3 Best Casino Resorts in India to Visit

Staying in a beautiful and glamorous hotel, lounging by the pool while sipping colorful drinks, enjoying delicious food and … playing casino games! That is what makes for a perfect vacation. At least according to a growing number of Indian vacationers who are taking an increased interest in the country’s many casino resorts.

The very mention of casino resorts brings up images of the glamorous city of Las Vegas. However, not many casino enthusiasts know that the same experience can be cherished right here in India, without the need to travel halfway around the world. 

Many casino resorts in India offer facilities like casino games, complete with pools, spa, exotic rooms, exquisite restaurants with international cuisine and much more. To show you more about these growing holiday destinations, we have compiled a list of the top casino resorts in India. Get set to roll the dice, choose your favorite resort and start packing!

The Chances Resort & Casino, Goa

The Chances is a luxury resort situated in Dona Paula, Goa. where casinos can operate legally in India. This plush resort is the oldest and the largest casino that attracts players from all over the world. The resort is a treat for casino enthusiasts as one can play casino games without compromising on luxury and comfort. 

The in-house casino offers games like American Roulette, Mini Baccarat, Blackjack and more. 

The resort itself provides modern rooms with facilities like a jacuzzi. The evening buffet spread is worth a special mention and is a real dream for the taste buds. Indeed, The Chances resort is known for its exceptional hospitality and service and is definitely worth a visit!

Casino Palms, Goa

Casino Palms is located in Goa’s most popular area, Baga. It is very close to Baga Beach where one can enjoy a day full of adventure and beach activities. The Casino Palms is housed in the luxurious La Calypso Hotel. The resort has a lot to offer to gambling enthusiasts including games like Poker, Slot machines, blackjack and roulette.

The resort also boasts of facilities like in-house restaurants, bars, Ayurvedic massage facilities, spa, and swimming pool facilities. The owners of Casino Palms were very particular that they did not want to create just an abode for gamblers. The resort intends to cater to a complete family experience with special play areas for children and dedicated spaces for senior citizens to relax and unwind.

Mayfair Spa Resort & Casino, Sikkim

The Mayfair Spa Resort & Casino situated in Gangtok, Sikkim is hands down one of the most beautiful casino resorts in India. The resort is surrounded by the majestic Himalayan ranges and greenery. 

This resort is India’s first five star deluxe live on shore gaming casino with multiple facilities. It offers not only exciting casino games but also a luxurious spa to help you truly unwind. 

Other facilities include a well-equipped gym, swimming pool, luxurious rooms with all amenities and in-house restaurants. 

Visit a casino without leaving the comfort of your home

If you are planning to go on a true casino holiday right here in India, we hope this article has given you the inspiration you need to choose your next destination. However, if you are unable to visit any of these casino resorts, we have another solution for you: visit an online casino instead.

A large number of online casinos have managed to successfully recreate an authentic casino experience with all the same gaming options you would find in a real casino.  

Players in India can now enjoy the full casino experience securely and legally from the comfort of their homes. No matter what kind of games you prefer, you will find a casino online that caters to your needs. 

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