10 Best High School Korean Dramas That Are A Must Watch

Whether you reminisce about your old school days or watch high school Korean dramas, it’s always refreshing. There’s a different and unique story in these dramas which makes them more interesting to watch. They always seem to be dealing with a sensitive topic with its unique storyline. So here we have compiled a list of the best high school Korean dramas for you. Check it out now!

1. True Beauty

‘True Beauty ‘ has be to there when it comes to high school Korean dramas. Based on a webtoon, ‘True Beauty’ has been pretty successful for more than a year now. The show has been loved and watched by people all around the world. Im Jee Kyung is a high school teenager bullied for her looks. She has struggled with her image ever since she was a young child. Im Ju-Kyung always covers her bare face with makeup. Her makeover proves to be revolutionary when she perfects the skill shortly before moving to her new school, as she immediately gains fame. 

2. School 2017

A group of high school students struggle to cope with the pressure of being evaluated only on the basis of their exam scores and with the challenges of growing up in a rigid, unfair system. Ra Eun-ho, the show’s main character, is an upbeat and kindhearted 18-year-old who aspires to be a webtoon artist but gets entangled in the hunt for an enigmatic troublemaker at the school known as “Student X.” 

3. Extraordinary You

Eun Dan Oh is a high school student, who decides to change her destiny. The fact that her crush absolutely despises her plus, she might die soon due to her heart disease makes her a sad character. Upon discovering she lives in a comic book and has got the lamest role by the writer, she is determined to go against the odds. But it is about time she realizes that changing destiny comes with its own price. 

4. Reply 1997

The 1997-set television series centers on female high school student Sung Shi-won (Jung Eun-ji), a fan of boyband H.O.T, and her five classmates. Shi-won had a boy band obsession when she was a teenager. Shi-won and her friends are reliving their memories at their school reunion, years later when they are 33 years old in 2012. 

5. Extracurricular

The plot of ‘Extracurricular’ has totally unpredictable twists. High school student Ji-Soo is a role model student. He makes a poor decision in order to cover his university tuition fees. This results in a significant crime being committed. Ji-classmates Soo’s Min-Hee and Kyu-Ri participate in Ji Soo’s criminal activity. The image of the teenagers painted in the series is the sad reality of today’s youth.

6. My ID is Gangnam Beauty

The concept of ‘My ID is Gangnam Beauty’ is pretty much the same as ‘True Beauty’ however, with a different storyline. Upon being bullied for her appearance, Kang Mir Rae thinks getting plastic surgery is the only option. While initially, things go smoothly as she’s quite happy. Eventually the pressure of being pretty troubles her. Either she’s viewed as ‘too pretty to be real’ or ‘a plastic surgery monster’. 

7. Boys Over Flowers

Based on a Japanese manga series ‘Boys Over Flowers’ is set at a rich high school. Shin Hwa Academy is an academy reserved exclusively for the wealthy and attractive. Geum Jan Di is given the opportunity to study there, after saving a wealthy child from committing suicide. She is bullied there by F4, a group of spoiled, bored upperclassmen who run the school. Her life turns complicated as some of the group members start to show interest in her after she challenges their leader, Goo Jun Pyo.

8. Moment at 18

Choi Jun-woo has developed a tendency of being alone. Even though it could seem like he lacks empathy, the truth is that he has never been with anybody else and isn’t used to expressing his feelings. His reserved appearance belies a silly and adorable young man. The events that transpire when Jun Woo changes schools and is placed in a new environment are the subject of the show ‘Moment at Eighteen’. 

9. Color Rush

‘Color Rush’ narrates the tale of Yeon Woo, portrayed by Yoo, who is only able to view the world in various shades of grey. Although he is aware that there are further colors, he has never personally encountered them and has no interest in doing so. However, when Yeon Woo meets Yoo Han, his Probe, and has his first “Colour Rush,” his life is irrevocably altered. Yeon Woo attempts to stay away from Yoo Han out of fear that he may get fixated on him as a result of Yoo Han’s power to make him see colors, but why does Yoo Han keep getting close to him?

10. Sky Castle

Sky Castle is an excellent Korean drama that takes a sobering look at a system that harms individuals just as much as it benefits. It is well-written, challenging, and thought-provoking. The story here introduces us to four women who lead flawless lives behind the boundaries of Sky Castle, a community only for affluent families. Although each of them appears to lead a perfect life on the outside, the truth is much more shocking and damaging.

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These were our recommendations for high school Korean dramas. Let us know yours!

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