Best English Comedy Shows of 2022 That Are Legitimately Funny


We all like to laugh, right? After fine-tuning our humor delivery, making obscure references, and poking fun at cultural stereotypes we have come up with a far more palatable version of late-night entertainment. But, that’s the point. More importantly, comedy in general has been evolving for years now with some new ground to choose from. What we will be talking about today is the English comedy shows of 2022 that are genuinely funny. 


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1. Wednesday

A coming-of-age supernatural mystery comedy centered on Wednesday Addams and her years as a high school student at Nevermore Academy. She makes an effort to develop her psychic abilities, stop a horrific killing spree of the local populace, and resolve the supernatural mystery that affected her family 25 years ago—all while juggling her new relationships.

2. The Umbrella Academy 

In the world, 43 women gave birth at once at noon on October 1, 1989. The fact that none of them had displayed any signs of pregnancy before labor started. The eccentric billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreeves adopts seven of the kids and forms them into ‘The Umbrella Academy’. Instead of giving the kids’ names, Hargreeves assigns them numbers; nevertheless, the kids’ robot mother, Grace names them. Six of the kids are given jobs battling crime by Reginald. However, he excludes Vanya from their antics since he believes she has any special abilities.

3. Pivoting

Three middle-aged friends, Amy, Jodie, and Sarah, decide that they must pivot their lives in new directions after the unexpected loss of their friend Coleen. Their connection grows as they each make rash decisions in an effort to find happiness.

4. Only Murderers in the Building

The story centers on three strangers who team up to look into a death in the apartment building where they all reside because they all enjoy listening to true crime podcasts. The three neighbours create their own podcast about their investigation in the first season following a mysterious murder in their opulent Upper West Side apartment complex. The trio is implicated in the brutal death of another building resident in the second season. 

5. Derry Girls

During the conclusion of the Troubles in Derry, where they all attend a Catholic girls’ secondary school, the series follows Erin Quinn, her cousin Orla, their friends Clare and Michelle, as well as Michelle’s English cousin James. In the midst of the current political instability and cultural conflicts, the buddies constantly find themselves in ridiculous situations.


6. Heartstopper

Charlie Spring, a gay schoolboy who falls in love with Nick Nelson, a classmate. In this coming-of-age series, teens Charlie and Nick learn that their unexpected friendship might be more as they deal with school and their first relationships.

7. Bad Sisters

The Garvey sisters—Eva, Grace, Ursula, Bibi, and Becka—find themselves at the heart of a life insurance probe after the untimely death of their brother-in-law, John Paul. The show alternates between two timelines. One before John Paul’s death, when Eva, Ursula, Bibi, and Becka plot to have him killed for how he treated Grace. The other one is after John Paul’s passing, when a determined insurance agent tries to show the sisters were involved maliciously in order to save his failing company.

8. This is Going to Hurt

The story is set in London in 2006. It centers around a group of young doctors assigned to a busy obstetrics and gynecology department in an NHS hospital. The portrayal of working in obstetrics and gynecology is frank and honest. It thoroughly examines the psychological consequences that working in a hospital setting has on employees. It examines how junior doctors receive little assistance and how their accomplishments go unnoticed.  The episodes also investigate the personal lives of the junior doctors.

9. Life and Beth

When a sudden incident forces Beth to confront her past, her ideal life is upended. After an unexpected event, Beth begins to remember herself as a teenager and discovers how she came to be who she is and what she wants to be.

10. Loot

Molly Novak, who split from her spouse of 20 years, now has to decide what to do with her $87 billion settlement. She makes the decision to get back into contact with her nonprofit organization and the outside world, discovering herself in the process.

These English comedy shows of 2022 are hilarious. Do check them out!

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