Best Bollywood Songs of 2023 That Should Be In Your Playlist

We have to face it- Bollywood has been a little disappointing with its songs lately. The charm that Bollywood songs carried with them was lost somewhere in the unnecessary remixes and pop songs with unbearable lyrics. 2022, however, was a year where we saw some sense of redemption with Kesariya, Doobey, Meri Jaan, and Naatu Naatu (which by the way also won an Oscar and a Golden Globe) making it to the top of our playlists. We are now in 2023 and this redemption has lowkey carried itself into the next year and we couldn’t have been happier! Let’s take a look at the Best Bollywood songs of 2023 so far!

1. Besharam Rang 

On the top of our list, we have Besharam Rang- a song from the Blockbuster hit- Pathaan. The song, although released in 2022 was a major hit and remained on the top of the charts for a long time even after the movie was released in January 2023. Sung by Shilpa Rao, it is a groovy song with a sensuous performance of Deepika Padukone.

2. Jhoome Jo Pathaan 

There’s no doubt that Pathaan as a movie was a mega blockbuster but its songs also seem to have won the hearts of its audiences. Jhoome Jo Pathaan is a post-credit song composed by Vishal- Shekhar. The song also has an Arabic version which has gained much popularity in the middle east. the music video of Jhoome Jo Pathaan has crossed over 300 million views on youtube.

3. Show Me The Thumka

Wake up besties, the hottest new sangeet dance number has dropped! From the movie Tu Jhoothi Mai Makkar, the song Show Me The Thumka has gained a lot of attention for its catchy tune and spicy moves. Definitely, one of the best Bollywood songs of 2023 so far!

4. Tere Pyaar Mein

Another Tu Jhoothi Mai Makkar song, Tere Pyaar Mein has everything that makes for a perfect Bollywood song. More than the song, Alia Bhatt’s cute reel on the song won our hearts!

5. Pyaar Hota Kayi Baar Hai 

Pyaar Hota Kayi Baar hai in itself is a perfect conveyance of Ranbir Kapoor’s character in the movie. With his smooth moves and irresistible charm, this song is one of the most viewed songs from the movie’s album.

6. Rabba Janda

Rabba Janda from Mission Majnu *had* to make it to our list of best Bollywood songs of 2023. Siddharth Malhotra is the designated lover boy of Bollywood and songs like Rabba Janda and Raata Lambiyan are proof! No one could have portrayed the love in the song better than Jubin Nautiyal. His voice has added a whole new beautiful dimension to the song!

This list proves that 2023 has had a promising start. Here’s to hoping that Bollywood keeps up the spirit and gives us more songs like these throughout the year!

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