10 Best Dark Korean Movies on Netflix That Will Make You Feel Heavy


‘Dark’ to me, has always signified character and stylistic modifications that might lean more toward the horror genre. Alternatively, it’s possible that the producers threw open the door and let awful things happen to the characters. Is there a standard, to what qualifies for being ‘Dark’ or is it all up to the individual’s vision and opinion? Let’s see some dark Korean movies on Netflix!


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1. Svaha

With a solid 840,000 sales and 1.18 million viewers in its first five days, the movie debuted at the top of the box office throughout its first week. The mission of Pastor Park is to expose suspect religious organizations. The movie’s core themes are Buddhism and esotericism, although there are also elements of Maitreya, Shichuan, and allusions to the Bible. One of the best dark Korean movies on Netflix, it portrays a mystery surrounding a Buddhist group while raising issues with regard to religion in general.

2. Pandora

Pandora is the first dark Korean movie, pre-sold to Netflix. Jae-home Hyeok’s town is struck by an earthquake, which results in explosions at the nuclear power station. The issue swiftly gets out of hand and causes terror throughout the whole country. Jae Hyuk enters the nuclear power plant to save his beloved people in an effort to halt the atomic catastrophe. Will he avert the catastrophe for the people he loves? Will he survive the journey?

3. #Alive

The movie centers around a video game live broadcaster who must stay by himself in his Seoul apartment while the world is overrun by zombies. Jun-u makes the decision to live after a mystery infection transforms people into monsters that devour human flesh. He organizes his supplies, insulates himself indoors, and convinces himself right away that he will live. But he can fall just as heavily because of that towering kind of confidence.

4. Lucid Dream

Young investigative journalist Dae-ho, a single father, has alienated several people by exposing a number of dishonest politicians and companies. His son is kidnapped one day, but no ransom is sought. Dae-Ho is certain that one of his opponents, whom he exposed, is exacting retribution. He undergoes therapy to relive the ordeals of that day, in order to get new evidence. 

5. Time to Hunt

The movie, which is set in a dystopian version of South Korea, centers on a group of pals who plan a heist but wind up being pursued by an unknown assassin after pulling it off. Set in a region of extreme poverty in the not-too-distant future. Joon-Seok aspires to leave the city and begin a new life. He devises a careless crime scheme to do that. Three of his friends enlist his assistance. These 4 men are soon being pursued by Han, a mystery figure. 


6. Burning

The world in “Burning” has shifting and amorphous bounds that press in on the characters while remaining invisible. The village of Jong Su stands on the border with North Korea, and the shrill propaganda coming from a loudspeaker across the hills gives the peaceful pastoral setting a sense of emergency. Directed by Lee Chang Dong after his 8 years of hiatus, the story centers on a young delivery boy named Jong-Su running across his old friend Hae-mi. Soon after they meet a mysterious young man Ben. Jong-su develops misgivings about him and starts to worry about Hae-mi.

7. The Chase

The 2017 South Korean criminal thriller movie centers on a landowner who joins forces with a former police officer to track down the perpetrator in a 30-year-old unresolved case. Baek Yoon-Sik and Sung Dong-il are the stars of the Kim Hong-Seon-directed movie. There is no denying that the film is enjoyable due to its performances, and the tempo is also excellent. 

8. 26 Years

The 2012 South Korean movie is based on the well-known 2006 manhwa that manhwaga Kang Full serialized online. A sports shooter, a mobster, a police officer, a businessman, and the head of a private security company team together in this fictional tale to execute the guy who carried out the slaughter of unarmed citizens in Gwangju in May 1980.

9. Illang: The Wolf Brigade

In 2029, after both Koreas experienced a terrible economic crisis, South and North Korea are preparing for a unified government. In response to the growth of a domestic insurgency known as “The Sect,” the South Korean police create a special force known as “Illang” (The Wolf Brigade). Steel-plated super-cops first make a big impression before disappearing for most of the film when director Kim Jee-Woon adapts the Japanese anime to a united Korea.

10. Psychokinesis

Director Yeon Sang Ho’s second live-action film, is the first superhero movie of South Korea. Centering around a bank security guard who, after consuming water from a mountain spring damaged by a meteor. He develops telekinetic powers. He then resolves to use these powers to protect his estranged daughter and her neighborhood from a bad construction business.

These were our recommendations. Let us know your favorite dark Korean movies on Netflix!

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