10 Best Feel Good Korean Movies You Can Watch


Life isn’t always perfect and you need a movie to remind us that happiness is all around! Here we have a list of the best feel good Korean movies that are so pure in their stories and execution, they will make your heart ache in all the right ways. Some of them do have sad parts, but let me tell you: you’ll get through them fine! Korean movies are popular all over the world, because they have unique stories and high-quality filming, but everyone is a little bit different in their movie tastes so choosing good Korean films can be pretty hard. Let’s check out these feel good Korean movies!

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1. Midnight Runners

Newcomers to the Korean National Police University are Ki-Joon and Hee-Yeol. Even though they don’t have the finest grades, they are serious when it concerns them. One evening, they decide to go out. By the time their night is out, they see a young woman being abducted. When Ki-Jon and Hee-Yeol try to involve the police, they run across bureaucracy and apathy. Before it’s too late, the two police cadets decide to save the life of the young woman. 

2. My Sassy Girl

Gyun-Woo is a college student who prefers to pick up on women, drink with his friends, and avoid his hovering mother at all costs. A drunk female then permanently alters his fate while he’s on the metro. She throws up on an older man while unconscious on the train. Everyone suspects she is Gyun Woo’s girlfriend as she leans over to him. Gyun-Woo quickly finds himself in a relationship that he didn’t want, but he quickly finds himself unable to forget this spunky girl.

3. Juror 8

The first civil hearing in a criminal trial in South Korea is being presided over by Judge Kim Joon-Kyeom. Kwon Nam-Woo is one of the 8 jurors chosen for the criminal trial. The jurors are regular citizens who decide cases, but once appointed, they look into the facts of the case.

4. Extreme Job

Detective Squad Chief Go, Detective Jang, Detective Ma, Detective Young-Ho, and Detective Jae-Hoon make up a drug squad. The crew must go undercover in order to bring down a criminal organization. The investigators start off as staff members at a chicken restaurant, but the chicken restaurant quickly gains a reputation for serving tasty chicken. The detectives are placed in a circumstance they never anticipated as a result of the restaurant’s unexpectedly high level of popularity.

5. Ode To My Father

The film depicts the lives of people who endure challenging periods from the immediate aftermath of the Korean War to the present. Deok Soo’s -first love interest is Young-Ja. They eventually tie the knot. Deok-Soo has known Dal-Goo for his entire life.


6. Unforgettable

The radio DJ and his old buddies reflect on the bittersweet summer they last had as children after receiving a letter and cassette tape from 23 years ago. Soo Ok patiently awaits the return of her companions Beom Sil, San Dol, Gae Deok, and Gil Ja to their hometown island every summer. This summer is chock-full of joy, love, and tragedy.

7. The Way Home

Sung-woo, a 6-year-old city child, spends some time at his grandmother’s house in the country while his mother is at work. He despises living in the country because there are no fancy toys to play with and despises his grandmother who doesn’t know anything about fast food. However, the journey back to his city home is not as enjoyable as he had anticipated.

8. The Dude In Me

Dong-Hyun is a senior in high school. One day, he stumbles off the roof and runs into Pan-Soo, a bystander. Pan-Soo is a part of a criminal group. The two guys find that their bodies have been switched when they awaken in the hospital.

9. Miracle in Cell No.7

In the movie, a mentally challenged man who was wrongly convicted of murder forms bonds with the hardened criminals who share his cell and they in turn let him see his daughter again by sneaking her into the prison. The film is based on the true account of a man who, after being tortured, confessed under pressure to the rape and murder of a 9-year-old girl in Chuncheon on September 27, 1972, until being finally cleared of all charges in November 2008.

10. Pawn

In 1993, Doo-Seok was a debt collector in Incheon, South Korea. Despite his menacing appearance, he is a kind man. He visits Myung-Ja to seek debt collection one day. Myung-Ja unexpectedly offers her young daughter Seung-Yi security. Myung-Ja is a deported illegal immigrant from South Korea. Doo-Seok is overnight appointed Seung- Yi’s protector.

Have you watched any of these feel good Korean movies? If not, watch them now!

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