Munna Bhai M.B.B.S

Munna decides to do MBBS to fulfill his father’s wish. The twist in the tale is his past: he was a goon.  He makes his way into the conventional medical college with a dollop of love, generosity and humor. The movie brought Sanjay Dutt in a new light, Munna Bhai MBBS is also one of the must-watch movies of recent times.

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32. Malamaal Weekly

Malamaal Weekly should be watched for a number of reasons: a simple story, a great cast and even greater humour. A lottery vendor finds out that the winning lottery tick was sold by him. He tries to locate the winner but finds himself in murky water.

33. Khubsoorat

Nirmila Gupta is a  middle-aged housewife and a mother of four. She is a disciplinarian and runs the house with rules. And although the family members don’t approve of her, they do obey her. Nirmala’s world of tyranny gets a jolt of reality when the family members gravitate towards fun and jolly Manju.

34. Khosla Ka Ghosla

Kamal Khosla’s land is grabbed by a local thug. His son Cherry hatches a foolproof plan to get it back. The film deals with a very real problem of land grab although in a subtle and funny way! A  relatable and light comedy, totally worth your time!

35. Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro

Set in Mumbai in the 1980s, it brings to the forefront the entrenched corruption in our society. All that substance in a comical set-up! Never seen before; never made again: this film is not just rated as one of the best Bollywood comedy movies but also counted amongst the all-time bests of our industry.

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How many of these best Bollywood comedy movies have you already watched? Do let us know in the comments below and add the remaining to your watchlist!

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