12 Best Cartoon Shows in India of All Time

Cartoon shows in India have sustained us through our childhoods entertaining us. We hurried through our homework trying to make time for our favourite cartoons on television. Some of the shows have stayed with us even through adulthood. So here we are with a list of some of our favourite cartoon shows in India to remind you of the beloved memories.

1. Tom and Jerry

Who among us has not spent our lazy afternoons after school watching the fights of the lovable cat and mouse, Tom and Jerry? Tom, the mischievous cat, chases around the sly Jerry, as Jerry spoils all his plans. Their unity in the face of real adversity, though, teaches us about friendship. Tom and Jerry is one of the most popular cartoons in India which has stood the test of time. The franchise has also had a movie based on it.

2. Chhota Bheem

The orange dhoti clad Chhota Bheem gobbles down delicious laddoos while enjoying with his best friends, Raju, Jaggu, and Chutki in the village of Dholakpur. His rival, Kalia, and his accomplices, Dholu, and Bholu, try to disrupt Bheem’s adventures. The show tells humorous stories of the brave and strong Chhota Bheem.

3. Doraemon

Doraemon is a robotic cat from the 22nd century who has travelled back in time to stay with Nobita, a weak-minded boy who is bullied by Gian, and Suneo. Doraemon has a plethora of useful gadgets at his disposal, and they help Nobita in fighting with his bullies, getting help with his studies, or impressing his crush, Shizuka. Doraemon is originally of Japanese origin and has had movies and video games based on it.

4. ShinChan

A naughty little child whose pranks always keep the people around him petrified, Shin-chan has been a fan-favourite for a long time, especially for giving kids new ideas for doing mischief.


5. The Power Puff Girls

A scientist, while trying to create a perfect girl with all superpowers, accidentally creates three, Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup, all with different superpowers. They use their powers to fight against monsters, while also dealing with real life problems as kindergarteners. Being a pioneer in pitching female superheroes, Power Puff Girls is still a rage among children and adults.

6. Pokemon

When Ash Ketchum turns 11, he sets out with his pokemon, Pikachu, to become the ultimate pokemon master. His adventures are chronicled in the series of episodes, and have made the show one of the best cartoon shows in India.

7. Noddy

Noddy was originally created by Enid Blyton in his book series of the same name, and has been adapted as various tv series since 1955. The titular protagonist is an anthropomorphized wooden boy staying in Toyland. He is a taxi driver, but his childlike enthusiasm and naivety often land him in trouble which he solves with the help of his loyal friends.

8. Oswald

Oswald is an octopus, surrounded by various other animals, also with human features. Oswald and his friends, along with Oswald’s pet dog, venture on a new journey every day, gaining experience and entertaining us with the hilarity that ensues.

9. Bob The Builder

The British animated series Bob The Builder showed Bob, a construction contractor specialising in masonry. His catchphrase is “Can we fix it?” when his team says “Yes, we can!” Bob builds and repairs many things throughout the show. The show focuses on developing life skills in children.

10. Mr. Bean

One of the most popular comedy series in the world, Mr. Bean: the animated series, is about a man, Mr. Bean, who lives alone in a rented apartment, with his small stuffed teddy bear, called Teddy. Mr. Bean’s various shenanigans make this series hilarious to watch. It is based on the British sitcom Mr. Bean, featuring Rowan Atkinson.

11. Roll No. 21

A modern-day take on the mythological rivalry between Kansa and Krishna, Roll No. 21 shows a reincarnated Kansa as the evil principle, Kanishk, of the school which Kris, the reincarnation of Krishna, attends. While Kanishk repeatedly tries to harm Kris by adopting various tactics, Kris always emerges victorious.

12. Ben 10

Ben Tennyson, an ordinary ten-year old boy, finds an alien device called the Omnitrix, resembling a wristwatch while on a family vacation. The device contains the DNA of multiple alien species, and lets him assume the form and superpowers of the alien he wants. He fights with aliens with help from the Omnitrix. The adventures of Ben make this show one of the best cartoon shows in India.

This is the list of some of the cartoon shows in India which have entertained us through our childhoods as well as adulthoods. The shows provide a trip down memory lane and help us get back to our roots by triggering nostalgia. Tell us in the comments which cartoon shows in India make you nostalgic.

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