50 Most Iconic & Best Bollywood Dialogues of All Time

Bollywood isn’t just a film industry – our lives, the way we think, speak, and clothe ourselves, even our names – Bollywood affects everything. The cultural impact of Bollywood on the lives of not just Indians, but most South-Asians, is undeniable and enormous. Their movies and their dialogues define our times. These iconic lines are the best Bollywood dialogues of all time, and they’re embedded in our heads.


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1.This is what happens when you name your child Gogo.

2. The perfect gift.

3. Still makes you swoon.

4. Is there anything more depressing than this dialogue?

5. The three pillars of Gurukul.

6. This perfectly quotable line.

7. In a parallel universe, Anand lives forever, but there’s no movie called Anand.

Anand, 1971

8. You drink to forget.

9. Jaa Simran.

10. A message of hope.

11. The heart knows no chains.

Mughal-e-Azam, 1960

12. This ever-green piece of art.

13. Apt, because love can sometimes be a test.

14. Ye Baburao ka style hai.

15. Me during the pandemic:

Queen, 2013

16. Also me while playing Subway Surfers:

17. Your name doesn’t decide who you are.

18. A love story so great it hurt an emperor’s ego.

Mughal-e-Azam, 1960

19. When a person looks like a blessing.

20. Fear won’t get you anywhere.

21. This is why he’s don.

22. Sattar minute.

23. A feminist father.

24. A strange catch-phrase for a villain, but okay.

25. Babu bhaiya got no chill.

26. The sass.

27. The perfect way to get a crowd’s attention.

Uri, 2019

28. The man who puts all men to shame.

29. The most intense backstory in the history of all backstories.

30. Well, love does tend to hurt more.

31. A study in confidence.

32. His word actually means something.

33. Isn’t it lovely when people believe in you?

34. Lose the battles. Win the war.

35. Geet taught us self-love before it was cool!

36. This movie came out 14 years ago. How old does that make you feel?

37. Life is an endless pit of sorrow.

38. Jhakaas!

39. Valuable life-lessons.

40. Three words perfectly capable of terrorizing anyone.

41. This dialogue aged poorly in the movie itself, but we still love it!

42. Nothing beats the hope of a mother.

43. A line that defines Amitabh Bachchan’s career.

44. This intense dialogue that still remains Sunny Deol’s best:

45. Quality over quantity.

Anand, 1971

46. To be fair, nobody really likes them.

47. Whatever do you expect from someone named Lion?

48. Mere paas Maa hai.

49. How does one weigh their hand? Asking for a friend.

50. The perfect introduction.

Did you like our list of the best Bollywood dialogues of all time? If we missed any of your favourites, do comment below to let us know.

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