10 Best English Dubbed Web Series That You Should Watch

Netflix has an impressive collection when it comes to dubbed versions of English shows. Korea, Spain, France Netflix has it all. If you cannot decide upon the series you should watch, you’ve stumbled upon the right article. Here, we list the 10 best English-dubbed web series that you should watch.

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1. Meow The Secret Boy

Meow The Secret Boy is a Korean drama series that follows a graphic designer in her mid-twenties who brings home a friendly cat. It’s not an ordinary cat though. It can turn into a human being.

2. Queen & I

This is an interesting Korean drama, as it follows a scholar from the Joseon Dynasty, who finds himself travelling through time 300 years into the future where he meets and falls in love with an up-and-coming actress.

3. Death Note

Death Note is a very popular Japanese anime that follows Light Yagami, a teen genius who discovers a mysterious notebook: the “Death Note”. This notebook grants the teenager the ability to kill.

4. Into The Ring

This Korean drama follows Gu Sera, a free-spirited and fiery woman who decides to quit her job and run for election. Sera sets out to materialize her dreams with the help of old friends and her ex-boyfriend.

5. Money Heist

There’s nothing much to talk about Money Heist is there? It has become a global phenomenon since its release on Netflix. In short, Money Heist is the story of a group of criminals who are recruited by a criminal mastermind who goes by the name “Professor” to rob the Royal Mint of Spain.

6. Elite

Three working-class teens enroll in an exclusive private school in Spain. Naturally, a clash ensues between them and the wealthy students. This clash eventually leads to murder.

7. Narcos

In the first two seasons, Narcos chronicles the rise and fall of the cocaine King Pablo Escobar in Colombia. It also deals with the gripping real-life stories of drug kingpins of the late 80s.

8. Galerías Velvet

Galerías Velvet is a Spanish drama that follows a love story between a seamstress and a young man destined to inherit the fashion empire ruled by his father.

9. Lupin

Starring Omar Sy, Lupin is a crime drama that follows a man who imitates Lupin in real life. He has a purpose in mind though, to bring justice to the perpetrators who wrongfully put his father in jail.

10. The Silent Sea

The Silent Sea is a Korean Sci-fi series that follows a spaceship crew, who are on a mission to the moon. During the mission, they try to retrieve samples from an abandoned research facility steeped in classified secrets.

These were the 10 best English-dubbed web series that you should watch. Hope you enjoy watching them.

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