10 Best English Dubbed Hindi Movies You Shouldn’t Miss

Hindi cinema, also referred to as Bollywood or Bombay cinema, is the Mumbai-based Hindi-language film industry in India. Bollywood, a colloquial term for mainstream Hindi film, is a combination of the words “Bombay” and “Hollywood.” Bollywood has given us many gems over the years and it would be a shame if we don’t share them with the world. Here is a list of English dubbed Hindi movies for those, who enjoy Bollywood but can’t understand Hindi!

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  1. Baazigar
    A vengeful cold-blooded killer seduces the older daughter of a businessman before killing her in a way that would appear to be a suicide. The rest of the family is thereafter the target of his plot.

  2. Andhadhun
    As he watches the murder of a former movie actor, Akash, a pianist who is claiming to be blind, unknowingly gets involved in a lot of issues.
  3. Ghajini
    A tycoon with severe short-term memory loss is unable to recall events that occurred more than 15 minutes ago. He embarks on a mission to track down his lover’s killer while carrying a collection of polaroids and body art.

  4. Taare Zameen Par
    Ishaan is sent away to a boarding school after receiving criticism from his parents for his subpar academic performance. However, Ram, an art teacher, recognises that he has dyslexia and aids him in realising his potential.
  5. Jab We Met
    A broken-hearted business tycoon named Aditya idly boards a train to get away from his miserable existence. He meets Geet, a vivacious Punjabi woman, and is drawn into her chaotic world. This is one of the most famous english dubbed hindi movies.

  6. Ishqiya
    Two criminals named Khalujan and Babban fell in love with Krishna, their friend’s widow. Krishna, however, deceives them into doing what she wants for her own personal gain.

  7. Slumdog Millionaire
    A teen from Mumbai’s slums auditions for the game show “Kaun Banega Crorepati?” When questioned on the grounds of cheating, he goes back in time and reveals how he had all the answers.

  8. Robot
    A brilliant scientist named Vaseegaran creates Chitti, a special robot that is intended to defend humanity and experience human emotions. When Chitti develops feelings for his girlfriend, issues emerge.

  9. Baahubali
    Shivudu falls in love with a young warrior woman in the Mahishmati kingdom. He discovers his true legacy and his family’s turbulent background while attempting to win her over.

  10. 3 Idiots
    Rancho is a fantastic friend to Farhan, Raju, and Raju in college because of his positive outlook. Years later, they get the opportunity to search for their long-lost friend, whose presence seems to be fairly elusive, thanks to a bet.

Which one of these English dubbed hindi movies do you think deserve to be seen by the world? Let us know in the comments!

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