Best Bollywood Movies of 2023 That Didn’t Disappoint

2023 is another year that has proven to revive the enigma and charm of Bollywood. 2022 brought Bollywood to the limelight and stars in 2023 are trying to ensure the industry remains in it for a long time. 2023 is seeing the return of long-lost Bollywood stars, bringing back the old glamour and appeal that Bollywood held. Moreover, they have also resorted to expanding their horizons and exploring new genres, making 2023 all the more exciting! Let’s take a look at the best Bollywood Movies of 2023 that kept us entertained throughout the year

1. Pathaan 

Released in January of this year, Pathaan inaugurated the year for Bollywood with a bang. The return of King Khan to the screen after a long break along with Deepika Padukone’s role in an action film garnered a lot of attention making the film one of their highest-grossing movies! The movie has it all: action, romance, sensuality, drama and bang-on songs.

 2. Mission Majnu 

Mission Majnu is a Netflix release that revolves around one of the most covert operations conducted by India in the 1970s. Starring Siddharth Malhotra and Rashmika Madanna, the movie was a true portrayal of the young stars’ acting abilities. A simple well executed plotline with the right amount of patriotism and romance is what attracted the audience making Mission Majnu one of the best Bollywood movies of 2023.

3. Chhatriwali 

With the dawn of several films on social issues in Bollywood, Chhatriwali stands out particularly. With male protagonists leading this genre, Chhatriwali starring Rakul Preet Singh as a strong female lead was a breath of fresh air. No one would expect a girl to talk about condoms and the importance of sex education. The hint of comedy prevents the film from becoming preachy. It is available to watch on Zee5.

4. Gandhi Godse: Ek Yudh 

The movie takes on an unexpected twist wherein Mahatma Gandhi survives the assassination and engages in a discourse with his infamous assassinator- Nathuram Godse. The fresh perspective on history granted by the story of the movie will leave you with both answers and questions to reflect upon. It is a thought-provoking movie and also one of the finest works of director Rajkumar Santoshi. The film proved to be a critic’s favourite and had to be included in our list of Best Bollywood movies of 2023.

5. Gulmohar

Gulmohar is a family drama with a star cast of the finest Indian celebrities like Sharmila Tagore, Manoj Bajpayee, Amol Palekar, Suraj Sharma and Talat Aziz. The movie deals with how a family rediscovers their bonds as they move out of their family home and also uncover some secrets. The movie is an emotional rollercoaster throughout. It is the perfect portrayal of real Indian families. The actors’ performances aided by the great attention to the minutest details have made the movie one of the best Bollywood movies of 2023. It is available to watch on Hotstar.

6. Tu Jhoothi Mai Makkaar

The latest addition to the Luv-verse (Luv Ranjan universe) was a much-awaited one and it proved to be worth all the hype. TJMM saw the return of Ranbir Kapoor in his cheeky YJHD-esque roles and also of Shraddha Kapoor as the wild bubbly person she is. The deadly combo of the two proved to be a success with the film gaining ready approval from the audience. The fresh storyline along with the masaledar songs make the movie a delight to watch!

So far, these movies have managed to make it to our Best Bollywood Movies of 2023 List. Stay tuned to know which others get added to the list and do let us know if we missed out on any!

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