Best Companies To Work in Salalah

Salalah is the second largest city in Oman. It is considered the country’s southern region’s capital and very different from Muscat. The south coast of Oman, which the Arabian Sea washes, is flatter and occupied by the stony-sandy deserts of the outskirts of Rub al-Khali. Along the southern coast stretches the plains of Jiddat al-Harasis and Salalah, occupied by subtropical evergreen vegetation and herbs. The country’s inhabitants maintain a balance between the past and the future. In two decades, Oman has become a modern state with magnificent roads, ultra-modern buildings, sports facilities, and luxury hotels. 

Best industries to work in Salalah

Oil and gas refining, construction, and industry (cement, steel, chemical production) are some of the primary sectors in Oman. As oil reserves dwindle, the country is making a concerted effort to diversify its economy. The oil and gas industry is engaged in extracting, processing, transporting, storing, and selling valuable natural minerals – oil and associated petroleum products. Oil extraction is an essential component of the fuel and energy complex, so working in the oil and gas industry is very promising and highly paid.

The oil profession will be in demand until the era of hydrocarbons is over. A good specialist will always be able to find a job, and professionals are in high order. The oil and gas sector needs highly skilled workers, so the upper limit in a career can be reached in 2-3 years. It all depends on the size of the company. There are dozens of professions and specialties in the oil and gas industry. A person can find a job in the field closest to them. For example, they can become oil preparation and pumping shop operators or oil product sales managers.

Today the most popular profession on the labor market is considered petroleum engineering. Such specialists are engaged in oil field prospecting with the help of advanced technologies.

A petroleum engineer’s job is focused on extracting hydrocarbons and planning and implementing projects to increase oil and gas production. In other words, petroleum engineers create the conditions for the maximum development of mineral deposits.

Among the tasks that petroleum engineers perform are:

  • Analyzing natural resource reserves.
  • Evaluating cost-effective and safe ways to develop a field.
  • Selecting extraction methods, taking into account the possible physical behavior of oil, gas sediments, and water during the development process.
  • Determination of specific extraction conditions (properties, nature of rock, pressure, etc.).
  • Estimation of operating costs.
  • Restoration of the territory after the completion of drilling works.
  • The petroleum engineer may work in an office, laboratory, or field, depending on the subspecialty.

There are excellent job opportunities for young petroleum engineers all over the world. Unlike most industries, the number of graduates in this industry is almost equal to the number of vacancies, so university students are not out of work. According to PayScale, the average salary of petroleum engineers abroad is $101,595 annually.

Assistant/worker vacancies are published on job search sites. You can visit site and look for a job you`re interested in. Qualified employees are also sought through acquaintances. People often start with a junior position. To get on it, you can be 18 years old. So, on the ground site, the duties of a simple worker include:

  • Cleaning equipment promptly;
  • Assisting in the work of the crew on duty;
  • Performing tasks assigned by staff;
  • Cleaning the site;
  • Inspecting equipment;
  • Assist with transportation of assemblies, units, etc.

This position would be suitable for a young, strong-built guy who wants to work for a specific company and definitely in the oil and gas industry.

After six months (give or take two), you can be promoted to Floohand – a lower site worker. For this job, you need a minimum of semi-annual work experience and passing the certification (H2s).

The employer may also put up additional requirements. So it all depends on the company.

The oil industry of any state seeks to fill vacancies with its citizens. Nothing is surprising in this since, in addition to providing jobs for the population, traditionally high salaries in this industry offer the opportunity to improve people’s standard of living significantly. However, for various reasons, Oman and some countries cannot provide the need for experienced employees engaged in developing fields, drilling wells, and direct production of hydrocarbons.

Oman has incentivized certain companies to set up stores in the country by creating several economic free trade zones. Other industries include agriculture, cattle breeding (camels, goats, and sheep), tourism, fishing, and building construction.

Can you get a part-time job?

Part-time reduces the hours worked for each workday (for example, 6 hours instead of 8). A part-time work week reduces the number of work days in each work week (for example, in a five-day work week, an employee is given an extra day off or days off). A part-time workweek reduces the number of hours worked each day, but the workweek remains a five-day or six-day workweek. A part-time working week lowers the number of working days while maintaining the established duration of the working shift.

The part-time position is obtainable in Oman. However, since it reaches low-skilled jobs, the administration is unlikely to issue employment access or work permits to outsiders. So who arrives only looking for part-time work?

Is it difficult to get a job as a woman?

Oman is steeped in standard Islamic customs, which implies that males are still seen as leading workers and females as housewives. But on the other hand, Western workers have been the catalysts of a new work culture for women.

Arab women historically worked in fields like education and medical care. Nevertheless, as more unfamiliar females arrived in Oman, possibilities appeared in hospitality and tourism, just like in usually male-dominated specializations like company management and advertising.

Advantages of getting a job in Salalah

The idea of moving abroad from your motherland may be due to various reasons. Still, it is worth considering the advantages of an extended stay in a foreign country before leaving home.

  • High salary. This is the first and foremost reason people leave their familiar places. Leading oil-producing countries offer foreign employees salaries 2-10 times higher than the average salary in their countries.
  • Travel, acquaintance with new cultures. Even specialists working on a rotational schedule have days off, which means they can learn the way of life, culinary habits, and places of interest of the country they are working in.
  • Studying the language. Not all companies require candidates for vacant positions to have perfect knowledge of English, so if you want, an oil worker can improve the spoken / technical English and get acquainted with the dialect spoken by locals.
  • Career advancement. Oil industry executives especially value motivated employees who are fearless in leaving their home country for a challenging job. In addition, motivated foreigners are often enterprising and active. Therefore they have a better chance of promotion.
  • New acquaintances. Working in another country means interacting with people of different nationalities, broadening one’s horizons, and making multicultural friends.

The higher the qualification of the applicant, the more possibilities he has for employment. This rule is also relevant to the oil and gas industry. A specialist who improves and expands his skills will always be more attractive. People interested in getting a high salary in the oil and gas sector should pay attention to shift work. This employment option saves significant money on utility bills.

As a rule, employers provide employees with temporary housing. People working on a rotational basis receive compensation for travel and, in some cases, free meals. You can find shift jobs on specialized resources, where data on vacancies in the oil and gas industry is posted.

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