11 Times Brands Showed Their Sassy Side on Twitter


When it comes to social media, majority of brands like to play it safe. Try tweeting to a brand with a concern or a query, and in all likelihood it will be met with a standard – “Send us a mail stating your problem and we’d be happy to assist you”. But then there are times when brands decide to show their sassy side on social media and when they do that, all hell breaks loose. Here’s a look at 11 occasions when brands turned all too real and had us in splits with their sassy personality.

1. Discovery channel making us discover their witty side.

2. All things nice and spice!

3. Taco bell’s reply to Old Spice when blamed for false advertising.

4. …with Red Bull following through.

5. That’s a movie I’d watch over and over again.

6. Safety goals set by Mumbai police one tweet at a time.


7. Want to tweet about insurance policy with wit? Contact Policy bazaar.

8. How can we forget about Amul when it comes to witty tweets? Here’s its take on India-China summit.

9. Google maps giving humor the right direction!

10. Zomato even managed to roast the man who roasts everyone!

11. Burning it down with one emoji!

Ah, the world of Twitter is a fun place! Kudos to these brands for having a sense of humor. Other brands, take notes, please.

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