10 Best Child Prodigy Movies Of All Time


It is seen quite often, that the “genius” trope has been explored in movies. Most of the time it is the adults who exhibit those skills. Rare are the times when a movie focuses on a child prodigy. But when it does, it becomes 10x more interesting to watch. There is a hairline gap between encouraging them and pressuring them. This is a list of the 10 best child prodigy movies of all time.

1. Queen of Katwe

Queen of Katwe is directed by Mira Nair. It follows Phiona who lives a life of poverty. She meets Robert Katende who teaches her to play chess. Phiona becomes a top player under Robert Katende’s guidance and sees an opportunity to escape the life of poverty.

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2. Searching for Bobby Fischer

Based on the life of Josh Waitzkin. A seven-year-old Waitzkin is recognized as a chess prodigy under the tutelage of Bruce Pandolfini who is a ruthless teacher who wants to make him more like Bobby Fischer.

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3. Little Man Tate

Little Man Tate follows Dede Tate a single mother who discovers her son is a genius. She is determined to provide him with every opportunity and he is not taken advantage of.

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4. Akeelah and the Bee

A gifted girl Akeelah, comes from a dysfunctional family. She discovers she has a talent for spelling. She enrolls herself in a spell bee competition.

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5. La Bamba

A Mexican migrant becomes an overnight rock and roll star. With ascending fame he deals with every complicacies that come with it.

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6. Good Will Hunting

Probably the best-known child prodigy movie. Good Will Hunting made Matt Damon and Ben Affleck popular for screenwriting (for which they received an Academy Award) and as actors. It tells the story of Will Hunting who is a mathematics genius but keeps it undercover.

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7. A Brilliant Young Mind

Also known as X+Y, it stars Asa Butterfield and Sally Hawkins among others. Nathan is a young mathematics prodigy who finds it difficult to connect with people. He gains confidence after being accepted to the International Mathematics Olympiad.

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8. Gifted

Starring Chris Evans and Mckenna Grace, Gifted was a critical and commercial success. It follows a single man raising his niece when he gets into a legal battle with his mother over her custody.

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9. Vitus

It is a little-known Swiss film. It follows Vitus, a piano prodigy who cannot live a “normal” life due to his overbearing but well-intentioned parents. With the help of his grandfather, he decides to follow his own dreams.

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10. Magnolia

One of the most underrated works by Paul Thomas Anderson, Magnolia intertwines many stories of people searching for the meaning of life in the San Fernando Valley.

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This was our list for the 10 best child prodigy movies of all time. Hope you enjoy watching them as much as we did.

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