12 Best Chinese Romantic TV Series That You Must Consider Watching!

Thanks to the advent of OTT platforms, gone are the days when we were restricted to be only privy to only Indian cinema and Hollywood. With more people having access to the internet, the demand for content has also increased – which only makes it sensible for one to explore content in a number of languages. What else are subtitles for? If you have been thinking of shaking things up a little, you might consider watching some of these best Chinese romantic TV series.

1. Put Your Head On My Shoulder

Si Tu Mo is late in her final year of graduation and is confused about what she wants to do in life. She is in love with her childhood friend, Fu Pei, but he constantly disappoints her by being unreliable. She one day meets Gu Wei Yi, a physics student, who happens to be the son of her mother’s friend. 

2. My Huckleberry Friends

Zhou Zhou and Lin Yang are best friends since they were kids, but nasty rumours tear them apart. Zhou Zhou wants to make a fresh start in high school, but is surprised to find that Lin Yang goes to the same school, and they try to reconnect. 

3. The Love Knot 

Guan Pi Pi is an enthusiastic newspaper intern who has been assigned to interview an antique dealer, He Lan Jing Ting. Upon meeting him, she realises that he doesn’t seem to be who he is pretending to be, and is a being outside of this world. 

4. Sweet Dreams

Ling Ling Qi is a hotel employee who’s as compassionate as she is beautiful. However, her insecurities often act up and stop her from attaining her full potential. She is also in love with a guy from work, Bo Hai, but she cannot tell him how she feels. One day, both of them participate in an experiment, and Ling Ling Qi’s brain waves are transferred to Bo’s, which enables her to enter his dreams. 

5. Accidentally in Love 

The heiress of a rich family, Chen Qing Qing, flees from her own wedding and enrolls herself in a college in the guise of an ordinary student in hopes of finding her love at college as her parents did. Her desk mate turns out to be a famous singer, Si Tu Feng, and the two bicker constantly. 

6. If I can Love You So

Bai Kao’er, a TV host, finds her husband Qi Shuije has died in a car accident. It is discovered that he was accompanied by another woman, Ye Sha, who was married to a famous pianist, Geng Mochi. Mochi and Bai meet at the funeral of their spouses, and blame each other for their affair, but with time they turn into friends.

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7. Here to Heart

Wen Nuan quits her well-paying job in England to become the executive assistant to the founder of a high-tech company in China, Zhan Nan Xian, with whom she had a relationship in the past. Zhan Nan Xian tries to find the balance between his work and his attempts to win back his old love. 

8. Memory Lost 

Han Chen is a brilliant police officer who suffers from amnesia and is looking for his lost fiancé. Everyone insists that she doesn’t exist, Han Chen is resolute. His search eventually leads him to Bai Jin Xi, a cheerful girl, who is an equally great police detective and who has mysteries of her own. 

9. My Amazing Boyfriend

Xue Ling Qiao is a mutant with superpowers who’s been roaming the earth for half a Millenium, but has been asleep for the last hundred years due to a spell. He is abruptly woken up when a B-list actress, Tian Jing Zhi, gets into a car accident, and he heals her with his powers. Since he has nowhere else to go, the two end up becoming roommates, not knowing that their fates have been entwined for hundreds of years. 

10. Love 020

Bei Wei Wei is a computer genius who aspires to become an online game developer. She is a regular player of an online role-playing game, “A Chinese Ghost Story”. When her online husband on the game breaks up with her, she gets a message from Yixiao Naihe, the no. 1 player in the game, and offers to be her online husband. What Bei Wei Wei doesn’t know is that Naihe also happens to be her real-life senior in college. 


11. My Girlfriend is an Alien

Chai Xiao Qi is an alien from “Cape Town Planet” who is stranded on planet Earth after losing signal to her people. On Earth, she meets her boss, Fang Leng, who’s suffering from a strange disease that causes him to forget all the females around him.

12. My Robot Boyfriend

While on a journey to Bingchuan, Lin Mo Bai has an accident that leaves him severely injured. His father, a scientist, places a number of mechanical enhancements in his body in a bid to save him, which turn him into half-human, half-robot. When journalism intern Jiang Meng and Lin Mo have a chance encounter, Jiang falls in love with him.

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